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111. By LaserJock on 2009-10-23

* Refreshed dependencies (Closes LP: #456477)
* Removed gcompris-sound-cs from ubuntu-edu-preschool-recommends,
* Removed gcompris-sound-da from ubuntu-edu-preschool-recommends,
* Removed gcompris-sound-de from ubuntu-edu-preschool-recommends,
* Removed gcompris-sound-es from ubuntu-edu-preschool-recommends,
* Removed gcompris-sound-eu from ubuntu-edu-preschool-recommends,
* Removed gcompris-sound-fi from ubuntu-edu-preschool-recommends,
* Removed gcompris-sound-fr from ubuntu-edu-preschool-recommends,
* Removed gcompris-sound-hu from ubuntu-edu-preschool-recommends,
* Removed gcompris-sound-it from ubuntu-edu-preschool-recommends,
* Removed gcompris-sound-mr from ubuntu-edu-preschool-recommends,
* Removed gcompris-sound-nl from ubuntu-edu-preschool-recommends,
* Removed gcompris-sound-pt from ubuntu-edu-preschool-recommends,
* Removed gcompris-sound-ptbr from ubuntu-edu-preschool-recommends,
* Removed gcompris-sound-ru from ubuntu-edu-preschool-recommends,
* Removed gcompris-sound-so from ubuntu-edu-preschool-recommends,
* Removed gcompris-sound-sv from ubuntu-edu-preschool-recommends,
* Removed gcompris-sound-tr from ubuntu-edu-preschool-recommends,

110. By Colin Watson on 2009-08-11

* Switch to Karmic.
* Drop the metapackages for hppa.
* Convert to debhelper v7, with the new debhelper addon in germinate 1.18.
* Policy version 3.8.2.
* Update GPL application text, using a gnu.org URL rather than an outdated
  FSF postal address.

109. By Steve Langasek on 2009-04-21

* Refreshed dependencies
* Removed kino from ubuntu-edu-secondary, ubuntu-edu-tertiary.
  LP: #364440.

108. By LaserJock on 2009-03-19

* Refreshed dependencies
* Removed screem from desktop-gnome-recommends [amd64 armel hppa ia64
  lpia powerpc sparc]
* Removed tomboy from desktop-gnome-recommends [armel lpia]

107. By LaserJock on 2009-03-18

* Refreshed dependencies
* Added edubuntu-artwork to desktop-gnome [i386]
* Added scribus to desktop-gnome-recommends [amd64 armel hppa ia64
  lpia sparc], desktop-kde-recommends [amd64 armel hppa ia64 lpia
* Added ubuntu-edu-preschool to desktop-gnome-recommends, desktop-kde-
* Added ubuntu-edu-primary to desktop-gnome-recommends, desktop-kde-
* Added ubuntu-edu-secondary to desktop-gnome-recommends, desktop-kde-
* Added ubuntu-edu-tertiary to desktop-gnome-recommends, desktop-kde-
* Removed atomix from desktop-kde
* Removed dia-gnome from desktop-gnome-recommends
* Removed edubuntu-docs from desktop-kde-recommends
* Removed gcompris from desktop-gnome
* Removed gcompris-data from desktop-gnome
* Removed gcompris-sound-cs from desktop-gnome-recommends
* Removed gcompris-sound-da from desktop-gnome-recommends
* Removed gcompris-sound-de from desktop-gnome-recommends
* Removed gcompris-sound-en from desktop-gnome-recommends
* Removed gcompris-sound-es from desktop-gnome-recommends
* Removed gcompris-sound-eu from desktop-gnome-recommends
* Removed gcompris-sound-fi from desktop-gnome-recommends
* Removed gcompris-sound-fr from desktop-gnome-recommends
* Removed gcompris-sound-hu from desktop-gnome-recommends
* Removed gcompris-sound-it from desktop-gnome-recommends
* Removed gcompris-sound-mr from desktop-gnome-recommends
* Removed gcompris-sound-nl from desktop-gnome-recommends
* Removed gcompris-sound-pt from desktop-gnome-recommends
* Removed gcompris-sound-ptbr from desktop-gnome-recommends
* Removed gcompris-sound-ru from desktop-gnome-recommends
* Removed gcompris-sound-so from desktop-gnome-recommends
* Removed gcompris-sound-sv from desktop-gnome-recommends
* Removed gcompris-sound-tr from desktop-gnome-recommends
* Removed inkscape from desktop-gnome-recommends, desktop-kde-
* Removed kalgebra from desktop-gnome, desktop-kde
* Removed kalzium from desktop-gnome, desktop-kde
* Removed kanagram from desktop-gnome, desktop-kde
* Removed kbruch from desktop-gnome, desktop-kde
* Removed khangman from desktop-gnome, desktop-kde
* Removed khelpcenter4 from desktop-kde
* Removed kig from desktop-gnome, desktop-kde
* Removed kino from desktop-gnome-recommends, desktop-kde-recommends
* Removed kmplot from desktop-gnome, desktop-kde
* Removed kstars from desktop-gnome, desktop-kde
* Removed ktouch from desktop-gnome, desktop-kde
* Removed ktuberling from desktop-gnome, desktop-kde
* Removed kturtle from desktop-gnome, desktop-kde
* Removed kwordquiz from desktop-gnome, desktop-kde
* Removed libpcre3 from desktop-gnome, desktop-kde
* Removed marble from desktop-gnome, desktop-kde
* Removed parley from desktop-gnome, desktop-kde
* Removed qcad from desktop-gnome-recommends, desktop-kde-recommends
* Removed step from desktop-gnome, desktop-kde
* Removed tuxmath from desktop-gnome
* Removed tuxpaint from desktop-gnome
* Removed tuxpaint-data from desktop-gnome
* Removed tuxpaint-stamps-default from desktop-gnome
* Removed tuxtype from desktop-gnome
* Removed xaos from desktop-kde

