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24. By Javier Uruen Val on 2009-10-13

[Javier Uruen Val]
* debian/patches (LP: #451495)
  - Add 05_fix_lsb_default_values.patch
  - Add 06_fix_public_css_and_login_css_generation.patch

23. By Javier Uruen Val on 2009-08-05

[Javier Uruen Val]
* New upstream release [LP: #411466]
* cdbs/ebox.mk
  - GConf schemas are not used anymore
  - Remove SCHEMASPATH variable
  - Remove schemadir variable
  - Set execution permissions for /etc/ebox/hooks/*
  - Use new upstart directory and file naming convention
* debian/control
  - Bump standards version
  - Bump libebox depenency
  - Add dependency on libtime-piece-perl, libjson-perl, libyaml-tiny-perl
* debian/dirs
  - Fix var/log/ebox
  - Add var/lib/ebox/conf/ssl-ca
* debian/ebox.cron.hourly
  - Send stderr and stdout to /dev/null
* debian/ebox.postinst
  - Add set -e
  - Fix indentation
  - Do not pkill gconfd as it's not necessary anymore
  - Run ebox trigger
  - Create log consolidation tables
  - Migrate logs
  - Add missing db_stop
* debian/ebox.prerm
  - Add set -e
* debian/ebox.postrm
  - Add set -e
* debian/patches
  - Drop dpatch
      + Drop 01_add_apache_authcookie (shipped by upstream)
      + Drop 02_dbus_gconf (shipped by upstream)
      + Drop 03_js_libraries (shipped by upstream)
  - Use simple-patchsys
      + Add 01_use_shipped_authcookie.patch
      + Add 02_upstart_fixes.patch
      + Add 03_json_api.patch
      + Add 04_remove_network_workaround.patch
* debian/rules
  - Do not include debian/cdbs/gnome.mk
* debian/watch
  - Change URL

22. By Mathias Gug on 2009-01-26

* New upstream release. (LP: #318710, LP: #310045).
* debian/control:
  - Bump standard version.
  - Depend on an apache2-mpm- rather then apache2 (LP: #225793).
  - Build depend on debconf-updatepo.
* debian/rules:
  - Call debconf-updatepo from clean target.
* debian/copyright:
  - Include section about apache-authcookie code.
* debian/ebox.postrm:
  - Remove ebox log files (LP: #129738).
* debian/ebox.prerm:
  - Stop ebox when the package is removed. (LP: #234912)
* debian/watch:
  - add watch file.
* debian/patches/01_add_apache_authcookie.dpatch
  - Patch to backport AuthCookie authentication for jaunty (LP: #255368).
* debian/patches/02_dbus_gconf.dpatch
  - Patch to make gconf classes work with new gconf using dbus
    (LP: #314606).
* debian/patches/03_js_libraries.dpatch
  - Patch to use javascript libraries that are already package for

21. By Chuck Short on 2008-04-21

* debian/patches/15_disable_bug_report.dpatch
  - Dont disclose bug information in bug reports. It might contain
    sensitive information. (LP: #219343)

20. By Chuck Short on 2008-04-10


19. By Chuck Short on 2008-04-09

Fix permissions on /var/lib/ebox/conf/ebox.sid. To prevent cookies from
being read.

18. By Chuck Short on 2008-04-07

* debian/patches/11_progress_indicator_cleanup.dpatch
  - Clean up file descriptiors before running exec in progress indicator.
* debian/patches/12_ebox_init.dpatch
  - use /lib/lsb/init-functions to log start/stop fucntions.
* debian/patches/13_backup_configured_modules.dpatch
  - Backup only configured modules.
* Add preinst script to fetch from eBox's apache port and set it in debconf.

17. By Chuck Short on 2008-03-31

* debian/patches/10_service_watcher.dpatch
  - Check to see if a service is up when it shouldn't be.
* debian/ebox.postinst
  - Cosmetic changes to ebox.postinst
  - Wait for apache to stop completely.

16. By Chuck Short on 2008-03-27

* Add default value to ebox/port_used template.
* Run db_input "|| true" to avoid issues with questions without default
  and noninteractive install.

15. By Chuck Short on 2008-03-26

* debian/patches/08_fix_apache_pid_file.dpatch
  - Store apache's pid file under eBox directory to not interfere with
    the main apache instance.
* debian/patches/09_fix_apache_watcher.dpatch
  - Fix the state watcher by checking if apache port is accesible.
* Ask user which port eBox apache must use in config using debconf.

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