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17. By Benjamin Drung on 2009-09-18

* Merge from Debian unstable (LP: #419885), remaining changes:
  - Explicitly depend on python-tk as workaround for LP #301007; drop these
    changes if an auto backend discovery is implemented by upstream.

16. By Benjamin Drung on 2009-06-01

* Merge from Debian unstable (LP: #382467), remaining changes:
  - Build with tcl/tk8.5 as python-tk was build with tcl/tk8.5.
* debian/control: Explicitly depend on python-tk as workaround for LP #301007;
  drop these changes if an auto backend discovery is implemented by upstream.

15. By Benjamin Drung on 2009-03-25

* Install egg-info files and add python-setuptools to build depends; thanks to
  Gediminas Paulauskas (LP: #298138).
* debian/control: Build depends on python-qt4

14. By Andrew Straw on 2009-03-21

Really build with tcl/tk8.5 as python-tk was build with tcl/tk8.5
(LP: #337469).

13. By Michael Bienia on 2009-03-01

* Python 2.6 transition (lp: #336234)
* Build with tcl/tk8.5 as python-tk was build with tcl/tk8.5.

12. By Sandro Tosi on 2009-01-14

[ Benjamin Drung ]
* debian/control
  - Added python-pkg-resources to build dependency for version detection of
  - merged python-tk into GUI Python packages alternative dependency list
  - add myself to uploaders
* Move content of debian/patches/setup.cfg.patch to
  debian/setup.cfg to set the default backend to TkAgg

[ Sandro Tosi ]
* New upstream release
  - Fixed histogram autoscaling bug when bins or range are given
    explicitly; Closes: #503148
  - fix a FTBFS if built with GCC 4.4; thanks to Martin Michlmayr for the
    report and the patch; Closes: #505618
* debian/control
  - switch Vcs-Browser field to viewsvn
  - removed python from Depends since introduced by python:Depends
  - depending on python-all-dbg for -dbg package (to install all dbg
  - moved python-tk to the first position of multiple GUI bindings Depends
  - moved 'dvipng' from Recommends to Suggests (to avoid texlive to be
    automatically taken in); Closes: #490992
  - bump build-depends in python-sphinx to at least 0.5.1 (upstream doc build
    system requires it)
* debian/NEWS
  - added to notify users about default backend (TkAgg)
  - added note about 'dvipng' not installed automatically anymore
* debian/README.debian
  - added information about changing backend
* debian/rules
  - merging all "rm" calls into "dh_clean" call
  - removed 'API_CHANGES' installation, since removed upstream
  - doc building with '--small' option, to reduce doc size (removing hi-res
    and pdf gallery images)
* debian/{control,rules,patches/*,README.source}
  - moved from quilt to dpatch
* debian/patches/{matplotlibrc.template-typo.patch,
  - removed since merged upstream
* debian/docs
  - removed since not needed (the same files were listed in debian/rules)

11. By LaserJock on 2008-10-14

* Merge from Debian unstable, remaining changes:
  - debian/control
    + replace wxgtk2.6 with wxgtk2.8
    + add python-pkg-resources dependency
* debian/patches/default_backend:
  - added to set the default backend to TkAgg (Closes LP: #278764)
* debian/control: move python-tk to default of binary backend deps

10. By Benjamin Drung on 2008-08-27

* debian/control:
  - Really use wxgtk2.8 instead of wxgtk2.6 (LP: #261880)
  - Added python-pkg-resources to build dependency for version detection of

9. By LaserJock on 2008-08-25

* Release in collaboration with Benjamin Drung, from Ubuntu
* debian/control
  - applied Benjamin Drung patch to split dep fields a package per line;
    thanks to him; Closes: #495287
  - replaced dep on python-dev with python; thanks to Benjamin Drung for the
  - depends reorganization: dvipng moved to recommends (optional tex
    depends), python-configobj and python-enthought-traits to suggests
    (experimental support); Closes: #490992
  - added python-matplotlib-dbg package and python-all-dbg, python-numpy-dbg
    to build-dep
  - removed python-gd depends since no more needed
* debian/README.debian
  - removed outdated info, added notice for MATPLOTLIBDATA env variable
* debian/python-matplotlib-data.install
  - added matplotlib.conf installation
* debian/patches/matplotlibrc_fix.patch
  - refreshed to match new upstream code
* debian/rules
  - added build, clean and install for -dbg package

[Jordan Mantha]
* Merging from Debian svn r6362 (Closes LP: #246408):
  - debian/control: use wxgtk2.8 instead of wxgtk2.6

8. By Morten Kjeldgaard on 2008-05-30

* Merge from Debian unstable (LP: #233959). Remaining Ubuntu changes:
* debian/control:
  - Change Maintainer/XSBC-Original-Maintainer field,
  - Update Build-depends: python-wxgtk2.6 -> 2.8
  - Change order of dependencies so python-gtk2 is first (LP: #223067).
* debian/docs: adding various doc files to binary package
* Revert to TkAgg backend instead of GTKAgg which has been the default
  in the several last Ubuntu releases. TkAgg is also the default backend
  in the Debian version. Bug (LP: #220137) seems to indicate that GTKagg
  does not work as expected, either by design or from a bug.
* debian/rules:
  - copy debian/setup.cfg to $(CURDIR), to make TkAgg the default.
  - call dh_link for the indep target.
* Also install /usr/share/matplotlib/matplotlib.conf, and create
  a link from /etc/matplotlibrc to /usr/share/matplotlib partly solving
  the problem described in Launchpad bug 126318.
* debian/README.debian: add note on use of environmental variable.
* Closing other bugs fixed by this version:
  - PDF generation is working in this version (LP: #114707)
  - personal settings file in ~/.matplotlib/matplotlibrc (LP: #124621)
  - quiver interface refactored from upstream (LP: #134919)

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