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60. By Brian Murray

[ Colin Watson ]
* Ignore quasi-comments containing activity log information (LP: #352543).

[ Markus Korn ]
* fixed incompatibility with python 2.6 in karmic (LP: #396531)
* fixed test runner, output streams for unittest results now need a flush()

59. By Martin Pitt

[ Martin Pitt ]
* launchpadbugs/storeblob.py, upload(): Add new optional parameter
  "staging", to store blobs on staging.launchpad.net.
* launchpadbugs/html_bug.py: Fix parsing of duplicate yet again.

[ Markus Korn ]
* launchpadbugs/http_connection.py: Fix launchpadlibrarian attachment links
  for staging.

58. By Markus Korn

[ Matthias Klose ]
* Use unversioned interpreter in move_duplicates.py.

[ Markus Korn ]
* merged changes from ubuntu package 0.3.3

57. By Matthias Klose

Use unversioned interpreter in move_duplicates.py.

56. By Brian Murray

[ Brian Murray ]
* added examples/duplicate-test-file-check.py: a script that checks a
  bug's duplicates for attachments
* added examples/team-reported-bugs.py: a script that creates an html page
  of package bugs reported by members of a team

[ Markus Korn ]
* launchpadbugs/utils.py: Fixed whitespace inconsistencies, thanks to John
  Morrissey (LP: #280775)
* launchpadbugs/basebuglistfilter.py: don't loose the Exceptions raised by
  the implementation of the Bug class when running get_current_task()
  (LP: #288075)
* launchpadbugs/storeblob.py: increase the timeout when uploading bugs to
  Launchpad (LP: #314212)

55. By Brian Murray

[ Martin Pitt ]
* html_bug.py: Fix parsing of duplicate_of. (LP: #263933)

[ Markus Korn ]
* launchpadbugs/html_bug.py: fixed parsing nickname/date/reporter of
  bugreports to work with recent changes on edge (LP: #262192)

54. By Brian Murray

[ Markus Korn ]
* Improved LPBugList and LPBugPage:
  These two classes now have a cleaner structure, filtering of bug lists
  with python-launchpad-bugs is now a lot easier. With
  LPBugList.set_progress_hook() it is now possible to visualize the
  process of fetching bug lists (LP: #240750).
* launchpadbugs/{tasksbase,html_bug.py,text_bug.py}: if a task is a
  bugwatch then task.remote returns the remote-url, otherwise it returns
* Improved error handling in python-launchpad-bugs and added
  infrastructure for unittests. This also contains some basic testcases in
  tests/ (LP: #189572)
* Added ability to parse bugtracker overviews (LP: #203312)
* launchpadbugs/html_bug.py: added a default value for comment subject which
  Launchpad now requires (LP: #259680)
* It is now possible to filter bug lists based on milestones. This also
  implements a helper function to list all active milestones of a project
  in launchpad (LP: #200457)
* Added function to filter buglists based on Bug.date_reported
  (LP: #185357)
* added 'move-duplicates' written by Kjell Braden and 'README' to
  examples/ (LP: #208148)
* launchpadbugs/attachmentsbase.py: LPAttachment.download() now also
  accepts an optional argument to specify the location where to download
  the attachment (LP: #242317)
* Added method to let the user choose which version/server of launchpad to
  use, so it is possible to explicitly use bugs.launchpad.net or
  bugs.edge.launchpad.net (LP: #188298)
* launchpadbugs/html_bug.py: InfoTable: fixed parsing of milestones in
  read-only mode (LP: #243057)
* Added functionality for adding new tasks to bug reports.
  With this implementation so far you are able to add 'project' and
  'distro' tasks, but unable to create bugwatches and change task
  attributes before committing the changes. (LP: #193853)
* launchpadbugs/html_bug.py: Stephan Hermann fixed html connector to work
  with the newest launchpad rollout (LP: #243193, #244452)
* fixed parsing of remote url for bugwatches in the html mode
* fixed LPBugList to be usable with python2.4 again
* launchpadbugs/http_connection.py: removed possible issue in the
  constructor of HTTPConnection.
* launchpadbugs/buglistbase.py: replaced super() call with ordinary
  delegation method to fix (LP: #245408)
* launchpadbugs/html_buglist.py, launchpadbugs/html_blueprintlist.py:
  adjusted parsing methods to be uasable with the latest LP rollout
* launchpadbugs/basebuglistfilter.py: added 'batch' to valid options for
* Stephan Hermann added support for getting list of projects to
* Stephan Hermann added support package lists, thanks Stephan
  (LP: #249461)
* launchpadbugs/html_buglist.py: support parsing of '+expirable-bugs'
  lists (LP: #249381), this also adds better debugging functionality to
  all parsing methods.
* launchpadbugs/http_connection.py: reworked the HTTPConnection class to
  reduce number of one-shot sessions (LP: #245552)
* launchpadbugs/config.py: added module to handle global configuration
* tests/*: added more test-cases and added more functionality to testing
  Unfortunately this update breaks some compatibilty. Please update your
  code to make use of the python-launchpad-bugs 0.3 API. It's worth it.
  More details at:

[ Brian Murray ]
* launchpadbugs/utils.py: send bzr messages, used to get the py-lp-b
  revision number, to ~/.bzr.log and not stderr (LP: #260515)
* launchpadbugs/connector.py: merged patch from Markus to add wrapper for
  Bug.Error.LPUrlError (LP: #254556)

53. By Brian Murray

[ Markus Korn ]
* launchpadbugs/html_bug.py: InfoTable: fixed parsing of milestone if user
  is not allowed to change values (LP: #243057)
* launchpadbugs/http_connection.py: added progress_hook to
  HTTPConnnection (LP: #239684)
* More robust parser for the +text-mode:
    - using ConfigParser and email modul instead of custom-made parser
    - workaround parsing errors in text-mode (LP: #210576)
    - added 'date_incomplete' and 'date_left_new'
* launchpadbugs/http_connection.py: check if login was successful
  (LP: #210731)
* launchpadbugs/http_connection.py: added HTTPConnection.save_cookie()
  to dump LP-authentication-cookie to a file (LP: #240685)
* launchpadbugs/http_connection.py: added (optional) username to
  http-request header and fixed function to get version of py-lp-bugs
  (LP: #233948)
* launchpadbugs/{taskbase,text_bug}.py: added 'component' attribute to
  LPTask, thanks to Steve Beattie for working on it, updated AUTHORS.
* launchpadbugs/html_bug.py: fixed parsing of html pages of latest
  launchpad rollout, thanks to Stephan Hermann (LP: #244452)

[ Brian Murray ]
* launchpadbugs/basebuglistfilter.py: updated broken filter option for bug

52. By Brian Murray

[ Markus Korn ]
* launchpadbugs/lphelper.py: fixed html-parser for Dapper again,
  workaround for broken libxml2 (LP: #220679)
* launchpadbugs/html_bug.py: fixed adding new subscribers (LP: #235681)

51. By Brian Murray

launchpadbugs/html_bug.py: really fix boardComment parsing in html mode
(LP: #227537)

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