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97. By Robert Hooker

Add 111_b43_id_update.patch: Fixes detection of a new b43
chipset revision that is being shipped. Without this the drivers
will not attempt to load even though this chipset is the same as
the previous b43 ones. (LP: #640214)

96. By Bryce Harrington

Add 110_dont_free.patch: It is not necessary to worry about freeing
the textures, VBOs, etc. in _mesa_meta_free() since these are already
handled by the normal context deallocation code. Fixes a crash in
Blender in brw_prepare_vertices().
(LP: #438657)

95. By Bryce Harrington

Add 109_revert-dma-reuse.patch: Fix assertion failure leading to crash
on kwin when compositing is enabled. This reverts commit 284a7af27.
(LP: #446578)

94. By Bryce Harrington

Add 108_fix_scissors_regression.patch: Fix window drawing regression
in Kwin on older Radeon hardware.
(LP: #446425)

93. By Bryce Harrington

* Merge from Debian. (LP: #420803)
  Remaining Ubuntu changes:
  - debian/control
    + Change maintainer address to Ubuntu.
    + Drop lesstif-dev from Build-Depends.
    + Comment out GLw libs since it depends on lesstif-dev.
    + Require at least libdrm_2.4.12+git20090801.45078630
  - debian/rules
    + Unexport LDFLAGS (amd64 FTBFS).
    + Use --disable-glw for swx11 targets too.
    + Don't enable motif for swx11 targets.
    + Build .debs with lzma compression.
    + Serialize install phase as suggested by Julien Cristau,
      fixes amd64 FTBFS.
  - debian/patches
    + 101_ubuntu_hidden_glname.patch
    + 102_dont_vblank.patch
    + 107_glxgears_is_not_a_benchmark.patch
* Drop patches now included upstream:
  + 108_big_endian.patch
  + 109_fix_relocation_delta_for_wm_surfaces.patch
  + 110_deassociate_drawables.patch
  + 111_dridrawable_nullptr.patch
  + 112_dont_corrupt_random_number_state.patch
* Mesa 7.6 fixes the following Ubuntu bugs:
  + Suppress excessive warnings on unsupported GLX 1.3 calls.
    (LP: #433488)
* See http://www.mesa3d.org/relnotes-7.6.html for more details.

92. By Bryce Harrington

Add 112_dont_corrupt_random_number_state.patch: Fix predictable
numbers being seeded into the RNG in OpenGL when glutCreateWindow() is
(LP: #421651)

91. By Bryce Harrington

Add 110_deassociate_drawables.patch, 111_dridrawable_nullptr.patch:
Fix X crash when 3D wine applications are closed.
(LP: #401067)

90. By Matthias Klose

Fix build failures for big endian architectures, update

89. By Alberto Milone

debian/rules: Disable r600: Disable r600 as 3D support is still
experimental and causes problems with the gnome session when
compiz is enabled (LP: #419126).

88. By Alberto Milone

Add 109_fix_relocation_delta_for_wm_surfaces.patch: Fix relocation
delta for WM surfaces. This was a regression introduced in
0f328c90dbc893e15005f2ab441d309c1c176245 (LP: #429241).

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