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42. By Mario Limonciello on 2009-10-16

* remote:
  - Correct a *very* small typo that prevented only the last remote from
* lirc:
  - Sort the device list because we might be injecting multiple hwdb's.
  - Filter out IR Blaster from remote types.

41. By Mario Limonciello on 2009-10-16

* remote:
  - Default lirc_vbox to true so that it can still be changed in the
* system_roles:
  - Disable the diskless plugin. It wasn't fully finished and ready
    to go in time for 9.10, so it's better to not offer it to avoid
    bug reports about it.

40. By Mario Limonciello on 2009-10-14

* themes:
  - Upstream decided not to support themes/ or oldthemes/ today, so we're
    not going to either.

39. By Mario Limonciello on 2009-10-14

* proprietary_codecs:
  - Request a package list update while installing the medibuntu keyring
    to prevent errors from aptdaemon about unauthenticated packages.
* remote:
  - Make this plugin optional, by being able to install/remove lirc
    and mythbuntu-lirc-generator.
* debian/control:
  - Drop lirc and mythbuntu-lirc-generator as Depends or Recommends.
    They're seeded in the desktop package, and entirely optional/installable
    from within MCC anyway. (LP: #133634)

38. By Mario Limonciello on 2009-10-13

* lirc:
  - Source the new locations of remotes on our list.

37. By Mario Limonciello on 2009-10-13

* themes:
  - Rearrange list of themes and make sure the mappings are correct.
* plugins:
  - Fix mythweb password support. (LP: #445998)

36. By Mario Limonciello on 2009-10-04

* lirc:
  - Use the full path for dpkg-reconfigure to prevent a crash.
* plugins:
  - Set Expand property for MythNews.
  - If mythweb isn't installed, explicitly disable sensitivity
    of mythweb password hbox.
* themes:
  - Update text to better reflect what the metas represent.
* properietary_codecs:
  - Request a package list update after enabling the repo.
  - Add support to install the keyring.
  - Allow the keyring package to be installed. (LP: #415969)

35. By Mario Limonciello on 2009-10-03

[ Nick Fox ]
* Removed Apple Trailers and MythStream Support

[ John Baab ]
* Enable the mythexport plugin.

[ Mario Limonciello ]
* Shorten the error message for the mysql plugin when mysql.txt is
  not accessible.
* mysql:
  - Update the location of the optimize_mythdb.pl script.
* plugins:
  - Drop Mythcontrols and Mythphone. (LP: #428683)
  - Add back in Mythbrowser.
* debian/control:
  - Only depends on nvidia-common for i386 or amd64. (LP: #396334)
  - Build depends on python-distutils-extra
* startup_behavior:
  - Rely on calling the external gdmsetup for configuration of
    automatic login rather than our own scripting. (LP: #422238)
* themes:
  - Drop gtk theme from here since we're not using it anymore.
  - Only reference meta packages in themes section. (LP: #438999)
* Add some basic support for translation templates. (LP: #348178)

34. By Mario Limonciello on 2009-08-18

[ Mario Limonciello ]
* mythbuntu_common/mysql:
  - Use the full path for invoke-rc.d as /usr/sbin/ isn't in PATH
    when ran dbus activated.
* mythbuntu_common/dictionaries:
  - Add an argument to the services dictionary so that a different
    object can be specified for mysql-server.
* Convert from glade to gtkbuilder (LP: #403542)
* Remove dummy_window top level parent window from all widgets.
  In gtk.Builder, we don't need a top level parent.
* services:
  - Ignore any items in the dictionary that are None.
* remote:
  - Reference builder objects rather than xml objects.
  - Add list store objects that weren't automatically created.
  - Add CellRenderer objects that weren't automatically created.
* roles:
  - Drop references to unused 'toggled' function.
  - Drop references to unused diskless toggle function.
  - Hide the Appliance Frontend option since it has no code to
    back it currently. (LP: #413008)
  - Set diskless to be sensitive again.
* mysql_configuration:
  - Drop reference to unused 'toggled' function.
  - Remove references to 'has_default' that were causing warnings
    about no gtk.Window object that they are within.
* plugins:
  - Change the mythweb password section to be a 3 way selector
    for en/dis/reconfigure
  - Don't try to read the old password or username
  - Write out the new md5 and what not.
  - This may or may not be complete. It will need some experimentation
    with 0.22 and how it interacts with dpkg-reconfigure mythweb.

[ Michael Haas ]
* Remove plugins/ui/tab_diskless.ui as it'll be shipped in an external

33. By Mario Limonciello on 2009-07-23

* startup_behavior:
  - Adjust for changes that have happened in GDM 2.26. Unfortunately
    this means startup_behavior won't work on Ubuntu 9.04 and earlier
    anymore. (LP: #403290)

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