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11. By Felix Geyer on 2011-01-20

* SECURITY UPDATE: /etc/mumble-server.ini is world readable. (LP: #704674)
  - debian/mumble-server.postinst: Set permissions of mumble-server.ini to
    0640 and the owner to root:mumble-server.

10. By Thorvald Natvig on 2009-08-16

* Backport ALSA and PulseAudio modules from 1.2.0 git, makes them work with
  modern releases of these sound systems.
* Standards-version 3.8.3
* Remove dh_desktop

9. By Patrick Matthäi <email address hidden> on 2009-04-22

[ Thorvald Natvig ]
* Add --oknodo to logrotate script. (Closes: #520639)

[ Patrick Matthäi ]
* Change my email address.

8. By Patrick Matthäi on 2009-03-22

[ Patrick Matthäi ]
* Fix override disparity. Set section of mumble-dbg to devel.
* Drop all patches (merged upstream).
* Bump Standards-Version to 3.8.1 (no changes needed).

[ Thorvald Natvig ]
* New upstream release.
* New overlay library doesn't use private ELF symbols anymore.
* Update defaults file to match new init-script options.
* Move mumble-dbg to section debug.

7. By Patrick Matthäi on 2009-02-18

[ Patrick Matthäi ]
* Fix basque translation: Do not translate the username.
  Closes: #515031

[ Thorvald Natvig ]
* Run qmake recursively, to be forward compatible with qmake from Qt 4.5.0.

6. By Patrick Matthäi on 2009-02-04

[ Patrick Matthäi ]
* Add a mumble-dbg package, which contains the debugging symbols of mumble
  and mumble-server.
* Move swedish translation debian/sv.po to debian/po/sv.po.
  This was a bad error of mine.
* Remove debian/patches and dpatch, everything has been merged by upstream.

[ Thorvald Natvig ]
* New upstream release.
  Closes: #513119
* Added Spanish translation from Álvaro M. Recio
* Synchronized copyright

5. By Patrick Matthäi on 2008-10-19

Add missing dependency on hal to the mumble package and failover to "true"
if invoke-rc.d should fail.
Closes: #502748

4. By Thorvald Natvig on 2008-03-22

* Make mumble-server depend on dbus. (LP: #202672)
* Avoid crash when renaming tree objects (patch from upstream SVN).
* Remove a warning when installing (missing --no-create-home).

3. By Thorvald Natvig on 2008-02-23

* New upstream version, which fixes a few crashbugs.
* Licensing issues worked out, package is now BSD licensed (same as
* Mumble-specific changes to Speex are now in upstream Speex, and
  this version includes all changes necessary to mumble to unbundle
  Speex. Once Speex 1.2beta4 or 1.2 final is out, unbundling can be
* Changed to use PulseAudio as default audio device, as it's the
  new default in Hardy.
* Moved the perl cgi scripts for mumble-server into a separate package,
  which means mumble-server doesn't depend on httpd and
  mail-transport-agent. Those dependencies were also missing from
* Updated packaging to adhere to "Debian Developer's Reference -
  Best Packaging Practices."
* Closes the request to update to 1.1.3 (LP: #194836)

2. By Thorvald Natvig on 2007-12-03

Packaging for inclusion in ubuntu universe (LP: #129081)

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