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64. By Luke Yelavich

debian/preinst: Check that $2 is non-zero before calling dpkg
--compare-versions. (LP: #550528)

63. By Daniel T Chen

Unmute 'Line HP Swap' for Dove boards (LP: #451635)

62. By Daniel T Chen

debian/init: Prefer built-in digital mics on newer Dells
(LP: #533877)

61. By Daniel T Chen

* alsa-mixer-save.upstart: Fix job semantics (LP: #366160). Thanks,
  Steve Langasek!
* backport-fixes-head.patch:
  + Fix error value returned by alsactl (69c6bea)
  + Fix alsamixer crashes (5a016b5, c9b86f4)

60. By Daniel T Chen

* New upstream release
* debian/patches/:
  - alsactl_brace.patch:
  - show_avail_formats.patch:
  - dont_free_if_init_file_doesnt_exist.patch: Applied upstream.
  + backport-fixes-head.patch: (c2eaf8, 0034b1, cdc496)

59. By Daniel T Chen

* Backport fixes from master/HEAD:
  + show_avail_formats.patch (32546, 11856, d18ae, 075be)
  + dont_free_if_init_file_doesnt_exist.patch (87ee4)

58. By Daniel T Chen

debian/init: Stop muting on reboot/shutdown. The original intent was
to prevent pops, and that's just a hack for broken linux that is now
causing more problems than it resolves.

57. By Luke Yelavich

* Merge from debian unstable, remaining changes:
  - debian/init:
    + wait until /usr/bin and /var/lib/alsa exist
    + only display an error when dealing with alsactl if there is no card
    + Set sane level for 'Speaker' and 'Headphone', needed for Dell Mini 9
      and Dell E series
    + ute PC Beep on hda cards that support it during initial volume setup
    + update lsb header to indicate no running of the script unless the
      udev rule is run
    + Mute *Analog/Digital Control for Creative cards by default
    + Default Digital Input Source to be Digital Mic 1 so that users
      with digital mic will be able to use it out of the box
    + Make use of lsb-functions/log calls
    + Mute "IEC958 Optical Raw" by default (LP: #408370)
  - debian/rules:
    + ship udev rules file in /lib/udev/rules.d
    + Do not install start symlinks for the alsa-utils init script, it gets
      run from a udev rule
  - debian/udev.script: do not use hotplug functions
  - debian/README.init.cs4236: Include in /usr/share/doc/alsa-utils so that
    users of snd-cs4236 (e.g., ThinkPad 600) can have audible sound
  - debian/patches/unset_pulse_internal.patch: We don't want alsamixer to
    show the pulse mixer by default, since it can be controlled from
    pulseaudio itself.
  - debian/patches/fix_misspelling_speaker-test_man_page.patch: Fix
    misspelling in speaker-test(1)
  - Set sane level for headphone 1 for Dell Studio XPS with 2.6.30.
  - Remove alsaconf from build system and remove po files

[ Daniel T Chen ]
"The beginning of the great initscript-sectomy"

* debian/alsa-mixer-save.upstart: Create an upstart job specifically
  saving mixer levels to resolve race (LP: #454265)
* debian/control: Version build-dep to upstart-aware debhelper.
* debian/init:
  + Revert all initscript changes in 1.0.20-2ubuntu[456]. They were
  + Restore more sane behavior/compatibility with 8.10 by not mucking
    with sound card state if alsactl restore fails.
  + Don't wait for 1 second after alsactl store, which already is
    expensive. Also, if store is going to fail, this wait is useless.
* debian/preinst: Handle upgrades from upstart-unaware versions.
* debian/rules: Move the former initscript into /sbin. We now have an
  upstart job just for handling alsactl store.
* debian/NOTES:
  debian/udev.script: Use the new script path.

56. By Mario Limonciello

debian/init: Revert behavior back to 1.0.20-2ubuntu3 as these other
checks were causing problems with storing volume (LP: #454265)

55. By Daniel T Chen

debian/init: Don't do silly things with the PulseAudio check. Just
make sure that, in the stop target, we don't store levels for a card
that has already been stored and muted.
(LP: #449589, #450612, #450652)

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