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21. By Chow Loong Jin on 2009-10-25

* debian/patches/02_gnomesession_lock_screen.dpatch:
  + Lock screen prior to suspending or hibernating (LP: #460303)

20. By Iain Lane on 2009-10-14

Upload from pkg-cli-apps SVN to get this new bugfix release into Karmic.

19. By Iain Lane on 2009-09-08

* debian/control: Update libflickrnet build dependency for 2.2.0 transition
  (Closes: #543804)
* debian/control: Bump standards-version, no changes
* debian/control: Increase debhelper minimum version (thanks Lintian)

18. By Chris Halse Rogers on 2009-06-27

* New upstream release
  + Pidgin plugin now supports initial text for messages (LP: #338608)
  + Pidgin plugin opens conversations on the correct IM network (LP: #370965)
* debian/rules:
  + Update get-orig-source target. Upstream no longer ships gdata* binaries,
    so we no longer need to strip them
* debian/patches/00_use_system_gdata
  + Drop. Upstream now builds against system libgdata.
* debian/patches/04_fix_pidgin_dbus_ints
* debian/patches/10_fix_rhythmbox_file
* debian/patches/15_twitter_api
* debian/patches/20_twitter_overflow:
  + Drop. Included upstream.
* debian/patches/01_firefox_iceweasel_rename:
  + Refresh for new version
* debian/patches/02_fix_banshee_plugin:
  + Drop refernce to /usr/lib/banshee-1/Banshee.CollectionIndexer.dll.
    This is unnecessary, and causes errors when Banshee isn't installed.
* debian/patches/00_debian_default_plugins:
  + Enable a bunch of useful plugins that do not require configuration from
    the "Official" plugin set by default. Makes Do more useful out of the
* debian/control:
  + Bump versioned build-dep on gnome-do to 0.8.2
  + Split out gnome-do-plugin-evolution package, now that this is possible.
    libevolution5.0-cil has an annoyingly large dependency stack.
    (LP: #351535) (Closes: #524993).

17. By Iain Lane on 2009-06-16

debian/patches/20_twitter_overflow.dpatch: Backport patch from upstream
bzr (and Debian SVN) to fix broken Twitter message sending. The number of
messages posted to Twitter has overflowed the size of an int(!), so these
variables have been converted to longs. (LP: #387525)

16. By Stefan Ebner on 2009-05-17

* Resync on Debian(Unstable), remaining changes:
  - debian/patches/20_use_csc.patch: Patch gdata to use csc compiler

15. By Iain Lane on 2009-04-19

debian/patches/15_twitter_api.dpatch: Backport upstream patch to fix
compatibility with new Twitter APIchanged to require GET or POST
specifically for some actions instead of accepting either. (LP: #359141)

14. By Iain Lane on 2009-03-18

* debian/patches/10_rhtyhmbox_file.patch: Backport upstream patch to fix RB
* debian/patches/20_use_csc.patch: Patch gdata to use csc compiler

13. By Iain Lane on 2009-03-18

[ Daniel T Chen ]
* New upstream release (LP: #344578)
  + Banshee plugin goes crazy if banshee isn't loaded first
    (LP: #289802)
  + gnome-do gCalculate plugin fails to display "times" symbol
    (LP: #274252)
  + Banshee-1 fails to build in Mono 2.0 (LP: #309188)
  + Pidgin 2.5.4 has incompatible dbus interface. s/uint/int/
    (LP: #314927)
  + Pidgin plugin hangs opening a chat if pidgin is unresponsive
    (LP: #315565)
  + twitter plugin still reports friend updates even when
    deactivated (LP: #317674)
  + Misspelling in microblogging plugin confirmation message
    (LP: #319433)
  + make install uses mdtool, but configure doesn't check for it
    (LP: #322951)
  + Virtualbox Icon in 2.10 are broken because of a new
    specification (LP: #323902)
  + Google Maps Plugin shouldn't always use route (LP: #324271)
  + Fix for Google Maps when using newlines and other special
    characters (LP: #324667)
  + VirtualBox failed to load icon (LP: #325712)
  + 'Read Man Pages' plugin makes Gnome-Do unresponsive
    (LP: #325935)
  + Search returns broken URLs (LP: #327855)
  + Default action for SSH hosts is "open" (LP: #328236)
  + Files and Folders Configuration doesn't use standard buttons
    (LP: #328236)
  + Window manager maximize action should focus if window is not
    currently focused (LP: #258893)
  + Locate plugin has no error message (LP: #262360)
  + Wishlist: Let user specify files and folders to ignore
    (LP: #263177)
  + ts-client plugin doesn't index subdirectories (LP: #322352)
  + Max 3000 items in Files and Folders plugin (LP: #324105)
  + putty cannot find host when running from gnome do
    (LP: #324282)
  + locate plugin with globbing (LP: #334798)
  + Twitter plugin encountered an error in UpdateFriends
    (LP: #317575)
  + gnome-terminal profiles no longer work (LP: #321977)
  + Creating a task using Remember the Milk plugin can fail if
    no task list is specified (LP: #324066)
  + bundled libraries makefile needs destdir (LP: #324704)
  + Typographical error in del.icio.us plugin (LP: #330525)
  + ImageShack fails to upload (LP: #337324)
* debian/copyright
  + Refresh for new upstream version; new plugins added.
* debian/patches/00_dfsg_autofoo.dpatch
  + Update for new upstream version
  + Don't build the YouTube plugin due to removal of shipped
    exes and dlls causing FTBFS
* debian/patches/02_ssh_respect_exec_arg.dpatch
  + Drop; fixed upstream

[ Iain Lane ]
* debian/rules: Update repackaging to not delete *.dll; upstream now ships
  source copies of google-gdata meaning we can now enable the Google and
  Youtube plugins.
* debian/patches/00_dfsg_autofoo: Drop, fixed by including and building
  these libs now.
* debian/copyright: Update with information for google-gdata.
* debian/patches/04_fix_pidgin_dbus_ints.dpatch: Add left out piece of patch
* debian/control: Bump gnome-do build-dep to require current version.

12. By Jonathan Davies on 2009-03-07

debian/patches/04_fix_pidgin_dbus_ints.dpatch: Added first bit of upstream
patch which I had left out.

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