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10. By Cesare Tirabassi on 2008-08-24

* Fix FTBFS due to x11-common not shipping rgb.txt anymore (LP: #248657):
  - add local copy to source tree
  - modify Imakefile so that it points to the new location
  - modify debian/rules to install it
  - remove dependency on x11-common for debian/control

9. By Paul Slootman <email address hidden> on 2008-07-22

* really handle nostrip build option now, thanks to patch from Cesare
  Tirabassi from Ubuntu.
* Removed hack for getenv(), as it now seems to work, at least with stdlib.h
* included (also thanks to Cesare Tirabassi).

8. By Cesare Tirabassi on 2008-07-15

* Remove undocumented Debian hack.
* Modified rules so that nostrip actually works.

7. By Cesare Tirabassi on 2008-07-14

* Fix sigsegv due to getenv not being prototyped correctly (LP: #248382):
  - add stdlib.h header file to PixEdit.c
* Modify Maintainer value to match the DebianMaintainerField

6. By Paul Slootman <email address hidden> on 2008-06-02

Build depend on xbitmaps, which provides /usr/include/X11/bitmaps/xlogo16

5. By Paul Slootman <email address hidden> on 2008-05-30

* Acknowledge previous NMUs, thanks!
* Don't install to /usr/lib/X11/, and don't refer to /usr/X11R6/include/.
* Updated standards version to
* Remove build-dependency on xlibs-data.
* Also cleaned up build-dependencies some more.
* Add (dummy) binary-indep target in debian/rules.
* Handle nostrip build option.

4. By Luk Claes on 2006-05-10

* Non-maintainer upload.
* High-urgency upload for RC bugfix.
* Xorg7 migration (Closes: #365260):
  - Build-depend on xutils-dev for FHS-compliant xmkmf.
  - Pre-depend on x11-common (>= 1:7.0.0) to get /usr/lib/X11 as a
    directory instead of a symlink.
  - Fix Pixmap.h to include <X11/xpm.h> instead of the broken "xpm.h".
  - Fix up all paths under debian/ to use the FHS paths instead of
  - Look for rgb.txt in $(CONFDIR) instead of $(LIBDIR)

3. By Paul Slootman <email address hidden> on 2004-01-09

* Removed libxaw-dev from Build-Depends; replaced with libxaw7-dev.
* Updated location of app-defaults file in manpage.
* Made default font a little smaller in the app-defaults file.

2. By Paul Slootman <email address hidden> on 2002-02-15

* Actually put the the list of conffiles in the package. closes:#132187
* Apparently install -s does a different strip than when linking with -s
  (.code and .comment fields were left behind).
* Added -isp to dpkg-gencontrol to include the section and priority.

1. By Paul Slootman <email address hidden> on 2002-02-15

Import upstream version 2.6pl4

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