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12. By Ralph Janke on 2009-09-23

* Closes bug for sponsorship (LP: #435554)
* Refreshed dependencies
* Removed libstdc++5 (LP: #432018)
* Removed kmplayer-konq-plugins from desktop
* Removed gtk-qt-engine-kde4 from desktop (NBS)
* Removed landscape-client from desktop (LP: #268447)
* Removed armel, hppa, lpia, sparc

11. By Ralph Janke on 2009-02-14

* Fixes broken dependencies (LP: #320915)
* Refreshed dependencies
* Added kdebluetooth to desktop [armel]
* Added mlocate to desktop [amd64 armel hppa ia64 lpia powerpc sparc]
* Added phonon to desktop [amd64 armel hppa ia64 lpia powerpc sparc]
* Removed arts from desktop [amd64 armel hppa ia64 lpia powerpc sparc]
* Removed slocate from desktop [amd64 armel hppa ia64 lpia powerpc

10. By Colin Watson on 2009-01-14

* Add lpia, powerpc, and sparc back to update.cfg, along with armel
  (thanks, Ralph Janke; LP: #289741).
* Build against the jaunty archive, but with intrepid seeds for the time
  being (this should be fixed once jaunty seeds exist).

* Refreshed dependencies
* Removed ttf-gentium from desktop-recommends [amd64 hppa i386 ia64]
* Removed wireless-tools from minimal [amd64 hppa i386 ia64]
* Removed wpasupplicant from minimal [amd64 hppa i386 ia64]

9. By Sarah Kowalik on 2008-10-18

[ Ralph Janke ]
* Fixes broken dependencies (LP: #284497)
* Refreshed dependencies
* Removed base-files from minimal
* Removed base-passwd from minimal
* Removed bash from minimal
* Removed bsdutils from minimal
* Removed coreutils from minimal
* Removed dash from minimal
* Removed debianutils from minimal
* Removed diff from minimal
* Removed dpkg from minimal
* Removed e2fsprogs from minimal
* Removed ethtool from minimal
* Removed findutils from minimal
* Removed grep from minimal
* Removed gzip from minimal
* Removed hostname from minimal
* Removed katapult from desktop
* Removed kio-sword from desktop
* Removed login from minimal
* Removed mii-diag from minimal
* Removed mktemp from minimal
* Removed mount from minimal
* Removed ncurses-base from minimal
* Removed ncurses-bin from minimal
* Removed perl-base from minimal
* Removed python-minimal from minimal
* Removed sed from minimal
* Removed tar from minimal
* Removed util-linux from minimal

[ Sarah Hobbs ]
* Added a correct email address, so soyuz doesn't throw an unhandled
exception while uploading

8. By Ralph Janke on 2008-09-25

* Fixes bug for upload sponsorship (LP: #274538)
* Changed dependency for khelpcenter to khelpcenter4
* Changed dependency for kghostview to okular
* Refreshed dependencies
* Added gtk-qt-engine-kde4 to desktop-hppa
* Added khelpcenter4 to desktop-i386, desktop-amd64, desktop-ia64,
* Added okular to desktop-i386, desktop-amd64, desktop-ia64, desktop-
* Removed kghostview from desktop-i386, desktop-amd64, desktop-ia64,
* Removed khelpcenter from desktop-i386, desktop-amd64, desktop-ia64,

