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15. By Julien Lavergne

* Urgency to medium to fix RC bug.
* debian/rules: Really apply patches to fix the segfaults again.
  (Closes: #536392)

14. By Julien Lavergne

[ Julien Lavergne ]
* debian/rules: Replace simple-patchsys by quilt.
* debian/control:
 - Build-depends on quilt.
 - Remove X{B,S}-Python-Version.
 - Bump Standards-Version to 3.8.2 (no change needed).
* debian/pyversions : Add compatible versions.
* debian/patches:
 - 13-opacity-option.patch: Disable the opacity option if the screen
   is not composited (Closes: #518179).
 - 14-configuration-save.patch: From Ubuntu, save and restore the
   configuration file in some cases. (LP: #345359)
 - 15-nowplaying-mpd-try.patch: Try to connect to mpd instead of forcing
   the connection. (LP: #269256)
 - 16-clearweather-catch-connection-error.patch: From Ubuntu, catch
   connection error on update (thanks Kjell Braden for the patch).
   (LP: #264809)
 - 17-nowplaying-disable-amarok.patch: Disable Amarok 1.X support.
 - 18-nowplaying-rb-playing.patch: Avoid Dbus exception when checking
   if the player is playing.
 - 19-remove-autostart-output.patch: Remove output when screenlets are
   autostarted. (LP: #318248)
 - Update patches to apply with quilt.
* debian/README.source: Replace by the quilt one.

[ Siegfried-Angel Gevatter Pujals ]
* debian/screenlets.install:
 - Install the available translations (usr/share/locale) (LP: #386878).

13. By Scott Kitterman

* Drop Amarok support since Amarok 2 isn't supported
  - Add debian/patches/11-no-amarok.patch
  - Drop python-dcop from suggests

12. By Julien Lavergne

* debian/10-ImageMenuItem-update.patch
 - Replace get_children() by get_child() and get_image() following pygtk
   modifications (LP: #256329).

11. By Julien Lavergne

* debian/patches
 - 04-install-wallclock-in-home.patch : install WallpaperClock in
   ~/.screenlets instead of /usr/share (Closes: #497127).
 - 05-places-no-bookmark.patch : don't crash Places Screenlets if there is
   no bookmark.
 - 06-main-menu-no-bookmark.patch : don't crash Main Menu Screenlets if
   there is no bookmark.
* debian/rules
 - Remove feedparser.py in FeedReader Screenlet, already in

10. By Julien Lavergne

* New upstream release.
* debian/control
 - Add python-imaging as Recommends for WallpaperClockScreenlet Screenlets.
 - Bump Standards-Version to 3.8.0 (no change needed).
 - Replace python-gnome2-extras with python-gtkmozembed, screenlets only use
   this module. (Closes: #485296)
* debian/patches
 - 01-scripts-cleanup.patch: Update.
 - 02-fix-acpi-crash.patch: Add exception in ACPI Screenlets when there is
   no battery.
 - 03-fix-wallpaperclock-location.patch: Test WallpaperClock location before
 - 02_RSS_fix_import.patch: removed, merged upstream.
 - 03-sticky-on-XFCE.patch: removed, merged upstream.
 - 04-fix-clock-offset.patch: removed, merged upstream.
 - 05-disable-Numeric-import.patch: removed, merged upstream.
* debian/rules
 - Don't remove empty directory, fixed upstream.
 - Install screenlets.1 and screenlets-daemon.1 man pages.
 - Add a get-orig-source to repack the tarball.
 - Delete empty directory in WallpaperClockScreenlet.
* debian/copyright
 - Update Authors and Copyright.
* debian/watch
 - Update to upload bz2 tarball.
* Add screenlets.1 and screenlets-daemon.1 man pages.
* Improve screenletsd.1, screenlets-manager.1 and screenlets-packager.1

9. By Kjell Braden

debian/patches/20_fix-crasher_lp-218570.patch: taken from upstream, fix a
crash in the daemon (LP: #218570)

8. By Kjell Braden

* This is a bugfix upload. (LP: #213385)
* debian/patches/10-problem-on-create-tmpfile.patch: dropped, didn't fix the
* new patches from upstream:
  - debian/patches/15_better-daemon-running-check.patch: fix daemon starting
    multiple times (LP: #205526)
  - debian/patches/16_fix-option-theme-dialog-crashing.patch: fix a crash
    occuring in some theme dialogues (LP: #195036)
  - debian/patches/17_fix-crash-on-invalid-archive.patch: fix a crash
    occuring when trying to open broken screenlet packages (LP: #205526)
* new patches from ubuntu:
  - debian/patches/14_no-unnecessary-updates-when-unmapped.patch: don't
    update the screenlets when they are not mapped, thanks criser
    (LP: #211525)
  - debian/patches/18_fix-crashing-on-invalid-sensor-type.patch: fix a crash
    occuring in the sensor applet when a bad device was selected for
    monitoring (LP: #198675)
  - debian/patches/19_fix-creating-tempfile.patch: improve the error
    handling when initializing the tempfile (LP: #197712, #212175)

7. By Kjell Braden

* debian/patches/12_fix-SIGTERM-handler.patch: don't crash on SIGTERM
  (LP: #197051)
* debian/patches/13_fix-clearcalendar-url-crashes.patch: don't try
  opening calendars locally just because opening them via urllib2 threw an
  exception (LP: #201649)

6. By Julien Lavergne

* debian/patches/10-problem-on-create-tmpfile.patch (LP: #197712)
 - Fix crash when creating tempory file.
* debian/patches/11-mono-channel-fix.patch, thanks Kjell Braden (LP: #192334)
 - Fix crash when the selected mixer control is a mono control.
 - The patch also provides a more reasonable support for multiple channels.
* debian/rules
 - Remove the rmdir for /usr/lib, not necessary.

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