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14. By Alexander Sack on 2008-09-11

* fix LP: #156986 - add gsfonts to recommends
  - update debian/control
* drop ubufox from Suggests; ubufox doesnt support midbrowser yet
  - update debian/control

13. By Steve Kowalik on 2008-09-11

Drop ubufox from Recommends, moving it to Suggests.

12. By Alexander Sack on 2008-07-25

* bump maxVersion to 1.9.0.* to prevent bustage on each and every
  xulrunner update
  - update midbrowser/app/application.ini
* Increased the list all the tabs button, so that user can use the finger
  to click it on a touchscreen to see all the tabs
* fix nsHildonXEventService to not break with compiz WM
  + we dont register for all events (as some events can only be subscribed to by
    one client), but just for GDK_PROPERTY_CHANGE_MASK - Thanks to Michael Vogt
    for tracking this down.
  + as a safety-belt measure we also trap X errors properly in hildon event service -
    this should prevent crashes because of errors on X calls
    - update midbrowser/components/hildon/src/nsHildonXEventService.cpp

11. By Alexander Sack on 2008-06-04

* merge 3.0 RC1 release to hardy branch (LP: #233922)
* make Build-Depends: more diff-friendly by unfolding the list
  - update debian/control
* add translation template export support using mozilla-devscripts:
  + add mozilla-devscripts to Build-Depends
    - update debian/control
  + setup variables for /usr/share/mozilla-devscripts/lp-locale-export.mk
    helper and hook in the export build target into binary: rules target
    - update debian/rules
  + fix clean: target to be clean::
  + add MidBrowser install.rdf template to source tree
    - add debian/translation-support/install.rdf.in
* tighten xulrunner-1.9(-dev) build and runtime requirements to (>= 1.9~rc1)
  - update debian/control
* prevent Mozilla/FFox EULA from popping up on first run by setting
  pref("browser.EULA.override", true);
  - update debian/midbrowser.js
* setup defaults/syspref link that points to /etc/midbrowser/pref
  - update debian/midbrowser.links

10. By cwong1 on 2008-04-07

Fixed debian/rule to make sure it builds with system's xulrunner sdk.

9. By Alexander Sack on 2007-10-10

* New upstream release 0.1.6c-0ubuntu1 with stripped binary-only files
  (LP: #121734). Noteworthy improvements:
  - main menu hildonization finished.
  - reworked the set and arrangement of main menu entries to match the
    midbrowser spec.
  - a local default startpage is used.
  - external and internal links are opened in tabs now.
  - a stripped down preferences dialog.
  - some stability improvements and general code-cleanup in
  - hildon component api now provides a function to peek the get the top-left
    corner coordinates of the gdk toplevel window associated with a certain
    xul element.
* add debian/remove.binonly.sh script used to sanitize the git source

8. By Alexander Sack on 2007-09-06

* debian/midbrowser.install: install midbrowser chrome files
  to fix grave startup issues.
* debian/control: drop libhildon1-dev from build-depends as midbrowser
  doesn't need it anymore.
* debian/midbrowser.install,midbrowser.links: install midbrowserconfig.properties.

7. By Alexander Sack on 2007-09-01

* new upstream release 0.1.6b-0ubuntu4 brings initial
  hildization backend and ships UI improvements for mobile
  screen. The orignal tarball was produced using the 0.1.6b
  tag in the moblin.org mobile-browser git repo.
* debian/patches/configure-autoconf2-13-reconfigure.patch: autoconf2.13
  rerun applies force-no-pragma-visibility-for-gcc-4.2_4.3 patch removal.
* debian/patches/series,force-no-pragma-visibility-for-gcc-4.2_4.3:
  remove pragma visibility patch that was applied in midbrowser 0.1.6b

6. By Alexander Sack on 2007-08-21

* debian/patches/force-no-pragma-visibility-for-gcc-4.2_4.3: use
  VISIBILITY_FLAGS='-fvisibility=hidden' for all cases.
* debian/patches/configure-autoconf2-13-reconfigure.patch:
  refresh configure patch to reflect new
  force-no-pragma-visibility-for-gcc-4.2_4.3 patch

5. By Alexander Sack on 2007-08-17

* debian/rules, debian/control: build lpia with default gcc again (4.2); drop
  lpia specific build -depends accordingly.
* debian/patches/force-no-pragma-visibility-for-gcc-4.2_4.3,
  debian/patches/series: add new patch that disables pragma visibility
  hidden even in those cases where no bug is detected during configure;
  this intends to fix gcc 4.2 and 4.3 visibility build failures.
* debian/patches/configure-autoconf2-13-reconfigure.patch: refresh configure
  according to gcc visibility workaround.

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