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17. By Mirco Bauer on 2009-04-19

* debian/control:
  + Added Homepage and Vcs-* fields.
  + Replaced libgnome2.0-cil build-dep with libgnome2.24-cil as part of the
    GNOME# 2.24 transition.
  + Bumped Standards-Version to 3.8.1 (no changes needed).

16. By Luca Falavigna on 2009-01-24

* Adjust build-dependencies for gnome-sharp2 transition (LP: #314516):
  - libgnome2.0-cil -> libgnome2.24-cil
  - libgconf2.0-cil -> libgconf2.24-cil

15. By James Westby on 2008-11-30

* Mono 2.0 transtition.
  - Build-Depend on mono-devel instead of mono-gmcs so that csc is
  - Add MCS=/usr/bin/csc to configure arguments, so that csc is used
    to compile.

14. By Sebastian Dröge on 2008-03-21

* New upstream release:
  + debian/patches/01_dllmaps.patch,
    - Dropped, merged upstream.
  + debian/control.in:
    - Update build dependencies.
  + debian/patches/99_ltmain_as-needed.patch:
    - Updated to apply cleanly again.

13. By Sebastian Dröge on 2007-04-26

* New upstream release (Closes: #415422).
* New maintainer with permission by the old maintainer. Thanks for your work
  on this package in the past, Ross.
* debian/control:
  + Depend on gstreamer0.10-plugins-good for the gconfaudiosink.
* debian/control,
  + Update to debhelper compat level 5.
  + Update to Standards-Version 3.7.2.
* debian/control.in,
  + Use gnome-pkg-tools to set Uploaders to the Gnome team.
* debian/rules:
  + Don't call dh_makeclilibs. This is not a library package, also calling
    of dh_shlibdeps is handled by cdbs, we don't need to care about that.
  + Clean MONO_SHARED_DIR in clean target.
  + Set appropiate permissions on *.exe and *.dll files.
* debian/control.in:
  + Greatly update build-depends from configure.ac and wrap them.
* debian/patches/01_dllmaps.patch:
  + Updated for some more missing dllmaps.
* debian/watch:
  + Add watch file.
* debian/patches/02_de.po.patch:
  + Updated german translation for version 5.
* debian/copyright:
  + Updated.

12. By Sebastian Dröge on 2007-02-21

* debian/control:
  + Update maintainer field...
  + Build depend on ndesk-dbus, ndesk-dbus-glib
* debian/patches/01_external-ndesk-dbus.patch,
  + Link against external ndesk-dbus, ndesk-dbus-glib

11. By Nafallo Bjälevik on 2007-01-19

* src/last-exit.exe.config.in:
  - Add dllmap for gdk-x11-2.0.

10. By Sebastian Dröge on 2007-01-18

* debian/control:
  + Build depend on libmono-cairo2.0-cil

9. By Brandon Hale <email address hidden> on 2007-01-17

Build-depend on gmcs

8. By Brandon Hale <email address hidden> on 2007-01-17

* New upstream release
* Drop 01_dllmaps.patch

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