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22. By Steve Langasek

debian/control: add missing ${misc:Depends} for nfs-common, else we don't
get the dependency on upstart that we should have. LP: #456281.

21. By Steve Langasek

debian/rules: now that the jobs will exit cleanly on their own when
'start' is called but the job is a no-op, remove the --error-handler
option to dh_installinit so that we don't accidentally ignore other
kinds of errors that could point to real problems.

20. By Steve Langasek

Drop the gssd upstart job's dependency on "local-filesystems"; at boot
time this is always implied transitively by the dep on portmap, and using
a combination of 'or' and 'and' operators in the dependency list seems
to confuse upstart quite badly, causing kerberized mounts to hang at boot.
LP: #447654.

19. By Steve Langasek

* Set upstart jobs to also start on mount attempt, in the event that
  mountall gets to them before the daemons are done starting. Really-fixes
  LP: #431248.
* Call 'stop' in the pre-start scripts for all jobs when we want to prevent
  the job from starting; this lets upstart know that it's a clean stop,
  and avoids boot-time messages about service start failures

18. By Steve Langasek

Mounting rpc_pipefs also requires the sunrpc module, so move this
modprobe to the right upstart job.

17. By Steve Langasek

nfs-kernel-server: don't cal invoke-rc.d nfs-common in the postinst, this
is redundant anyway and the nfs-common init script is gone now.
LP: #441855.

16. By Steve Langasek

* Configure gssd and idmapd upstart jobs to stop on runlevels 0 and 6; this
  is consistent with previous initscript-based behavior, and spares upstart
  trying to restart the jobs repeatedly when sendsigs runs.
* When autodetecting gssd, handle the case of 'sec=krb5' being embedded in
  the middle of the options list in /etc/fstab. LP: #364861.
* Fix transition idempotency error when stopping old nfs-common init
  script, in case the postinst fails to finish afterwards (e.g., failure to
  restart the daemons).
* Fix statd upstart job to properly honor NEED_STATD=no and not get stuck
  respawning indefinitely.
* Ignore failures to start the daemons on upgrade, since if they aren't
  needed we don't *want* them to start. LP: #441055.
* Fix up the rpc_pipefs job, the wrong version of the file slipped into
  the previous upload.

15. By Steve Langasek

* Drop nfs-common init script in favor of new upstart jobs. LP: #431248.
* Build-depend on debhelper (>= 7.3.15ubuntu3) for correct upstart init
* Depend the upstart-using version of portmap, 6.0-10ubuntu1; and drop the
  alternative depends on rpcbind, which hasn't been converted.

14. By Anibal Monsalve Salazar

* Merge from Ubuntu
* Rename 101-reduce-verbosity.diff to 11-532048-reduce-verbosity.patch
* Fix syslog verbosity with expired kerberos creds; closes: #532048

13. By Anibal Monsalve Salazar

Fix CVE-2008-4552
nfs-utils 1.1.2, and possibly other versions before 1.1.3, invokes the
host_ctl function with the wrong order of arguments, which causes TCP
Wrappers to ignore netgroups and allows remote attackers to bypass
intended access restrictions.
Closes: #502680

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