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37. By Jean-Yves Avenard on 2009-10-17

[ Jean-Yves Avenard ]
Add Antec Veris RM100 and RM200 to list of available remotes [LP # 453693]

36. By Mario Limonciello on 2009-10-12

[ Jeremy Yoder ]
* Update to LIRC 0.8.6 release. (LP: #432678)
  - added support for ENE KB3926 revision B/C/D (ENE0100) CIR port
    (found on some notebooks, e.g: Acer Aspire 5720G, HP Pavilion dv5)
    (Maxim Levitsky)
  - New parameter for lircd: --repeat-max
  - merged 1st-gen mceusb device support into lirc_mceusb2,
    renamed lirc_mceusb2 to lirc_mceusb
  - added support for putting iMON receviers into MCE/RC6 mode
  - added input subsystem mouse device support to iMON driver
  - improved iMON driver to handle dual-interface iMON devices
    via a single lirc device, reducing configuration complexity
  - added support for more iMON devices, including proper support
    for touchscreen iMON devices (Rene Harder)
  - improved iMON driver including touchscreen support
  - Linux input support added to lircmd
  - added support for IT8720 CIR port
  - added support for XMP protocol
* Cleanup more_remotes.hwdb
* TODO: Make changes to the "lircd.conf.atiusb" and
  "lircd.conf.hauppauge" files PATCHES instead of duplicates
* TODO: Submit "lircd.conf.atiusb" and
  "lircd.conf.hauppauge" file patches upstream again
* Changed lirc init script to create socket in /var/run/lirc/lircd
  as is the new default, but also create a symlink /dev/lircd
  to point to it. This makes all clients happy, old and new.
* Fix bug in dkms.conf.in, forgot to increment array number
  when adding ene0100 driver.
* Added the extra "Debian-only" remotes and transmitters back
  in, but in a different way. I created a subdirectory
  "debian/extras" and copy that to /usr/share/lirc/extras.
  This avoids patching the source.
  VERSION. DUPLICATE LINES IN lirc.hwdb AND extras/remotes.hwdb
  WILL USE THE extras/remotes.hwdb VERSION. TRY TO AVOID THIS.
* Added support to build new ene0100 driver
* Update debian/lircd.init.d to reflect new default
  PID location in /var/run/lirc
* Update debian/lircd.init.d to force socket to /dev/lircd
  rather than the new default of /var/run/lirc/lircd
* Add support for new lirc-extras package to
* Remove /etc/lircd.conf link to /etc/lirc since
  0.8.6 defaults to /etc/lirc/lircd.conf now
* Drop 04_man_pages patch, included in upstream
* Drop 16_lirc-gpio in favor of a sed line in debian/rules
* Drop 28_irrecord_resume_support - Doesn't work
  according to upstream
* Drop 36_remove_extra_tekram in favor of a minor
  tweak to debian/lirc.postinst to ignore duplicates
* Drop extra remote control/transmitter patches, move to lirc-extras:
  - 21_atiusb
  - 22_hauppauge_novat_500
  - 23_remove_md8800
  - 24_freecom_dvbt
  - 26_transmitter_lircd.conf
  - 30_medion_md1_remote
  - 31_hauppauge_hvr_1100
  - 32_radioshack_15_2116_remote
  - 33_asus_mycinema_remote
  - 34_nebula_digitaltv_remote
  - 35_general_deviniput
  - 37_msi_tv_anywhere
  - 38_encore_enltv
* Cleaned up a few lintian warnings

[ Mario Limonciello ]
* lirc.init.d:
  - Merge a bunch of whitespace cleanup from debian.
* control:
  - Merge whitespace cleanup from debian.
  - Drop breaks on udev. We don't have any older version of udev in karmic.
* copyright:
  - Sync from debian.
* watch:
  - Sync from debian.
* links:
  - Don't link to a transmitterdb, this should be provided by lirc-extras.
* rules:
  - Install extra changelog, as mentioned in debian's debian/rules.
* dkms.conf.in:
  - Drop bashisms. (LP: #445175)
* lirc.postinst:
  - On upgrades from earlier versions, require the user to reconfigure
    their remote and transmitter.
* lirc-modules-source.postinst:
  - Update to use the DKMS common postinst template.

35. By Mario Limonciello on 2009-06-24

Fix bug in init script. Thanks Olaf! (LP: #391726)

34. By Mario Limonciello on 2009-06-23

* Drop patch that upstream won't be accepting:
  - 20_serial_igor
* Drop patches included upstream:
  - 23_pad2keys (see http://brakemeier.de/electronics/vdr/lirc-imon.html
    2009-04-10 entry for more information)
* debian/lirc.postinst:
  - Drop serial igor references.
* Refresh following patches:
  - 32_radioshack_15_2116_remote

33. By Mario Limonciello on 2009-06-18

* New upstream version. (LP: #383446)
  - Fixes imon support (LP: #283317)
* Refresh the following patches for new version:
  - debian/patches/04_man_pages
  - debian/patches/13-warning-cleanup
  - debian/patches/21_atiusb
  - debian/patches/23_pad2keys
  - debian/patches/28_irrecord_resume_support
  - debian/patches/35_general_deviniput
* debian/control:
  - Add build-depends on libftdi-dev to prevent FTBFS.
* debian/copyright:
  - Update to what debian is shipping.
* debian/modules-source/{lirc-modules-source.conf, Makefile}
  - Don't build cmdir anymore. It's now a userspace module
* debian/rules:
  - Generate dkms.conf using sed instead.
* debian/patches/12_pvr150_transmit_support:
  - Drop. Upstream didn't like this patch due to questionable
   copyright, and we aren't properly supporting it anyway.
  - Refresh 20_serial_igor
  - Refresh 26_transmitter_lircd
* debian/lirc-modules-source.README.Debian:
  - Drop, inaccurate now.
* debian/lirc.init.d:
  - Cleanup a useless for loop.

