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6. By Thijs Kinkhorst

[ Christoph Berg ]
* gpg-key2ps: assume gpg output to be in utf-8, instead of depending on the
  current locale.

[ Franck Joncourt ]
* caff:
  + Take the CONFIG{'mail'} variable from .caffrc into count.
    (Closes: #520387)
  + Update caff's manpage to mention a keyid specified with -u requires to
    be listed in the configuration file through the keyid variable.
    Add a note in caffrc.sample about using the -u option to select which
    keyid from the CONFIG{'keyid'} as to be used for signing.
    (Closes: #482693)
* keyanalyze/top50.pl: Fix the error message when a line from stdin does not
* keyanalyze/analyze.sh:
  + Make the entries in the msd-sorted.txt file sorted.
  + Used msd.txt file as input for top50.pl. The current pattern in top50.pl
    does not match data from the msd-sorted.txt file.
  + Allowed the top1000 report to report the first 1000 ranks by passing
    *-n 1000* to top50.pl. Set to 50 by default.

[ Thijs Kinkhorst ]
* Make pool.sks-keyservers.net the default keyserver (closes: #527941).
* Checked for policy 3.8.1, no changes necessary.

5. By Thijs Kinkhorst

Fix build error when only building the binary package
by fixing the build-arch target (Closes: #516804).

4. By Thijs Kinkhorst

* gpg-mailkeys: Fix parameter escaping of printf, thanks
  Olivier Tetard (Closes: #478151).
* springgraph: clarify help text (Closes: 474351).
* Switch dependency libmime-perl to libmime-tools-perl (renamed).
* Put springgraph and sig2dot in section graphics.

3. By Christoph Berg

* caff:
  + Fix a bug with checking if we have exactly one or more keys that failed
  + Mention in manpage that keyserver-options is a useful setting in
    .caff/gnupghome/gpg.conf (Closes: #392811).
  + q-p-encode From: header (Closes: #366745).

2. By Thijs Kinkhorst

* New maintainer, Simon is moving to co-maintenance.
* New upstream release:
  + Fix missing section number from manpages.
    (fixes Lintian warnings)
  + Add more documentation (README, and in gpg-mailkeys).
  + In gpg-key2ps:
    - Add handling for 'tru' and 'uat' packets. (Closes: #222664)
    - Change env.var PAPERCONF to PAPERSIZE due to changed behaviour since
      libpaper-1.1.13. (Closes: #176245)
    - Truncate too long UIDs so they don't mess up the keys next to them.
      (Closes: #171846)
  + In gpg-mailkeys:
    - Send the key as an attachment. (Closes: #176245)
    - Make gpg-mailkeys messages more customizable. (Closes: #200070)
    - By default, let sendmail determine the From-line (more reliable).
* Update to Standards-Version 3.6.1 (no changes neccessary).
* Depend on libpaper-utils >= 1.1.13.
* Clarify copyright / maintainer documentation.

1. By Simon Richter

* New release
* Can now print multiple keys
* Supports alternate paper sizes (Closes: #134975)
* New script: gpg-mailkeys

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