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20. By Julien Lavergne on 2010-04-11

* New upstream release.
 - Close cairo-menu after a click (LP: #511256)
 - Fix crash of awn-system-monitor (LP: #545164)
 - Fix crash when removing a volume >1 or adding volume >1 or using prefs
   while > 1 volumes is present (LP: #556175)
 - Fix crash of media-control when Rhythmbox quit (LP: #558463)
 - Fix crash of file-browser-launcher when there is no .gtk-bookmarks
   (LP: #551119)
* debian/awn-c-extras.install:
 - Install icons and ini files for webapplets
* debian/awn-python-core.install:
 - Install ui file for comics (LP: #552376)
* debian/patches:
 - 03-remove-cairo-menu-pref.patch: Merged upstream.
 - 04-tomboy-threading-free.patch: Merged upstream.

19. By Julien Lavergne on 2010-03-30

* New upstream release (rc1) (LP: #551309)
 - Stack applet close on click (LP: #261520)
* debian/patches/
 - 03-remove-cairo-menu-pref.patch: From upstream (r1244 + r1245 + r1252),
   remove menu entry for cairo-menu preferences, it's not implemented
   (LP: #511254)
 - 04-tomboy-threading-free.patch: From upstream (r1246), remove threading to
   make the applet working.
* debian/*.install: Update installation location of comics and digital
* debian/control:
 - Move digital applet from python to C, and add proper Replaces.
 - Add Replaces for awn-applets-c-core to handle migration from
   (LP: #524559)

18. By Julien Lavergne on 2010-01-13

* New upstream snapshot.
 - Catch error in weather applet (LP: #359668)
* debian/patches: Refresh.
* debian/*.install:
 - Update to new location and new applets.
 - Disable dialect applet until python-xklavier is in the archive.
 - Disable MiMenu and Pandora applets, there are unmaintained and not stable.
* debian/awn-applets-c-core: Dropped, not needed.
* debian/control:
 - Update description with new applets.
 - Remove libawn-extras and python-awnlib, all merged in python-awn-extras.
 - Replace awn-manager by awn-settings.
 - Drop build-depends on libgnome-desktop-dev, python*-dev, python2.5,
   awn-manager, libglade2-dev and libgnomeui-dev.
 - Add build-depends on libdesktop-agnostic-bin and vala-awn.
 - Bump build-depends of libawn-dev (>= 0.3.9~bzr1890), valac (>= 0.7.7) and
   debhelper (>= 7.0.50~).
 - Bump Standards-Version to 3.8.3 (no change needed).
 - Demote gconf-editor to Suggest, it's only needed for very advanced
 - Update Recommends for python applets with new applets.
 - Suggest python-gconf for notification-area and alacarte for YAMA.
 - Add a debug package for C applets.
* debian/libawn-extras*: Removed, libawn-extras was removed upstream.
* debian/python-awnlib*: Merged with python-awn-extras.
* debian/rules:
 - Rewrite to use overrides.
* debian/copyright:
 - Update copyright and licenses.
* debian/README.source: Added.

17. By Julien Lavergne on 2009-09-05

* debian/control:
 - Add recommends on python-rsvg and python-wnck on python-core rather
   than python-extras applets Thanks Mark Lee for the patch (LP: #423598).
 - Add recommends on python-gnomedesktop for stacks applets (LP: #417400).

16. By Julien Lavergne on 2009-06-27

* debian/control:
 - Depends on python-awnlib (>= and python-awn-extras (>=,
   first version build with python-support, to avoid breakage on partial
   Closes: #534665, #534666
 - Bump Standards-Version to 3.8.2 (no change needed).
 - Fix comma in depends field.

15. By Steve Kowalik on 2009-06-12

No-change rebuild for libwebkit-1.0-1 -> libwebkit-1.0-2 transition.

14. By Julien Lavergne on 2009-04-15

[ Julien Lavergne ]
* debian/patches/90-shinyswitcher-null-crash-1140.patch
 - From upstream (r1140): Fix for various crash for some configurations.
   (LP: #332928) (LP: #347046).
* debian/patches/91-shiny-shinyswitcher-init-wallpaper-1162.patch:
 - From upstream (r1162): Initialize wallpaper variable to avoid a
   possible crash.
* debian/patches/92-notification-daemon-disable-notify-osd-1160-1161.patch:
 - From upstream (r1160 and r1161): Disable notify-osd when
   awn-notification-daemon is actived. (LP: #357273)
* debian/awn-applets-python-extras.install: Enable pynot applets with
  transparency support (LP: #353443).
* debian/control:
 - Add description for pynot-rgba applet.
 - Add missing XB-Python-Version for python-awn-extras.

[ Iain Lane ]
* Add dependency on python-xlib for pynot-rgba plugin

13. By Matthias Klose on 2009-03-22

No-change rebuild to fix lpia shared library dependencies.

12. By Julien Lavergne on 2009-03-10

* New upstream release (LP: #276047), (LP: #293253), (LP: #324835),
  (LP: #340260)
 - Applets added : notification-area, animal farm.
 - Applets removed : cairo-menu classic, switcher, tsclient.
* debian/control:
 - Update with new applets.
 - Add Recommends on hal instead of acpi because new battery-applet use it
   now (Closes: #510018).
 - Bump valac Build-Depends to (>= 0.5.4)
 - Add python-dateutil and libgweather-common as Recommends for cairo-clock.
 - Add gnome-applets as Recommends for cpufreq applet.
 - Add fortune as Recommends for animal-farm.
 - Bump python-awnlib version to 0.3.2.
 - Remove Recommends for tsclient, the applet was removed.
 - Remove libtrackerclient as Build-Depends, the affinity applet was removed.
 - Replace python2.5 by python (>= 2.5).
 - Drop libawn-extras0 depends, handle by debian/rules.
* debian/patches
 - 01-hardcode-icon-location.patch: Remove, fixed upstream.
 - 02-shinyswitcher-default-layout : Set the layout to 4x1 workspaces by
   default, and applet's size to 80% of the bar.
 - 10-implicit-pointer-conversion.patch: Removed, the affinity applet was
 - 99-gnomeui-CFLAGS.patch: Remove, fixed upstream.
* debian/rules
 - Add libawn-extras0 as a shlibs.
 - Add exclude=* to dh_makeshlibs to remove useless shlibs file.
* debian/copyright
 - Update with new applets.
 - Replace (C) by ©
* debian/*.install:
 - Update with new and removed applets.

11. By Michael Bienia on 2009-03-06

Python 2.6 transition (lp: #338550).

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