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8. By Matthias Klose on 2009-10-20

Don't run the testsuite on ia64. File #456131 for tracking the issue.

7. By Chris Coulson on 2009-09-23

debian/rules: Enable test-suite.

6. By Chris Coulson on 2009-09-18

* Re-base on Debian unstable (LP: #432169), remaining changes:
  - debian/control:
    + Change MySQL build-dep to 5.1 in main.
    + Add various conflicts/replaces to handle new binary package names.
    + Build-depend on rarian-compat rather than scrollkeeper.

5. By Bhavani Shankar on 2009-07-24

New Upstream release LP: #398229

4. By Andreas Moog on 2009-03-19

* New upstream release (LP: #345132)
  - misc. corrections
  - use XDG Base Directory Specification to store DSN list
  - some minor bugfixes

3. By Ken VanDine on 2009-03-10

* New upstream release (LP: #340462)
  - libgda/gda-value.c: improved performances on gda_binary_to_string()
    and gda_string_to_binary(): removed g_memmove() usage and convert any
    non ASCII printable char to an octal representation (don't bither with
    unicode anymore)
  - libgda/gda-value.c: fix for bug #574193
  - tests/Makefile.am:
  - tests/test-ddl-creator.c: remove created DB before running test, and run
    as a test
  - tests/Makefile.am:
  - tests/tests/test-bin-converter.c: new test for gda_binary_to_string()
    and gda_string_to_binary()
  - configure.in: use ncurses if found instead of ncuses, fixes bug #574021
  - tools/tools-input.c: currected compilation issue if readline is not
    found, fixes bug #574020
  - configure.in:
  - libgda/Makefile.am:
  - libgda/gda-data-model-bdb.c:
  - providers/bdb/Makefile.am: the berkeley db livrary is now loaded only
    when needed: the libgda library is not linked directly with it anymore
  - tools/gda-sql.c:
    * corrected the "\i" command
    * corrected multi line commands handling
  - tools/gda-threader.c: removed unnecessary warning
  - tests/parser: added a new test which checks the parsing of whole script
  - libgda/sql-parser/gda-sql-parser.c: consider a single '#' to be the
    start of a comment up to the end of the line for MySQL
  - libgda/libgda.symbols: added missing symbols
    (gda_data_model_error_get_type and
    gda_utility_data_model_find_column_description), and other corrections
  - libgda/sqlite/: renamed symbols which are not supposed to be exported
  - libgda/libgda.symbols:
  - libgda/gda-row.[ch]: added gda_row_invalidate_value() and
    gda_row_value_is_valid() to be used by database providers'
    implementations to tag individual values in a GdaRow as invalid (either
    because the value coud not be read or because the value could not be
    intepreted as the requested data type)
  - libgda/sqlite: SQLite provider's improvements:
    * handle int64 types
    * fixed a bug when using the '*' in a SELECT to get a blob data
    * use the new gda_row_invalidate_value() API
  - libgda/gda-data-access-wrapper.c:
  - libgda/gda-data-model-array.c:
  - providers/mysql/gda-mysql-recordset.c:
  - providers/postgres/gda-postgres-recordset.c: use the new
    gda_row_invalidate_value() API
  - libgda/gda-data-select.c: use the new gda_row_value_is_valid() API
  - libgda/gda-data-model.c: gda_data_model_dump_as_string() and
    gda_data_model_dump () now display #### when the value of a column
    can't be obtained and displayed instead of undefined result
  - providers/mysql: more work on the MySQL provider:
    * some work on the parameters' binding to use the correct type (not
      always MYSQL_TYPE_STRING
    * don't pass the bound parameters to the GdaMysqlPStmt as it does not
      use them
    * double free problem in GdaMysqlRecordset
  - providers/mysql: more work on the MySQL provider:
    * use a MYSQL_STMT per prepared statement
    * if the same prepared statement is executed more than once and is
      a SELECT, then use another MYSQL_STMT to avoid conflicting with
      the previous one
  - libgda/sql-parser/gda-statement-struct.c:
  - doc/C: doc. improvements
  - libgda/gda-meta-struct.c: misc corrections
  - libgda/gda-data-proxy.c: made it thread safe
  - libgda/libgda.symbols:
  - libgda/gda-util.[ch]: added gda_sql_identifier_split()
  - providers/mysql/*: more MySQL provider work:
    * remove double quotes around tables names when rendering SQL
    * make sure the connection uses UTF-8
    * corrected the handling of NULL values in GdaMysqlRecordset
    * removed compilation warnings
    * improved meta data retreival
  - libgda/gda-connection.c: improved debug message
  - libgda/sqlite/sqlite-src/Makefile.am: define the
    SQLITE_OMIT_LOAD_EXTENSION flag to avoid having to link with libdl,
    possible fix for bug #572277
  - providers/mysql/gda-mysql-meta.c:
  - providers/mysql/gda-mysql-recordset.c: general MySQL provider
  - providers/mysql/gda-mysql-provider.c: possible fix for bug #572394
  - libgda/gda-util.c (gda_utility_data_model_dump_data_to_xml): Don't
    leak rcols, fixes bug #572734
  - libgda/sqlite/gda-sqlite-provider.c:
    gda_sqlite_provider_rollback_transaction(): Set error when statement
    execution fails.
  - libgda/gda-meta-store.c: corrected
    gda_meta_store_schema_get_structure(), fixes bug #542847
  - libgda/sqlite/sqlite-src: uses SQLite version 3.6.11
  - doc/C: doc. improvements regarding GdaDataHandler
  - make sure the gda_data_handler_get_sql_from_value() function is
    implemented in a coherent way, fixed bug #572220
  - Makefile.w32: removed any obsolete reference to bonobo,
    for bug #571879
  - fixed gda_string_to_binary() and gda_string_to_blob(),
    for bug #572028
  - removed the const from gda_value_take_binary() and
  - samples/MetaStore/example.c: corrected the usage of
  - libgda/gda-connection.c: when using gda_connection_get_meta_store_data()
    with GDA_CONNECTION_META_FIELDS, accept the filter composed of
    "name" (table name) and "field_name" as mentionned in the doc
  - samples/:
    * added a new MetaStore example to show some examples of the
      gda_connection_update_meta_store() function
    * corrected some examples to compile correctly
  - doc/C:
  - libgda/gda-connection.c: improved documentation

2. By Christophe Sauthier on 2009-02-02

* New major upstream version. (LP: #330720)
* debian/rules :
  - Add of -ldl to LDFLAGS to fix FTBFS
  - SONAME bump to 4
* debian/libgda4-4.install :
  - Replacement of the libgdasql-3.0.so.* by libgda-xslt-4.0.so.*
* debian/control.in:
  - Update of the various bdeps to match the configure requirements:
    + Removal of the not necessary flex bdeps.
    + Set pkg-config to (>= 0.18).
    + Bump libglib2.0-dev to (>= 2.12.0)
    + Add libsoup2.4-dev
    + Set libsqlite3-dev and sqlite3-dev to (>= 3.6.0)
    + Removal of unixodbc-dev
* Removal of the libgda4-odbc binary package
  - Removal of the file debian/libgda4-odbc.install.
  - Removal of every occurence of odbc in debian/rules.
  - Removal of every occurence of odbc in debian/control.in.

1. By Christophe Sauthier on 2009-02-02

Import upstream version 3.99.11

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