32. By Mario Limonciello on 2009-04-17

When in noninteractive mode, don't set the old and new remotes
or transmitters identically. Causes out of sync issues when changing
remotes. (LP: #281575)

31. By Mario Limonciello on 2009-03-30

[ Mario Limonciello ]
* debian/lirc.fdi:
  - Add Budget-CI dvb ir receiver. (LP: #329793)
* debian/control:
  - Add setserial to depends. (LP: #341213)
* debian/lirc.init.d:
  - Remove erroneous -k from modprobe call. (LP: #344781)
* debian/lirc-modules-source.postrm:
  - Remove extra purge call removing lirc-modules-source.conf (LP: #350152)
* debian/lirc.postinst:
  - Rename etc/modprobe.d/lirc-serial to append a .conf (LP: #350949)

[ Kenny Millington ]
* debian/patches/12_pvr150_transmit_support:
  - Fix compilation for latest kernels (LP: #306346)

[ Gregory Lardiere ]
* Add support for ite8709 and ttusbir for lirc-modules-source. (LP: #323923)
  - debian/rules
  - debian/modules-source/Makefile
  - debian/modules-source/lirc-modules-source.conf

30. By Scott James Remnant (Canonical) on 2009-01-12

* debian/udev.rules: Rename to debian/lirc.udev
* debian/rules: Use dh_installudev rules to install
* debian/lirc.install: Remove install line for udev rules
* debian/control: Bump dep on debhelper to install to new path, add Breaks
  on udev to ensure we get the correct version

29. By Mario Limonciello on 2008-11-12

* debian/lirc.postinst:
  - Properly quote includes. The syntax of the include patch unfortunately
    changed as it landed upstream.
  - Migrate people from earlier LIRC versions to new include syntax if
    it is detected in their LIRC configuration.

28. By Mario Limonciello on 2008-11-08

* New upstream version.
* Drop no longer necessary patches:
  - 03_extra_files
  - 25_upstream_2.6.27
  - 27_multiple_include
* Update patches for new version:
  - 12_pvr150_transmit_support
  - 16_lirc_gpio
  - 26_transmitter_lircd.conf
  - 28_irrecord_resume_support
* New patches:
  - 38_encore_enltv.dpatch (LP: #274087)
* debian/lirc.fdi:
  - Update FDI file to match a few more remotes reported
    on bugs that work when keyed. (LP: #164627, #204960, #279472)
* debian/control:
  - Update Recommends for lirc-modules-source
* debian/lirc.preinst:
  - Remove old calls that will no longer be encountered in package
* Merge some packaging changes from Debian. They hadn't done a
  release in a long time, so this will at least get us closer to their
  packaging for an overarching goal of being in sync.
  - Sync'ed changes:
    + debian/compat
    + README.Debian
    + debian/copyright
    + debian/doc-base.lirc
    + debian/liblircclient-dev.install
    + debian/lirc-modules-source.postrm
    + debian/lirc.postrm
    + debian/po
    + debian/lirc-svga.install
    + debian/lirc-svga.links
    + drop debian/lirc.config.in
    + drop debian/lirc.config.md5sum
    + drop debian/lirc.modules
  - Merge debian/control, remaining changes:
    + We don't share same VCS
    + We recommend udev
    + Our lirc-modules-source uses DKMS
  - Merge debian/rules, remaining changes:
    + DKMS support
  - Merge debian/liblircclient0.pc, remaining changes:
    + Version number we have is higher
  - Merge debian/lirc.install, remaining changes:
    + We install udev rules
    + We install an FDI file
  - Merge debian/lirc.templates, remaining changes:
    + Some of our keys are named differently because we differentiate
      between a remote and a transmitter device.
    + We've got some extra keys for details of devices.
  - Merge debian/lirc.init.d, remaining changes:
    + We've pretty much entirely revamped the file. Our deltas will
      need to be submitted incrementally to Debian.
  - Merge debian/lirc.postinst, remaining changes:
    + We've pretty much entirely revamped the file. Our deltas will
      need to be submitted incrementally to Debian.
  - Merge debian/rules, remaining changes:
    + We install a udev rule
    + We install an FDI file
    + We install DKMS support
    + We install transmitter lircd.conf's
    + We Install the remote and transmitter hwdb explicitly
  - Merge patches that we took from debian for 0.8.4 support:
    + debian/patches/02_Makefile.in
    + debian/patches/04_man_pages

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