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138. By Sebastien Bacher on 2010-01-21

* debian/patches/096_git_no_implicit_paints_on_foreign_windows.patch:
  - git change to fix a crasher issue
* debian/patches/097_git_no_destroyed_windows_drawing.patch:
  - git change to fix another csw crasher bug
* debian/patches/098_git_fix_pixmap_refcount_issue.patch:
  - git change to fix a refcounting issue leading to xorg crashes
    (lp: #450832)

137. By Micah Gersten on 2009-12-13

* debian/patches/095_fix_java_clipboard_crash.patch:
  - add to fix (LP: #372103)

136. By Alexander Sack on 2009-11-09

* debian/patches/093_git_change_fix_gtkiconview_rendering_issue.patch:
  - drop not confirmed fix (see #393534)
* debian/patches/094_remove-xid-collision-warning.patch:
  - remove output of "Gdk-WARNING **: XID collision, trouble ahead" which can
    cause excessive .xsession-errors flooding (LP: #401823)

135. By Sebastien Bacher on 2009-11-02

* debian/patches/093_git_change_fix_gtkiconview_rendering_issue.patch:
  - git change fixing a gtkiconview layout issue leading to evolution hangs
    (lp: #393534)

134. By Sebastian Dröge on 2009-10-18

* New upstream bugfix release:
  + debian/patches/070_mandatory-relibtoolize.patch:
    - Updated for the new version.
* debian/patches/091_dont-omit-gtk-icon-size-dialog.patch:
  + Patch from upstream GIT to not omit GTk_ICON_SIZE_DIALOG
    when searching for an appropiate icon size.
* debian/patches/092_gtk-image-size-allocation.patch:
  + Patch from upstream GIT to fix size allocation of GtkImage.

133. By Sebastian Dröge on 2009-10-06

* New upstream bugfix release:
  + debian/patches/070_mandatory-relibtoolize.patch:
    - Updated for the new version.
  + 090_directfb-backend-compilation-fix.patch:
    - Dropped, merged upstream.

132. By Sebastien Bacher on 2009-10-05

* debian/patches/091_git_change_fix_coordinates_issue.patch:
  - git change fixing coordinate issues leading to multiple clicks on a button
    not working until moving the cursors (lp: #441905)

131. By Sebastian Dröge on 2009-10-01

* New upstream bugfix release:
  + debian/patches/070_mandatory-relibtoolize.patch:
    - Updated for the new version.
  + 090_directfb-backend-compilation-fix.patch:
    - Fix compilation of the DirectFB backend, see

130. By Sebastien Bacher on 2009-09-28

* debian/patches/090_git_change_fix_expose_events_issue.patch:
  - upstream change to fix f-spot screensaver and slideshow rendering issues
* debian/patches/091_bugzilla_change_fix_iconview_crasher.patch:
  - correctly initialize variable to fix the background capplet crashing
    every time there is a click on the background of the tab
    (lp: #436575)

129. By Sebastien Bacher on 2009-09-23

* Rebase on the current debian version
* New version changes:
  - Add GtkTreeModelFilter testsuite and fix multiple bugs
  - Client-side windows:
    - Fix issues around recursion and gdk_window_process_updates
    - Fix issues with grabs and cursors
    - Handle window hierarchy and geometry changes in expose handlers
    - New function, gdk_window_flush, that may be needed in certain situations
    - Automatically flush windows when doing non-double-buffered exposes
  - Quartz backend:
    - Fix various 'stuck UI' issues
    - Fix the size of the root window
  - Bugs fixed:
  588455 run application broken when setting background color...(lp: #398826)
  346800 Rework sort/filter models to use indices to parents
  593678 select "Manage Custom Sizes" from print dialog hangs gedit
  594652 gtk printer dialog does not understand boolean printer options
  594668 Add new Xorg keysyms
  591583 Padre (a wxPerl+Gtk IDE) hangs when editing Perl code...
  594600 Windows only allows 64-character system-tray tooltips
  594679 Fix warning in testwindows.c
  594880 Drawing issues in ExoIconView
  593507 AbiWord's main drawing area not exposed properly
  594913 is_composited race ...
  594738 Windows often do not respond to events on dual-head
  503776 crash when trying to print to non-existent lpr printer
  595599 Don't focus unmapped radio buttons
  595790 Segfault in gtkiconfactory.c on NULL GError
  588649 extended input events sent to widgets that didn't...
  550939 GtkFileChooser listbox does not refresh selection
  - New deprecation:
  gdk_event_get_graphics_exposes has been deprecated
  - Updated translations

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