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19. By Alexander Sack on 2009-10-25

backout previous fix for font offset, which only adjusted offset, rather than fixing
the bug "gwibber does not honour font settings from UI"

18. By Jordan Hall on 2009-10-25

adjusted font size so it stays with system font size rather than having a
+2pt offset (LP: #460069)

17. By Alexander Sack on 2009-10-23

* new upstream snapshot - r476
  - fixes multithreading issues in gwibber-daemon probably causing a lot of random issues
  - reduce number of threads to minimum by running OperationManager and OperatinResultHandler
    run in glib mainloop
  - fix flickr time parsing issues that can trigger random sorting of messages in frontend
  - fix digg time parsing issues that can trigger random sorting of messages in frontend
  - quit gwibber daemon if you explicitly quit gwibber UI
* remove round borders from css to fix invisible avatars for some graphic drivers (LP: #455943)
  - add debian/patches/01_lp455943.patch

16. By Ken VanDine on 2009-10-19

* New upstream snapshot - r467
  - set timeouts for connection and calls to facebook (LP: #422864)

15. By Ken VanDine on 2009-10-09

* New upstream snapshot - r466
  - Fixed theme handling when the theme configured doesn't
    exist (LP: #447733) and (LP: #446661)

14. By Ken VanDine on 2009-10-04

* New upstream snapshot - r465
  - Fixes for dbus call blocking crashes (LP: #422726) (LP: #434833)
  - dbus client and server now follow name changes (LP: #439325) (LP: #434592)
  - Remember previous window size and position (LP: #422525)
  - Remember previous account tree splitter position
  - Remember previous input area size
  - Do not change input area height when resizing main window (LP: #422532)
  - Version themes to ensure only compatible themes are available
  - fix dict handling for facebook replies (LP: #436690)
  - facebook now uses pycurl instead of urllib2, fixes hangs (LP: #422864)
* debian/preinst:
  - Moved from debian/postinst and added version compare
* debian/control:
  - depend on python-pycurl, urllib2 was causing terrible problems
    with facebook (LP: #422864)

13. By Ken VanDine on 2009-09-24

* New upstream snapshot - r449
  - Fixed notifications (LP: #421021)
  - Fixed time displayed in the messaging menu
  - Merged fix from James Ogley for retweets (LP: #423026)
  - Moved the indicator launcher to /usr/share (LP: #434097)
* debian/postinst:
  - remove the old indicator from /etc and remove the directory
    if it is empty

12. By Ken VanDine on 2009-09-18

* New upstream snapshot - r436 (LP: #428109)
  - Fixed failure to refresh on start
  - Fixed default configuration not being applied (LP: #418058)
  - Fixed url shortening when resulting urls are more than 20 chars
  - Updated the indicator to use v2 of the libindicate API (LP: #428109)
  - Made the client launchable via dbus activation as well, enabling
    the daemon to launch it when clicked in the messaging menu
  - Bug fixes in the indicator (LP: #428112)
  - Raise the client window when select in the indicator (LP: #398713)
  - Add messaging menu launcher for gwibber (LP: #428110)
  - Fixed starting/stopping of the throbber while the daemon is performing
    operations (LP: #421655)
  - Show menu icons when it makes sense

11. By Ken VanDine on 2009-08-25

* New upstream snapshot
  - Improved first run experience
  - Split backend and frontend into separate services
  - Added launcher used in the messaging indicator
* debian/control:
  * Bump minimum python version to >=2.6
  * Added Suggests for python-desktopcouch-records
  * Added Vcs-Browser

[ Alexander Sack ]
* fix LP: #389497 - "Do not depend on libwebkit directly"; dropping libwebkit
  dependency and replacing transitional python-webkitgtk with python-webkit
  in debian/control
* break long Depends: in multiple lines in debian/control
* fix LP: #366546 - "Gwibber missing dependency on python-glade2"; adjust Depends
  in debian/control accordingly

10. By Jorge Castro on 2009-07-31

Transition to python-webkit. (LP: #407373)

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