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23. By Martin Pitt

* debian/control:
  - Drop libwxgtk2.8-dev build dependency. Wx isn't in main, and not
    supposed to. (LP: #438365)
  - Drop erlang-wx binary.
  - Drop erlang-wx dependency from -megaco, -common-test, and -reltool, they
    do not really need wx. Also drop it from -debugger; the GUI needs wx,
    but it apparently has CLI bits as well, and is also needed by -megaco,
    so let's keep the package for now.

22. By Sergei Golovan <email address hidden>

* Updated manpages for section 1.
* Applied patch by James Henstridge, which sets ERL_COMPILE_FLAGS based on
  DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS. By default slim runtime without debug info is built.
  To remove slim option set DEB_BUILD_OPTION to 'nostrip', to add debug_info
  compiler option set DEB_BUILD_OPTION to 'debug'. Or it may be set to
  'nostrip,debug' to return to the previous level ob debug information
  (closes: #532757).
* Added a few words about building Erlang packages with debug info included
  to README.Debian.

21. By Sergei Golovan <email address hidden>

* New upstream release.
* Removed unnecessary dependency of erlang-os-mon on erlang-observer and
  erlang-tools and added missing dependency of erlang-nox on erlang-os-mon
  (closes: #529512).
* Removed a patch to eunit application because the bug was fixed upstream.

20. By Sergei Golovan <email address hidden>

* Removed another bunch of non-free RFCs from original tarball
  (closes: #527053).
* Fixed build-dependencies list by adding missing comma. This requires
  libsctp-dev again. Also, added libsctp1 dependency to erlang-base and
  erlang-base-hipe packages because the shared library is loaded via
  dlopen now and cannot be added using dh_slibdeps (closes: #526682).
* Weakened dependency of erlang-webtool on erlang-observer to recommends
  to avoid circular dependencies (closes: #526627).
* Added solaris-i386 to HiPE enabled architectures.
* Made script sources in /usr/lib/erlang/erts-*/bin directory executable,
  which is more convenient if a user wants to create a target Erlang system.
* Shortened extended description line for erlang-dev package to make it
  fit 80x25 terminals.

19. By Sergei Golovan <email address hidden>

* Cleaned up patches: removed unneeded patch which helped to support
  different SCTP library versions, made sure that changes for m68k
  architecture applied only when building on this architecture.
* Removed duplicated information from binary packages descriptions.
* Don't require libsctp-dev build-dependency on solaris-i386 architecture
  which allows to build Erlang on Nexenta (thanks to Tim Spriggs for
  the suggestion).

18. By Sergei Golovan <email address hidden>

* Added a patch which fixes HTTP URI decoding if {packet, http} socket
  option is used.
* Added a patch which fixes backquote syntax in Erlang mode for Emacs
  (closes: #494823). Thanks to Balint Reczey.
* Bumped standards version to 3.8.1.
* Put start scripts and releases sources into erlang-src package. They
  are needed when a target Erlang system is to be created.

17. By Sergei Golovan <email address hidden>

Upload to unstable after lenny is released.

16. By Luca Falavigna

* Merge from Debian unstable, remaining Ubuntu changes:
  + debian/patches/glibc2.8_compatibility.patch:
    - Fix FTBFS with new glibc.

15. By Luca Falavigna

* debian/patches/glibc2.8_compatibility.diff: fix FTBFS with new glibc.
* debian/control: update Maintainer field as per spec.

14. By Sergei Golovan <email address hidden>

* New upstream release.
* Removed perl from build dependencies because it is build-essential.
* Added checks for error code 2 after quilt invocation which means that all
  patches are already pushed/popped. This allows to convert the source
  package to 3.0 (quilt) format.
* Enabled building of erlang regexp driver for kfreebsd-* and hurd-i386
* Unconditionally enabled SMP and hybrid heap (which currently doesn't build
  anyway) emulators in configure call.
* Reordered calls to dh_makeshlibs, dh_shlibdeps, dh_installdeb in
* Removed unused lintian overrides from erlang-nox and erlang-src packages.
* Bumped standards version to 3.8.0.
* Fixed references to manpages from section 3 (replaced (3) by (3erl)).

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