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217. By Martin Pitt

etc/default/apport: Disable Apport for the final release.

216. By Martin Pitt

* New upstream bug fix release:
  - data/general-hooks/parse_segv.py: suggest segv-in-kernel possibility.
  - ui.py: When running as root, only show system crash reports, to avoid
    restarting user programs as root. (LP: #445017)

215. By Martin Pitt

[ Martin Pitt ]
* New upstream bug fix release:
  - packaging-apt-dpkg.py, _install_debug_kernel(): Do not crash on an
    outdated kernel, just return that it is outdated. (LP: #532923)
  - launchpad.py test suite: Add "Referer" HTTP header, now required by
  - launchpad.py: Fix crash if configuration does not have an
    "escalated_tag" option.
  - launchpad.py: Port to launchpadlib 1.0 API, thanks Michael Bienia for
    the initial patch! (LP: #545009)
  - gtk/apport-gtk-mime.desktop.in, kde/apport-kde-mime.desktop.in: Change
    categories so that these do not ever appear in menu editors.
    (LP: #449215)
  - launchpad.py: Some LP bugs have broken attachments (this is a bug in
    Launchpad itself). Ignore those instead of crashing.
  - apport-gtk: Turn http:// and https:// links into clickable hyperlinks in
    information and error dialogs. (LP: #516323)
  - apport-retrace: Fix crash when trying to rebuild package info for
    reports without an ExecutablePath. (LP: #436157)
  - ui.py: Fix crash when package information cannot be determined due to
    broken apt status. (LP: #362743)
  - ui.py: Fix crash when /etc/apport/crashdb.conf is damaged; print an
    appropriate error message instead. (LP: #528327)
  - data/kernel_crashdump: Fix crash if log file disappeared underneath us.
    (LP: #510327)
  - data/apport: Fix IOError when apport is called with invalid number of
    arguments, and stderr is not a valid fd. (LP: #467363)
  - hookutils.py: Factor out the DMI collection code from attach_hardware()
    into attach_dmi(), and call that in attach_alsa() as well. Thanks to
    Brad Figg for the patch! (LP: #552091)
  - apport/ui.py: Fix the help output if Apport is invoked under an
    alternative name (like apport-collect). (LP: #539427)
* debian/local/apport-chroot: Fix crash if $APPORT_CRASHDB_CONF is not set.
  (LP: #487700)
* debian/control: Bump python-launchpadlib dependency, to ensure that we
  have a current version (LP: #407091), and the "1.0" protocol available.
* data/package-hooks/source_linux.py: Drop _() i18n, it's not available in
  the hook and causes crashes. (LP: #538368)

[ Leann Ogasawara ]
* data/package-hooks/source_linux.py:
  - Clean up some of the wording in the information dialogs for the
    interactive kernel hook. Also add an additional "I don't know" option when
    asked how frequently an issue occurs. (LP: #534638)
  - Autodetect if running an upstream kernel. (LP: #532932)
  - Attempt to categorize issue. Then add tag based on category.
    (LP: #534745)

214. By Martin Pitt

* Merge bug fixes from trunk:
  - problem_report.py, write_mime(): Add new optional argument
    "priority_fields" for ordering report keys. Patch by Brian Murray,
  - launchpad.py: Put some interesting fields first in the report, with the
    new priority_fields argument. Patch by Brian Murray, thanks!
  - packaging-apt-dpkg.py, _install_debug_kernel(): Do not crash on an
    outdated kernel, just return that it is outdated.

213. By Martin Pitt

[ Martin Pitt ]
* New upstream bug fix release:
  - Update parse-segv to handle gdb 7.1 output.
  - Enhance test suite to work with gdb 7.1 as well, and catch future
  - UI: Add exception string to the "network error" dialog, to better tell
    what the problem is.
  - UI: Add back -p option to apport-collect/apport-update-bug (regression
    from 1.13). (LP: #538944)
  - launchpad.py: Add yet another workaround for LP#336866. (LP: #516381)
  - launchpad.py, download(): Ignore attachments with invalid key names.
  - Fix regression from 1.10 which made it impossible for a package hook to
    set a third-party crash database for non-native packages. (LP: #517272)
  - apport-cli: Create the 'details' string only if user wants to view
    details, and do not show files larger than 1MB. Thanks Scott Moser!
    (LP: #486122)
  - packaging-apt-dpkg.py: Silence apt.Cache() spewage to stdout with newer
    python-apt versions. (LP: #531518)
  - unkillable_shutdown: Add list of running processes and blacklisted pids
    to report. (LP: #537262)
  - Sort the report by key in the details view. (LP: #519416)

[ Evan Dandrea ]
* Move ubiquity's package-hook into apport, so that it can be used
  from the installed system to grab the logs in /var/log/installer.

212. By Martin Pitt

* Merge fixes from trunk:
  - Update parse-segv to handle gdb 7.1 output.
  - Enhance test suite to work with gdb 7.1 as well, and catch future outputs.
  - unkillable_shutdown: Add list of running processes, blacklisted pids,
    and "initctl list" to report. (LP: #537262)
  - launchpad.py: Preserve the bug title written to the description by
    apport as OriginalTitle for pattern matching. Thanks to Brian Murray!
    (LP: #511310)

211. By Kees Cook

data/general-hooks/parse_segv.py: backport portion of upstream commit 1724
to handle new Disassembly output from gdb 7.1.

210. By Martin Pitt

* New upstream release:
  - Add "unkillable_shutdown" script to collect information about processes
    which are still running after sending SIGTERM to them. This can be
    hooked into e. g. /etc/init.d/sendsigs on Debian/Ubuntu systems.
  - apport_python_hook.py: Directly check /etc/default/apport instead of
    querying packaging.enabled(), to avoid importing lots of modules for
    non-packaged scripts. Thanks Stuart Colville! (LP: #528355)
  - Fix SegV parser to notice walking off the stack during "call" or "ret"
    (LP: #531672).
  - Fix --help output for bug updating mode (invocation as apport-collect or
    apport-update-bug). (LP: #504116)
  - Fix bug escalation tagging, thanks to Brian Murray.
  - Fix option processing when being invoked as apport-bug. Thanks to Daniel
    Hahler for the patch! (LP: #532944)
* debian/apport.install: Install unkillable_shutdown.

209. By Brian Murray

launchpad.py: Do not escalate a bug if its already been escalated and
dealt with.

208. By Martin Pitt

[ Leann Ogasawara ]
data/package-hooks/source_linux.py: When reporting a kernel oops the
reporter is presented with a dialog asking if they also want to report the
oops to kerneloops.org. Unfortunately there is no information regarding
the oops at the time this dialog is presented. Provide the reporter a
summary of the oops in question so they can make an educated decision
about reporting it to kerneloops.org. (LP: #528175)

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