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25. By Stefan Ebner on 2009-05-02

* Fakesync with Debian(unstable) due to md5sum mismatch on the orig.tar.gz
* debian/control: Get rid of libgconf2.24-cil since gnome-sharp is fixed now.

24. By Iain Lane on 2009-03-12

No-change rebuild for new gnomeprint

23. By Stefan Lesicnik on 2009-02-24

Rebuild libevolution3.0-cil -> libevolution5.0-cil (LP: #332784)

22. By Luca Falavigna on 2009-01-23

* Adjust build-dependencies for gnome-sharp2 transition (LP: #314516):
  - libgnome2.0-cil -> libgnome2.24-cil
  - libgconf2.0-cil -> libgconf2.24-cil

21. By Iain Lane on 2008-12-13

[ David Paleino ]
* debian/compat bumped to 7
* Group Policy:
  + get-orig-source implemented in debian/rules
* debian/control:
  + Replaced mono-gmcs build-dep with mono-devel part of the Mono 2.0
* debian/patches/* updated
* debian/patches/:
  + 99_autoreconf+intltoolize.dpatch removed
* debian/rules:
  + correctly re-generate autotools files

[ Iain Lane ]
* debian/rules:
  + Pass MCS=/usr/bin/csc to configure to use new compiler
* debian/patches/configurable_compiler.dpatch:
  + Patch src/Makefile.am to use compiler passed to configure
* debian/patches/ignore_killall.dpatch:
  + Patch from Ubuntu - do not fail when killall does not find a process
   (thanks to Luca Falavigina) (Closes: #502916)
* debian/{gfax.1, gfaxlpr.1, manpages}
  + Install manpages written by Ubuntu (thanks to Bobby R. Ward)
    (Closes: #489803)

20. By Luca Falavigna on 2008-10-20

* Merge from Debian unstable (LP: #282158). Remaining Ubuntu changes:
  + debian/gfax.1, debian/gfaxlpr.1, debian/manpages:
    - Create man pages for gfax and gfaxlpr.
  + debian/rules:
    - Remove rule to delete debian/gfax.1 from patched source.
* debian/patches/100_ignore_killall.dpatch
  - Do not quit if killall does not find any gconfd-2 process.

19. By Bobby R. Ward on 2008-07-07

* debian/gfax.1, debian/gfaxlpr.1, debian/manpages:
  + Created man page for gfax and gfaxlpr (LP: #245611)
* debian/rules:
  + Remove the rule to delete debian/gfax.1 from patched source.
* Modify Maintainer value to match the DebianMaintainerField

18. By Siegfried Gevatter on 2008-07-03

Fake-sync from Debian unstable; requested by Steve Guio (LP: #243323).

17. By Michael Bienia on 2008-02-24

Rebuild with recent libgnomeprint2.2-dev (LP: #194754).

16. By Michael Bienia on 2008-02-08

Fake sync with Debian (different orig.tar.gz).

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