7. By Ralph Janke on 2008-09-12

* Closes Bug for Upload sponsorship (LP: #269525)
* Refreshed dependencies
* Removed kde-guidance from desktop-i386, desktop-amd64, desktop-ia64,
* Removed kde-guidance
* Removed console-tools from minimal-i386, minimal-amd64, minimal-
  ia64, minimal-hppa
* Removed kio-apt from desktop-i386, desktop-amd64, desktop-ia64,
* Removed kpdf from desktop-i386, desktop-amd64, desktop-ia64,
* Removed ksplash from desktop-i386, desktop-amd64, desktop-ia64,
* Removed ksplash-engine-moodin from desktop-i386, desktop-amd64,
  desktop-ia64, desktop-hppa
* Added adduser to minimal-amd64
* Added apt to minimal-amd64
* Added apt-utils to minimal-amd64
* Added base-files to minimal-amd64
* Added base-passwd to minimal-amd64
* Added bash to minimal-amd64
* Added bsdutils to minimal-amd64
* Added bzip2 to minimal-amd64
* Added console-setup to minimal-amd64
* Added console-tools to minimal-amd64
* Added coreutils to minimal-amd64
* Added cups to desktop-hppa
* Added cups-bsd to desktop-hppa
* Added cups-client to desktop-hppa
* Added dash to minimal-amd64
* Added debconf to minimal-amd64
* Added debianutils to minimal-amd64
* Added dhcp3-client to minimal-amd64
* Added diff to minimal-amd64
* Added dpkg to minimal-amd64
* Added e2fsprogs to minimal-amd64
* Added eject to minimal-amd64
* Added ethtool to minimal-amd64
* Added fdutils to standard-amd64
* Added findutils to minimal-amd64
* Added fping to desktop-hppa
* Added genisoimage to desktop-hppa
* Added ghostscript-x to desktop-hppa
* Added gnupg to minimal-amd64
* Added grep to minimal-amd64
* Added gzip to minimal-amd64
* Added hostname to minimal-amd64
* Added ifupdown to minimal-amd64
* Added initramfs-tools to minimal-amd64
* Added iproute to minimal-amd64
* Added iputils-ping to minimal-amd64
* Added katapult to desktop-amd64
* Added kde-zeroconf to desktop-hppa
* Added kdeadmin to desktop-hppa
* Added kdebase-workspace to desktop-hppa
* Added kdepim to desktop-hppa
* Added keep to desktop-amd64
* Added kio-apt to desktop-amd64
* Added kio-locate to desktop-amd64
* Added kmplayer-konq-plugins to desktop-amd64
* Added less to minimal-amd64
* Added libfribidi0 to minimal-amd64
* Added linux-libc-dev to desktop-recommends-hppa
* Added locales to minimal-amd64
* Added login to minimal-amd64
* Added lsb-release to minimal-amd64
* Added makedev to minimal-amd64
* Added mawk to minimal-amd64
* Added mii-diag to minimal-amd64
* Added mktemp to minimal-amd64
* Added module-init-tools to minimal-amd64
* Added mount to minimal-amd64
* Added ncurses-base to minimal-amd64
* Added ncurses-bin to minimal-amd64
* Added net-tools to minimal-amd64
* Added netbase to minimal-amd64
* Added netcat to minimal-amd64
* Added ntpdate to minimal-amd64
* Added passwd to minimal-amd64
* Added perl-base to minimal-amd64
* Added procps to minimal-amd64
* Added python to minimal-amd64
* Added python-central to desktop-hppa
* Added python-minimal to minimal-amd64
* Added python-qt4 to desktop-hppa
* Added sed to minimal-amd64
* Added startup-tasks to minimal-amd64
* Added sudo to minimal-amd64
* Added sysklogd to minimal-amd64
* Added system-services to minimal-amd64
* Added tar to minimal-amd64
* Added tasksel to minimal-amd64
* Added tzdata to minimal-amd64
* Added ubuntu-keyring to minimal-amd64
* Added ubuntu-minimal to minimal-amd64
* Added udev to minimal-amd64
* Added upstart to minimal-amd64
* Added upstart-compat-sysv to minimal-amd64
* Added util-linux to minimal-amd64
* Added vim-tiny to minimal-amd64
* Added wireless-tools to minimal-amd64
* Added wodim to desktop-hppa
* Added wpasupplicant to minimal-amd64
* Added xserver-xorg to desktop-hppa
* Removed alsa-base from minimal-hppa
* Removed alsa-utils from minimal-hppa
* Removed aptitude from minimal-hppa
* Removed cdrecord from desktop-hppa
* Removed cupsys from desktop-hppa
* Removed cupsys-bsd from desktop-hppa
* Removed cupsys-client from desktop-hppa
* Removed dict-easton from desktop-hppa
* Removed dict-hitchcock from desktop-hppa
* Removed gettext-base from minimal-hppa
* Removed gs-esp from desktop-hppa
* Removed gtk2-engines-gtk-qt from desktop-hppa
* Removed hwdb-client-kde from desktop-hppa
* Removed karm from desktop-hppa
* Removed kaudiocreator from desktop-hppa
* Removed kbstate from desktop-recommends-hppa
* Removed kcontrol from desktop-hppa
* Removed kde-systemsettings from desktop-hppa
* Removed kdeadmin-kfile-plugins from desktop-hppa
* Removed kdebase-kio-plugins from desktop-hppa
* Removed kdegraphics-kfile-plugins from desktop-hppa
* Removed kdemultimedia-kfile-plugins from desktop-hppa
* Removed kdenetwork-kfile-plugins from desktop-hppa
* Removed kdepim-kio-plugins from desktop-hppa
* Removed kdeprint from desktop-hppa
* Removed kdesktop from desktop-hppa
* Removed kdict from desktop-hppa
* Removed kdnssd from desktop-hppa
* Removed kicker from desktop-hppa
* Removed kmailcvt from desktop-hppa
* Removed kmenuedit from desktop-hppa
* Removed kmilo from desktop-hppa
* Removed kooka from desktop-hppa
* Removed kpf from desktop-hppa
* Removed ksmserver from desktop-hppa
* Removed ksvg from desktop-hppa
* Removed kubuntu-docs from desktop-hppa
* Removed language-selector-qt from desktop-hppa
* Removed libarts1-akode from desktop-hppa
* Removed linux-headers-hppa32 from desktop-recommends-hppa
* Removed linux-headers-hppa64 from desktop-recommends-hppa
* Removed mkisofs from desktop-hppa
* Removed pciutils from minimal-hppa
* Removed pcmciautils from minimal-hppa
* Removed usbutils from minimal-hppa
* Removed wlassistant from desktop-hppa
* Removed xorg from desktop-hppa
* Removed powerpc architecture
* Removed sparc architecture
* Changed dependency on gtk2-engines-gtk-qt to gtk-qt-engine-kde4
* Changed dependency on hwdb-client-kde to python-qt4, fping,
* Removed dependency on karm
* Removed dependency on kaudiocreator
* Changed dependency on kcontrol to kdebase-workspace
* Changed dependency on kde-systemsettings to kdebase-workspace
* Removed dependency on kdesktop
* Removed dependency on kdebase-kio-plugins
* Changed dependency on ksmserver to kdebase-workspace
* Changed dependency on kmenuedit to kdebase-workspace
* Removed dependency on wlassistant
* Removed recommendation on kbstate
* Changed recommendation on linux-headers-* to linux-libc-dev
* Changed dependency on kdeprint to kde-printer-applet
* Removed dependency on kdict
* Removed dependency on kdepim-kio-plugins
* Added dependency on kdepim
* Removed dependency on kooka
* Removed dependency on kpf
* Removed dependency on ksvg
* Removed dependency on kubuntu-docs
* Removed dependency on kdegraphics-kfile-plugins
* Removed dependency on kdemultimedia-kfile-plugins
* Removed dependency on kdenetwork-kfile-plugins
* Changed dependency on kdnssd to kde-zeroconf
* Removed dependency on kicker
* Removed dependency on kmailcvt
* Removed dependency on kmilo
* Removed dependency on libarts1-akode

