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10. By Neil Williams

Regenerate autotools to cope with /bin/sh -> /bin/bash issues in
config.status. Fixes mipsel build. (Closes:#541706) (LP: #415536)

9. By Michael Casadevall

[ Fabrice Coutadeur ]
* debian/rules: included CDBS DEB_AUTO_UPDATE_* variables to regenerate
  the autoconf files and fix a FTBFS (LP: #415536)

[ Michael Casadevall ]
* Manually merged from Debian grab additional fixes from 0.1.7-2

8. By Neil Williams

* New upstream release
* (Closes: #505073): FTBFS with GCC 4.4: expected
  'gint *' but argument is of type 'guint *'
* Add new package to remove translation files from library in
  accordance with Policy 8.2 (libqofexpensesobjects-data)
* Add devhelp support.
* Remove Section and Priority duplication in debian/control.
* use upstream symbol versioning support.
* Update Standards Version (no changes)
* SONAME bump for libqofexpensesobjects to enhance support in other
* Add xsltproc to build depends for doc generation.

7. By Neil Williams

* New upstream release
* [gpe-expenses] simplified chinese(zh_CN) translation of gpe-expenses
  (Closes: #479369)
* [libqofexpensesobjects0] simplified chinese(zh_CN) translation of
  qofexpensesobjects (Closes: #479370)
* [INTL:fr] French translation of gpe-expenses
  (Closes: #480479)
* [INTL:fr] French translation of libqofexpensesobjects0
  (Closes: #480482)
* [INTL:ru] Russian program translation of gpe-expenses
  (Closes: #481386)
* [INTL:ru] Russian program translation of libqofexpensesobjects
  (Closes: #481386)
* Upgrade intltool dependency and standards version
* Includes support for creating GPE categories (Closes: #479395)
* Expand debian/xcontrol for smoother cross-build support
* update debian/copyright after upstream inclusion of some gpe-
  contacts code

6. By Neil Williams

* New upstream release
* Drop libsqlite0-dev from build-depends, not used directly
* Drop debian/libqofexpensesobjects0-dbg.install to ensure debugging
  symbols are separate from library.
* control: Fix the CVS location to allow debcheckout to work
* bump qof dependency version in line with upstream
* migrate to new doc-base sections

5. By Neil Williams

* New upstream release
* use machine operable debian/copyright, migrate to standards 3.7.3

4. By Neil Williams

* New upstream release.
* use the new Homepage support in dpkg

3. By Neil Williams

* New upstream release.
  New packages: Splitting the QofExpense and
  QofCurrency into a shared library with -dev, -dbg and -doc.
* gpe-expenses : [INTL:pt] Portuguese package translation
(Closes: #425080)
* [l10n] Czech translation of gpe-expenses (Closes: #426357)
* [INTL:de] initial German po file translation (Closes: #425306)

2. By Neil Williams

Initial release. (Closes: #377117: ITP: gpe-expenses -- Simple
expense records for GPEDebian Bug report logs)

1. By Neil Williams

Import upstream version 0.0.6

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