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26. By Jo Shields on 2009-10-13

* debian/patches/05_fix_webkit_about_blank_signal.patch:
  + Fix Monodoc's WebKit engine to ignore spurious events indicating
    a request of about:blank (LP: #449970)

25. By Jo Shields on 2009-07-21

* Merge to Ubuntu Karmic (LP: #402152)
* debian/control,
  + Do dh_installxsp's job by hand, to ensure XSP does not need to move
    into Main

24. By Sebastian Dröge on 2009-05-14

[ Jo Shields ]
* debian/control:
  + Add Vcs-* fields
* debian/monodoc-browser.install:
  + Actually use Webkit# renderer, don't just build it and throw it away

[ Sebastian Dröge ]
* debian/control:
  + Build depend on libgnome2.24-cil for the GNOME# 2.24
    transition (Closes: #527783).
  + Update Standards-Version to 3.8.1.

23. By Stefan Ebner on 2009-01-07

* Rebuild for gnome-sharp2 transition (LP: #314516)
* debian/control:
  Replace lib{gnome/gconf}2.0-cil with lib{gnome/gconf}2.24-cil
  and bump versioning

22. By Jo Shields on 2008-11-27

0ubuntu1 package due to delays in Debian NEW queue
(LP: #302955)

21. By Mirco Bauer on 2008-08-10

* debian/control:
  + Removed libgecko2.0-cil and libxul-dev from build-dependencies.
  + Added libwebkit1.0-cil to build-dependencies.
  + Replaced libnunit2.2.6-cil build-dependency with libmono-nunit2.2-cil.
  + Moved pseudo homepage field of gendarme to real field.
  + Added extra space to lists in package description to make them verbatim.
    (Closes: #480336, #480343)
* debian/patches/05_webkit-sharp_port.dpatch:
  + Link against webkit-sharp instead of gecko-sharp (xulrunner).
    (patch taken from upstream SVN, Closes: #480811, #488674)
* debian/patches/00list:
  + Disabled 01_use_real_nunit, linking now against libmono-nunit2.2-cil
    instead of libnunit2.2.6-cil. (Closes: #487037)
* debian/gnunit(2).desktop
  + Desktop files for the freedesktop menu.
    (thanks goes to benoit tuduri <email address hidden> for the patch,
     Closes: #478962)

20. By Martin Pitt on 2008-08-12

Disable 01_use_real_nunit.dpatch to cleanly build against
libmono-nunit2.2-cil. (Cherrypicked from Debian)

19. By Martin Pitt on 2008-08-11

libnunit2.4-cil -> libmono-nunit2.2-cil, does not work with
libnunit2.4-cil. (Cherrypicked from Debian)

18. By Martin Pitt on 2008-08-11

libnunit2.2.6-cil -> libnunit2.4-cil transition.

17. By Sebastian Dröge on 2008-03-22

* debian/patches/03_mozilla-home.dpatch,
  + Updated to work with xulrunner 1.9.

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