6. By Ralph Janke on 2007-12-28

* Rebuild to recreate correct dependencies (LP: #179120)
* Substitute xkb-data for xkeyboard-config (LP: #151601)
* Update maintainer
* Update Standards-Version
* Refreshed dependencies
* Added xkb-data to desktop-i386, desktop-amd64, desktop-powerpc,
  desktop-ia64, desktop-sparc, desktop-hppa
* Removed xkeyboard-config from desktop-i386, desktop-amd64, desktop-
  powerpc, desktop-ia64, desktop-sparc, desktop-hppa
* Added ichthux-artwork-usplash to desktop-hppa
* Added make to desktop-recommends-hppa
* Added mktemp to minimal-hppa
* Added startup-tasks to minimal-hppa
* Added system-services to minimal-hppa
* Added upstart to minimal-hppa
* Added upstart-compat-sysv to minimal-hppa
* Removed ltrace from standard-sparc

5. By Raphaël Pinson <rpinson@localhost> on 2007-06-15

* Refreshed dependencies
* Removed bluez-pin from desktop-recommends-i386, desktop-recommends-
  amd64, desktop-recommends-powerpc, desktop-recommends-ia64, desktop-
  recommends-sparc, desktop-recommends-hppa
* Removed dict-wn from desktop-i386, desktop-amd64, desktop-powerpc,
  desktop-ia64, desktop-sparc, desktop-hppa

4. By Raphaël Pinson on 2006-10-18

* Refreshed dependencies
* Added ichthux-docs to desktop-i386, desktop-amd64, desktop-powerpc,
  desktop-ia64, desktop-sparc, desktop-hppa
* Added ichthux-konqueror-shortcuts to desktop-i386, desktop-amd64,
  desktop-powerpc, desktop-ia64, desktop-sparc, desktop-hppa

3. By Raphaël Pinson on 2006-10-04

* Refreshed dependencies
* Added ichthux-artwork-usplash to desktop-i386, desktop-amd64,
  desktop-powerpc, desktop-ia64, desktop-sparc
* Added ichthux-default-settings to desktop-i386, desktop-amd64,
  desktop-powerpc, desktop-ia64, desktop-sparc, desktop-hppa
* Added sword-language-pack-nl to live-i386, live-amd64, live-powerpc,
  live-ia64, live-sparc, live-hppa
* Removed make from desktop-recommends-hppa

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