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94. By Daniel T Chen on 2009-10-20

* Remove 0053-fix-sigsegv-module-bluetooth-device.patch, as it did
  more harm than good (reopens LP #437293).
* debian/01PulseAudio: Fix bashisms, and make suspend/resume actually
  work with sudo -H -u (LP: #432096, #450461).

93. By Tony Espy on 2009-10-15

[ Tony Espy ]
* debian/control: Add a Conflicts for rtkit so we force removal, and
  hence get more testing coverage between now and Karmic final (LP: #452458).

[ Daniel T Chen ]
* debian/patches/0056-ignore-sound-class-modem.patch:
  + Apply patch from Whoopie to fix initialization of devices with
    modem subdevices (LP: #394500, #450222)

92. By Luke Yelavich on 2009-10-14

debian/control: Drop rtkit from recommends, as the kernel patches have
not landed in karmic, so rtkit is currently useless.

91. By Daniel T Chen on 2009-10-06

* New upstream bugfix release
* debian/:
  . {libpulse0,pulseaudio}.shlibs:
  . shlibs{,_pulseaudio}.local:
  . rules: Update for new release
* debian
  + pulseaudio.dirs:
  . patches/0006-a11y-special-case-disable.patch:
  . pulse-session: Use a system-wide flag to assist in fixing
    alsactl store race.
* debian/patches/:
  - 0060-backport-c194d.patch: Drop, subsumed by new release
  + 0053-fix-sigsegv-module-bluetooth-device.patch: Don't strcmp
    uninitialized memory (LP: #437293)
  + 0055-backport-alsa-bt-position-fixes-b3592a1.patch: Apply the
    following changesets from origin/master HEAD for fixes:
  + 0091-dont-load-cork-music-on-phone.patch: Disable for Karmic;
    it's confusing users (LP: #437638)
* Previous uploads resolved Launchpad bug reports:
  - LP: #434003 (crashed with SIGILL in pa_smoother_translate() )
  - LP: #437638 (cpulimit.c: Received request to terminate)

90. By Daniel T Chen on 2009-09-22

* debian/patches/:
  + 0052-revert-sse2-optimize.patch: Revert 3d5a57 causing audio
    anomalies (LP: #428619)

89. By Luke Yelavich on 2009-09-21

Remove epoch again, fixes FTBFs.

88. By Luke Yelavich on 2009-09-21

[ Daniel T Chen ]
* New upstream bugfix release
* debian/patches/:
  - 0052-backport-56b6e18030.patch: Drop
  - 0053-fix-output-element.patch: Drop, applied upstream
  - 0090-use-volume-ignore-for-analog-output.patch: Stop applying
    this patch. Too many people are confused as to why PCM isn't
    being changed when they adjust PA's volume.
  + 0060-backport-c194d.patch: Backport fixes from 0.9.18-stable
    branch (to changeset c194db71b0ff853b4f46df26e135edf63b215451)
  + 0090-disable-flat-volumes.patch: Many people seem uncomfortable
    with PA's new default volume adjustment routine, so disable it
    in favour of the existing behaviour known in previous Ubuntu
    releases. The downside is that the user again has many knobs to
    fiddle; the upside is that applications can no longer drop the
    volume floor. This addresses LP: #403859, #433209.

[ Luke Yelavich ]
* debian/pulse-alsa.conf: Expose the pulse device to the ALSA name hint API.
  Thanks to David Henningsson <email address hidden> for the patch.
* Add epoch to shlibs version definitions.

87. By Daniel T Chen on 2009-09-17

* debian/patches/:
  + 0051-fix-sigfpe-mcalign.patch: Handle div by zero attempts
    (LP: #412224)
  + 0052-backport-56b6e18030.patch: Backport fixes from git HEAD
  + 0053-fix-output-element.patch: Fix misspelling of Surround
  + 0054-mute-iec958-optical-raw-for-audigyX.patch: Mute
    IEC958 Optical Raw by default (LP: #400629, #408370)

86. By Luke Yelavich on 2009-09-14

[ Daniel T Chen ]
* New upstream release

[ Luke Yelavich ]
* debian/rules: refer to the 0.9.17 directory
* bump shlibs

85. By Luke Yelavich on 2009-09-11

[ Daniel T Chen ]
* debian/patches/0090-use-volume-ignore-for-analog-output.patch:
  + Realign volume control behaviour with existing Ubuntu releases,
    i.e., disable volume = merge and use volume = ignore for
    analog output

[ Luke Yelavich ]
* New upstream release
* debian/patches/0057-introspect-version-fixes.patch (LP: #426210),
  debian/patches/0052-disable-cpu-limit.patch: Dropped, all applied upstream
* debian/patches/0051-reduce-lib-linking.patch: Drop, since we are not going
  to be doing bi-arch pulseaudio packages for karmic

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