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43. By Benjamin Drung on 2009-10-27

* Add show_roster_on_startup.patch to fix: The roster will always shown on
  startup even if the user sets show_roster_on_startup to false (LP: #461553).
* debian/rules: Use distclean instead of clean to cleanup.

42. By Nafallo Bjälevik on 2009-08-08

* New upstream version.
  + Fix History manager
  + Fix file transfer proxy discovering at connection
  + Improve filetransfer with IPv6
  + Fix zeroconf when receiving badly encoded info
  + Don't depend on GTK 2.14

41. By Nafallo Bjälevik on 2009-06-13

* New upstream release.
  + Fix PLAIN authentication (in particular with Gtalk servers)
  + Fix PEP discovery
* debian/patches/de-update.patch:
  - Drop patch. This is in the new release
* debian/gajim.install:
  - Install usr/bin/gajim-history-manager as well

40. By Nafallo Bjälevik on 2009-06-12

* New upstream bugfix release:
  + Better keepalive / ping behaviour
  + Fix custom port handling
  + Improve error messages handling
  + Totem support for played music
  + Fix SSL with some servers
  + Handle XFCE notification-daemon
  + Restore old behaviour of click on systray: left click to open events
  + Network manager 0.7 support
  + Improve Kerberos support
  + Many bugfixes here and there
  + Add -c option to history_manager
* debian/patches/00list:
  - Disable de-update.patch, since it doesn't apply
  - Drop svn-11058.patch since it is included in the new release
* debian/patches/svn-11058.patch:
  - Drop patch since it is included in the new release
* debian/control:
  - Bump required version for intltool as per upstream's requirements

39. By Nafallo Bjälevik on 2009-04-19

* debian/patches/de-update.patch:
  - Updated de.po from Niklas Hambüchen <email address hidden>
* debian/patches/debian/patches/svn-11058.patch:
  - Add upstream revision #11058 for an important bug.
    (LP: #362634)
* debian/control:
  - Move python-avahi from Suggests to Recommends since
    it broke people just enabling the avahi feature.

38. By Nafallo Bjälevik on 2009-04-03

* debian/control:
  - Change the binary package name from indicate-python
    to python-indicate (LP: #340213)

37. By Nafallo Bjälevik on 2009-04-02

[ Ken VanDine ]
* debian/patches/patches/add-indicator-support.patch:
  - Add support for the message indicator (LP: #340213)
* debian/control:
  - Added a Recommends for indicate-python, to take advantage of
    the message indicator patch

[ Nafallo Bjälevik ]
* Convert all other patches to dpatches as well:
  - notify-osd.patch from James Westby
  - ubuntu-keyring.patch from Nafallo Bjälevik
* debian/control:
  - Rework the package relations between Depends,
    Recommends and Suggestions a bit (LP: #348793)
* debian/patches/config-write-sync.patch:
  - Make the explicit configuration file removal
    only happen on Windows. Thanks Jamin W. Collins.
    (LP: #349661)

36. By James Westby on 2009-02-25

Don't use actions in notifications if the server doesn't support them.
(LP: #328615)

35. By Nafallo Bjälevik on 2008-12-24

* New upstream bugfix release:
  + Fix filetransfer
  + Updated german translation
  + Fix click on notifications when text string is empty
  + Improve systray popup menu

34. By Nafallo Bjälevik on 2008-12-17

* New upstream release:
  + Fix text rendering in notifications
  + Better sessions support
  + Better auto-away support
  + Fix banshee support
  + Quodlibet support
  + Fix GSSAPI authentification
  + Those translations have been temporarily removed because they are outdated:
    Breton (br), Greek (el), Dutch (nl), Portugese (pt).
* debian/control:
  - Added python-kerberos (>= 1.1) to Recommends for the GSSAPI auth.

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