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27. By Didier Roche

* New upstream release (LP: #435669)
  - Find a free X display without using TCP sockets (Scott Balneaves)
  - Fix incorrect format strings; make others consistent (Scott Balneaves)
* debian/patches:
  - remove 02_gdk_display.patch (upstreamed)
  - refresh 04_mozillasource-dprint.patch

26. By Scott Balneaves

* New upstream release
* sabayon-admin user and group now created with --system (LP: 416998)
* Profiles now save file modes
* Crashers fixed in paneldelegate.py
* Bad formatting strings fixed in mozillasource.py

25. By Christophe Sauthier

* New upstream release (LP: #411864)
  - Sabayon now uses Xephyr instead of Xnest for its child session.
  - Sabayon now passes the DEBUG_WHILE_IN_SABAYON environment variable
    untouched to all its child processes.
  - For debugging purposes, Sabayon no longer eats the stderr output from its
    child processes.
  - Fix file monitoring (Sayamindu Dasgupta) - bgo#542604
  - Don't crash if XAUTHLOCALHOSTNAME is not set (Tomas Bzatek) - bgo#576440
  - Use gobject.timeout_add_seconds() if possible (Debarshi Ray) - bgo#564405
  - Fix monitoring and saving of panel applets (Sayamindu Dasgupta,
    Federico Mena Quintero)
  - Ignore .gvfs in user profiles (Federico Mena Quintero)
  - New and updated Translations
* debian/control.in
  - build-dep on xserver-xephyr instead of xnest.
  - dep on xserver-xephyr instead of xnest.

24. By Andreas Moog

* New upstream release: (LP: #405309)
  - Port from gnome-vfs to GIO (Evan Briones, Andre Klapper) - bgo#527541
  - Put XAUTHLOCALHOSTNAME in the child session's environment so
    it will run (Michael Meeks) - bnc#471897
  - Ignore .pulse to avoid replicating PulseAudio data (Federico Mena)
  - String fixes (Philip Withnall) - bgo#528253
  - New and updated Translations
* debian/watch
  - also look for unstable version
* debian/control
  - build-dep on python-gobject-dev >= 2.15.0
  - build-dep on python-xdg

23. By Matthias Klose

New change rebuild for python2.6.

22. By Sebastien Bacher

* New upstream version:
  - Improve login performance with sabayon running

21. By Pedro Fragoso

Rebuild to get rid of libffi4 (LP: #245376)

20. By Oliver Grawert

whoops, remove accidentially added ./sig file

19. By Pedro Fragoso

* New upstream release (LP: #201232)
  - Don't create duplicated files in profile zipfiles (Sayamindu Dasgupta, Federico Mena)
  - Fix typos in the mozilla_bookmarks module (Johnny Robeson)
  - Updated support for Gentoo (Johnny Robeson)
  - Support Bugzilla in .desktop file (Johnny Robeson)
  - Back to not using gnomesu in .desktop file (Johnny Robeson)
* debian/patches/01_desktop.patch: Updated

18. By Pedro Fragoso

* New upstream release (LP: #184703)
* debian/control{.in};
  - Bump to Standards-Version 3.7.3
  - Added Homepage
* debian/patches;
  - 02_script-not-executable: dropped, fixed upstream
  - 04_ignore_locale_errors: updated
  - 05_fix_non_profile_login: updated

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