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50. By Colin Watson

* Backport from Debian (Felix Zielcke):
  - Add a build dependency on texinfo (LP: #453442).
* debian/patches/968_raid_virtio.diff: Handle RAID devices containing
  virtio components (LP: #457687).

49. By Colin Watson

debian/patches/967_no_mmx_sse.diff: Build with -mno-mmx -mno-sse
-mno-sse2 on i386/lpia, since otherwise lpia is unbootable (LP:

48. By Colin Watson

* Resynchronise with Debian. Remaining changes:
  + debian/default/grub:
    - Adjust for default Ubuntu boot options.
    - Use GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT option to set "quiet splash" for
      default items only. These options won't be set in single user mode.
    - Default to hiding the menu; holding down Shift at boot will show it.
  + debian/templates.in:
    - Change default value of grub2/linux_cmdline_default to "quiet
  + debian/config.in, debian/postinst.in, debian/grub-pc.templates.in:
    - Migrate timeout settings from menu.lst.
  + debian/grub.d/05_debian_theme:
    - Set a monochromatic theme for Ubuntu.
  + debian/legacy/update-grub:
    - Apply Ubuntu branding: title, recovery mode, quiet option, and tweak
      how memtest86+ is displayed.
    - Use UUIDs where appropriate.
  + debian/control:
    - Conflict with grub (<< 0.97-54) as well as grub-legacy.
  + debian/patches/03_ubuntu_grub_standards:
    - Remove GNU/Linux from default string.
  + debian/patches/10_crashkernel.patch:
    - Add crashkernel= options if kdump and makedumpfile are available.
  + debian/patches/951_quick_boot.diff:
    - If other operating systems are installed, then automatically unhide
      the menu.
    - Otherwise, if GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT is 0, then use keystatus if
      available to check whether Shift is pressed. If it is, show the
      menu, otherwise boot immediately. If keystatus is not available,
      then fall back to a short delay interruptible with Escape.
  + debian/patches/952_sleep_shift.diff:
    - Allow Shift to interrupt 'sleep --interruptible'.
  + debian/patches/954_normal_quiet.diff:
    - Don't display introductory message about line editing unless we're
      actually offering a shell prompt. Don't clear the screen just before
      booting if we never drew the menu in the first place.
  + debian/patches/955_really_quiet.diff:
    - Remove some verbose messages printed before reading the
      configuration file.
  + debian/patches/956_linux_quiet.diff:
    - If the environment variable "quiet" is set to something other than
      0, suppress progress messages as the kernel and initrd load. Set
      this for non-recovery kernel menu entries.
  + debian/patches/957_savedefault.diff, debian/rules:
    - Add GRUB_DEFAULT=saved, as well as grub-set-default and grub-reboot
      utilities. Provides functionality essentially equivalent to GRUB
      Legacy's savedefault.
  + debian/patches/959_loopback_root.diff:
    - Keep the loopback file open so that subsequent changes to the "root"
      environment variable don't affect it.
  + debian/patches/961_handle_loopback.diff:
    - Change prepare_grub_to_access_device to handle filesystems
      loop-mounted on file images.
  + debian/patches/963_linux_no_loopmount.diff:
    - Ignore devices loop-mounted from files in 10_linux.
  + debian/patches/965_failed_boot_menu.diff, debian/grub-common.init,
    - Show the boot menu if the previous boot failed, that is if it failed
      to get to the end of one of the normal runlevels.
* debian/patches/957_savedefault.diff,
  debian/patches/965_failed_boot_menu.diff: Silently ignore zero-sized
  environment blocks (thanks, Felix Zielcke; LP: #439784).
* debian/grub-common.pm-sleep, debian/grub-common.dirs, debian/rules:
  Record a successful boot on resume from hibernate (thanks, Maxim
  Levitsky; LP: #447725).
* debian/postinst.in: Fix backslash-escaping in merge_debconf_into_conf
  (LP: #448413).
* debian/patches/966_mkconfig_probe_option.diff: Backport upstream patch
  to make the grub-install --grub-probe option work, which is useful for

47. By Colin Watson

[ Colin Watson ]
* debian/control: Conflict with grub (<< 0.97-54) as well as grub-legacy
  (see LP #410886).
* debian/grub-common.init: Create /boot/grub if it doesn't exist, to avoid
  noise on fresh installations.

[ Tormod Volden ]
* debian/grub-common.init: do not call log_end_msg if not VERBOSE
  (LP: #440879)

46. By Colin Watson

debian/grub-common.init: /boot/grub/grubenv sometimes seems to end up
zero-sized for some reason. If it is, just delete it (LP: #439784).

45. By Colin Watson

debian/patches/965_failed_boot_menu.diff, debian/grub-common.init,
debian/rules: Show the boot menu if the previous boot failed, that is if
it failed to get to the end of one of the normal runlevels.

44. By Colin Watson

* debian/patches/957_savedefault.diff: Quote the value assigned to
  'default', in case it contains spaces (LP: #431179).
* debian/patches/964_os-prober_errors.diff: Don't throw away errors from
  os-prober; it makes things hard to debug.

43. By Colin Watson

debian/patches/963_linux_no_loopmount.diff: Ignore devices loop-mounted
from files in 10_linux.

42. By Colin Watson

debian/patches/962_os-prober_windows_7.diff: Cope with Windows 7 in
os-prober output.

41. By Colin Watson

* debian/config.in: Fix logic if GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT is entirely missing
  from /etc/default/grub.
* debian/patches/961_handle_loopback.diff: Change
  prepare_grub_to_access_device to handle filesystems loop-mounted on file

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