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40. By Daniel Holbach

logos/xubuntu.svg: remove the need to have ttf-ubuntu-title installed,
thanks Steve Dodier <email address hidden> (LP: #395743)

39. By Jorge Castro

[ Daniel Holbach ]
* replaced logos/xubuntu.png with logos/xubuntu.svg (LP: #395743,
  LP: #205017)
* debian/control:
  - bumped Standards-Version,
  - set XS-Python-Version and XB-Python-Version: current,
  - rephrase small part of description.
* debian/rules: clean up.
* debian/copyright: added
  http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/legalcode for Free Culture
  Showcase submissions.
* po/fr.po, po/fi.po, po/es.po: removed, handled via Rosetta and lang-packs.
* main/About_these_files.odt, main/Presenting_Ubuntu.odp,
  main/Welcome_to_Ubuntu.odt: updated.
* Ubuntu_adoption_case_studies: removed. (LP: #343509, LP: #350243)

[ Jorge O. Castro ]
* Add new contest winners for karmic. (LP: #429846)

38. By Daniel Holbach

[ Timo Jyrinki ]
* Change symlink into a .desktop file
* Add I18N infrastructure for the .desktop file using Python (LP: #45489)
* Move content from root to main and source directories
* Update Standards-Version (no changes)
* Update copyright file

[ Keith Worrell ]
* oo-derivatives.doc: Added Xubuntu and Edubuntu banners from respective
  web sites to represent distributions in the same manner as Kubuntu within
  the document preserving single page layout.
* Added banners used in oo-derivatives.doc to ./logos
* oo-about-these-files: Updated "current" version of OpenOffice
* oo-presenting-ubuntu.odp: updated slide 3 screenshot to reflect
  a more modern clean ubuntu install
* Corrected format of case_Wellcome.pdf,
  case_Howard_county_Library.pdf, case_OaklandUniversity.pdf,
* Fixed typos (LP: #342362, #209776, #223382)
* Changed footer logo in certain case files to be more consistant
  where appropriate.

[ Endolith ]
* renamed all files to have more recognisable names. (LP: #43558)

[ Jorge O. Castro ]
* main/About_These_Files.odt: Update with the new content.
* Ubuntu_adoption_case_studies/Oakland_University.pdf: Rename pdf from
  "University of Oakland" to the correct "Oakland University".
* Add winners from the Free Culture Showcase Competition:
  - Invocation.ogg by MoShang,
  - SpiritOfUbuntu.ogv by Robbie Ferguson,
  - CanadianClouds.jpg by m0deth.

[ Daniel Holbach ]
* debian/control:
  - drop po-debconf Build-Depends.
  - changed xs-vcs-bzr to vcs-bzr.
  - move python-distutils-extra to Build-Depends-Indep.
* debian/copyright: updated.
* main/About_These_Files.odt: more updating.
* Changed spaces to underscores in Endolith's changes. Moved case studies
  in separate directory.
* Ubuntu_Free_Culture_Showcase/CanadianClouds.jpg,
  Ubuntu_Free_Culture_Showcase/SpiritOfUbuntu.ogv: embed artist and license

37. By Daniel Holbach

* fables_01_01_aesop.spx: re-encoded the file at the proper bitrate, smaller
  and sounds much better now. Thanks Seth Woodworth. (LP: #208561)
* Ubuntu_Free_Culture_Showcase/patas_de_trapo.oga,
  Ubuntu_Free_Culture_Showcase/StopMotionUbuntu.ogv: embed license
  information, thanks Greg Grossmeier. (LP: #287315)

36. By Daniel Holbach

[ Jonathan Riddell ]
* Add kubuntu-leaflet.jpg source as kubuntu-leaflet.svg (not installed)
  and update flyer text

[ Daniel Holbach ]
* Ubuntu_Free_Culture_Showcase: renamed directory from
  UbuntuFreeCultureShowcase. (LP: #280030)
* oo-about-these-files.odt:
  - updated gimp-ubuntu-splash.xcf screenshot.
  - removed reference to Ubuntu Sax.ogg - mention Ubuntu Free Culture
    Showcase instead. (LP: #200163) (LP: #90750)
* oo-presenting-ubuntu.odp: updated by 'Clemens'. (LP: #200163)
* oo-derivatives.doc: updated text about Ubuntu Educational Edition.
* kubuntu-leaflet.jpg, debian/install: converted from .png to .jpg to save

35. By Daniel Holbach

* case_ubuntu_johnshopkins_v2.pdf: renamed file. It should be "Johns
  Hopkins". (LP: #243517)
* oo-about-these-files.odt: "it's" -> "its". (LP: #223393)
* oo-about-these-files.odt: removed reference to non-existing Edubuntu logo.
  (LP: #218842)
* ubunt Sax.ogg: dropped.
* UbuntuFreeCultureShowcase/patas_de_trapo.oga,
  UbuntuFreeCultureShowcase/StopMotionUbuntu.ogv: renamed to match new Ogg
  file name format. (LP: #201291)

34. By Daniel Holbach

* debian/install, Experience ubuntu.ogg,
  UbuntuFreeCultureShowcase/patas_de_trapo.ogg: added winners of Ubuntu Free
  Culture Showcase contest. Removed 'Experience Ubuntu' video.
* debian/rules, debian/control: disable OpenOffice gallery for now. xvfb is

33. By Daniel Holbach

case_Wellcome.pdf: updated.

32. By Daniel Holbach

* casestudies/*: moved into top directory, renamed them to group them
* case_OaklandUniversity.pdf: updated.
* case_howard_county_library.pdf, case_oxford_archaeology.pdf: added.
* logo-*, debian/install, debian/rules:
  - moved logo-* to logos/,
  - removed Edubuntu logo for now, needs updating.
* oo-cd-cover.odg: removed.

31. By Daniel Holbach

casestudies, debian.install: ship Case Studies.

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