106. By LaserJock on 2009-03-10

* Refreshed dependencies
* Added ktuberling to ubuntu-edu-preschool [ia64 lpia powerpc sparc]
* Removed edubuntu-artwork-usplash from desktop-gnome, desktop-kde

105. By LaserJock on 2009-02-08

* Renamed edubuntu-desktop seed to desktop-gnome
* Renamed edubuntu-desktop-kde seed to desktop-kde
* debian/rules: tweaked for seed renaming
* debian/control: ditto
* debian/control: more descriptive package descriptions

104. By LaserJock on 2009-01-11

* Changed Maintainer to <email address hidden>
* Renamed edubuntu-addon and desktop-kde seeds for clarity
* Added edubuntu-edu-{preschool,primary,secondary,tertiary} metapackages
* Refreshed dependencies
* Added kolourpaint4 to edubuntu-desktop-kde [armel]

103. By LaserJock on 2008-12-17

* Refreshed dependencies
* Added inkscape to desktop-kde-recommends
* Added italc-client to desktop-kde-recommends
* Added kalgebra to desktop-addon [armel], desktop-kde [armel]
* Added kalzium to desktop-addon [armel], desktop-kde [armel]
* Added kanagram to desktop-addon [armel], desktop-kde [armel]
* Added kbruch to desktop-addon [armel], desktop-kde [armel]
* Added khangman to desktop-addon [armel], desktop-kde [armel]
* Added kig to desktop-addon [armel], desktop-kde [armel]
* Added kmplot to desktop-addon [armel], desktop-kde [armel]
* Added kolourpaint4 to desktop-kde [amd64 hppa i386 ia64 lpia powerpc
* Added kstars to desktop-addon [armel], desktop-kde [armel]
* Added ktouch to desktop-addon [armel], desktop-kde [armel]
* Added ktuberling to desktop-addon [armel], desktop-kde [armel]
* Added kturtle to desktop-addon [armel], desktop-kde [armel]
* Added kwordquiz to desktop-addon [armel], desktop-kde [armel]
* Added marble to desktop-addon [armel], desktop-kde [armel]
* Added parley to desktop-addon [armel], desktop-kde [armel]
* Added pessulus to desktop-addon-recommends
* Added qcad to desktop-kde-recommends
* Added step to desktop-addon [armel], desktop-kde [armel]
* Added umbrello to desktop-kde-recommends
* Removed dia-gnome from desktop-kde
* Removed gpaint from desktop-kde
* Removed jockey-kde from desktop-kde-recommends
* Removed kpercentage from desktop-addon [amd64 hppa i386 ia64 lpia
  powerpc sparc], desktop-kde [amd64 hppa i386 ia64 lpia powerpc
* Removed pessulus from desktop-kde
* Removed thin-client-manager-backend from desktop-addon-recommends
* Moved gobby to desktop-kde-recommends
* Moved kino to desktop-kde-recommends
* Moved scribus to desktop-kde-recommends [i386 powerpc]

102. By Oliver Grawert on 2008-11-30

* added armel
* switch to jaunty

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