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83. By Robert Ancell

* New upstream release: (LP: #455125)
  - Prevent opening help window twice.
  - Set bits setting properly when creating SSH key.
  - Add support for GnuPG DSA2 keys.
  - Fix subkey creation on newer GnuPG versions
  - Fix location label in SSH key properties (LP: #444580)
  - Fix assertion on exit.
  - Fix pasting into filter field.
  - Set key usage flags properly.
  - Fix property bindings.
  - Internal documentation.
  - Translation fixes.
  - Build fixes.
* debian/control.in:
  - Added BZR link

82. By Sebastien Bacher

New upstream version

81. By Sebastien Bacher

* New upstream version:
  - Include config.h to avoid build breakage when gpgme is compiled with LFS
  - Fix problems with gtk-builder UI files.(lp: #420265, #425230)
  - Fix problem with 'Type:' label of SSH key displaying location.
  - Update context menu display after keyring op.
  - Fix more compiler warnings.
  - Optionally use silent automake build rules.
  - Clean up old libglade and CVS files.
  - Respect the button-images setting, and cleanup gtkbuilder xml.
  - Add keyring docs.
  - Lots of documentation work.

80. By Andreas Moog

* New upstream relese: (LP: #411609)
  - Fix problem with missing password tab. (LP: #407063)
  - New and updated translations

79. By Andreas Moog

* New upstream release: (LP: #405540)
  - Fix logic for setting owner trust combo.
  - More Code and API documentation.
  - Old result in search dialog is selected.
  - seahorse-daemon should autostart by default
  - Add a --version parameter to seahorse.
  - No longer daemonizes when autostarted by D-Bus.
  - Gray out displayed non-trusted keys.
  - Remove the 'trusted keys' tab and combine with 'other keys'.
  - Use GtkBuilder instead of libglade.
  - Add support for adding manual keyring secrets.
  - Move password tab to first place.
  - Remove unportable test(1) construct in configure script.
* debian/control{.in}
  - drop libglade2-dev build-dep, not used anymore
* debian/patches
  - refreshed for new version
* debian/rules
  - update version in DEB_DH_MAKESHLIBS_ARGS
* Launchpad bugs fixed:
  - Seahorse menus are not the same as in documentation (LP: #366356)

78. By Andreas Moog

* New upstream version: (LP: #371871)
  - Distribute earlier ChangeLogs [Adam Schreiber]
  - Fix importing context menus in search dialogs [Adam Schreiber]
  - New and updated translations
* Rebase on version 2.24.1-2 in debian/unstable, Ubuntu changes:
  - debian/control:
    - remove obsolete build-depend on gnupg2
    - bump build-depends on libgnome-keyring-dev
    - add build-depends on liblaunchpadintegration-dev for lpi.
    - change replaces to corresponding ubuntu-versions in libcryptui*
  - debian/libcryptui-dev.install
  - debian/seahorse.install
    - install documentation to libcryptui-dev package only
  * debian/seahorse.install:
    - inclusion of debian/tmp/usr/share/gnome/autostart/seahorse-daemon.desktop
  - debian/patches:
    - 01_lpi-patch - provide launchpad-integration
    - 11_ubuntu-keyserver.patch - make ubuntu keyserver the default
    - 90_autoconf.patch - update for lpi
  - debian/rules:
    - addition of a shlibs rule for libcryptui0 (>= 2.25.4)
  - debian/watch:
    - also look for unstable versions

77. By Andreas Moog

* New upstream version: (LP: #360225)
  - PGP UIDs display in order reported by key server, and fix
    parsing of HKP PGP search UIDs. [Adam Schreiber] (LP: #351948)
  - Fix problem opening preferences window twice. [Adam Schreiber]
    (LP: #344696)
  - Set authorized_keys properly when sending SSH keys to a
    remote system. [Andreas Moog, Stef Walter] (LP: #326087)
  - Fix crash when entering hkp: url manually. [Stef Walter]
    (LP: #341983)
* debian/patches
  - updated 80_autoconf.patch to apply to new version

76. By Andreas Moog

* Add support for Launchpad-Integration (LP: #347684)
* debian/control.in
  - add build-depend on liblaunchpad-integration-dev
* debian/patches
  - added 01_lpi.patch for launchpad integration
  - updated 80_autoconf.patch to include changes

75. By Andreas Moog

* debian/control.in
    - removed build-depend on gnupg2, no longer needed (LP: #346591)

74. By Matthias Klose

No-change rebuild to fix lpia shared library dependencies.

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