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9. By Morten Kjeldgaard on 2009-09-09

* This is a Ubuntu-only roll-back release that downgrades version 0.14
  (which has a number of unresolved issues and regressions) to
  version 0.13.2 from Debian unstable.
* Closes LP: #421825 and LP: #322515 .

8. By Morten Kjeldgaard on 2009-08-19

* New upstream version.
* Now patching src/src.pro instead of Merkaartor.pro
* Merkaartor ships with a debian/ directory, the upstream tarball
  has therefore been repackaged manually to remove it.

7. By Bernd Zeimetz on 2009-05-03

* New upstream version.
  - Now it is possible to add comments to changesets (Closes: #525337).
* Updating patches to fit the new version.
* Don't install translations, they don't exist in the source.
* Drop dh_installexamples, examples were removed.
* Changes based on a patch by Per Hansen:
  - Updated URL in debian/copyright
  Closes: #525503
* Adding git-buildpackage config file.
* Updating Vcs urls after migrating to git.
* Updating uscan repackaging script, all we need to remove is the
  debian directory now.
* Enable OSMARENDER, PROJ, GDAL, GPSD at build time (Closes: #526404).
* Remove get-orig-source-svn target from debian/rules.
* Cleaning up debian/rules targets - slowly preparing to move
  to dh 7.
* Removing executable flags from world_shp files.
* Add missing build-deps on libxml2-dev, libxslt1-dev.

6. By Bernd Zeimetz on 2009-04-12

* New upstream version - bugfix release:
  - FIX : <Esc> in Name property inspector causes AV
  - FIX : English language warning
  - FIX : proper handling of the "Don't connect GPX nodes..." disabling.
  - FIX : Fit the style editor in 1024x600 resolution
  - FIX : Reflect in dirty dock the fact that multiple objects were
          changed together
* debian/patches: Updating patches for new version.
* debian/rules:
  - don't try to chmod files in usr/share/merkaartor/world_shp,
    the files don't exist anymore there.

5. By Luka Renko on 2009-03-17

No-change rebuild for exiv2 0.18 (LP: 309684)

4. By Bernd Zeimetz on 2008-10-15

* New upstream version.
* Uploading to unstable again.
* debian/watch:
  - Chainging URLs to point to the new upstream homepage - merkaartor.org.

3. By Christoph Berg on 2008-05-24

* New upstream snapshot (as native package, make dist is broken).
  + Fixes incompatibility with Qt4.3. (Closes: #478173)
* Install and enable translations.
* Use quilt.
* Put parentheses around a cast to make it compile with gcc-4.3 on armel.

2. By Christoph Berg on 2008-04-06

* New upstream release
* Add watch file.

1. By Christoph Berg on 2008-04-06

Import upstream version 0.0.10

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