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36. By Michael Bienia

* pkgstriptranslations:
  - Use # instead of @ for the sed delimiter as @ can appear in locale
    names (lp: #434544)

35. By Martin Pitt

* pkgstriptranslations:
  - Also store /usr/share/omf/ files in static translation tarball.
  - Remove GNOME help translation files now, and replace them with symlinks
    to /usr/share/omf-langpack/* and usr/share/gnome/help-langpack/*.

34. By Martin Pitt

* pkgstriptranslations: Extract GNOME help translations into a new tarball
  and add them to the upload as raw-translations-static component. Do not
  strip the files from the .debs just yet, since the upload/download
  infrastructure in Soyuz still needs to be tested, and the language pack
  integration bits need to be written. See LP #123020
* debian/compat, debian/control: Bump to debhelper compat 5, 4 is
* debian/control: Bump Standards-Version to 3.8.2.
* debian/control: Drop long-obsolete Replaces.

33. By Martin Pitt

pkgbinarymangler: Update package's md5sums list for modified .desktop
files. (LP: #392149)

32. By Colin Watson

Modify Maintainer field overriding to comply with Technical Board
resolution of 2009-05-05, with a single override for all components

31. By Colin Watson

pkgsanitychecks: Skip udebs, since our checks aren't very interesting
for them (sysadmin with local changes to the installer environment that
they want preserved ...?) and there's one udeb (rootskel-gtk) that
currently ships a /usr/local/etc symlink.

30. By Martin Pitt

pkgstriptranslations: When grabbing XPIs from Mozilla-ish packages, ensure
that the /source/ directory exists in the temporary directory. Fixes
xulrunner FTBFS.

29. By Martin Pitt

* pkgstriptranslations: Remove translations from .desktop files if they have
  a gettext domain. Not every package with .desktop files uses cdbs with
  langpack.mk (where this stripping has happened so far), and we are now
  preferring the language pack translations over the static upstream
  translations in .desktop files. (LP: #348225)
* debian/copyright: Update GPL stanza (previously had old FSF address),
  thanks lintian.
* debian/control: Bump Standards-Version (no changes required).

28. By Matthias Klose

pkgsanitychecks: Reject packages which place files in /usr/local.

27. By Matthias Klose

pkgsanitychecks: Reject packages which place public python modules for 2.6
or newer in /usr/local/lib/python{2.[67],3.?} instead of /usr/lib.

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