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10. By Chad Miller

* New upstream release.
  + Fix remote-db-listing bug for SSL/HTTPS services. (LP: #458540)
  + Fix OAuth signatures for SSL urls.
  + Avoid couchdb bug where users' PID files are incorrectly interpreted as
    valid by couchdb, and so after slightly different boot, desktopcouch can
    never start couchdb, causing desktopcouch to quit. (LP: #442120)
  + For dbus, do not resolve data for events signaling a service disappears,
    and use explicit veriable-passing / references. (LP: #440072)
  + Flip push/pull logic in replication information.
  + When pulling from remote DB, do not try to access remote management DB.
  + Use meaningful names for keyring access. (LP: #451333)

9. By Chad Miller

* New upstream release.
  + Include doc "txt" and translation files in sources.
  + couchgrid does not correctly retrieve record id (LP: #447512)
  + couchgrid selected_records property is buggy and should be removed for
    karmic if possible (LP: #448357)

8. By Chad Miller

* Include missing 0.4.0 changelog entry.
* New upstream release.
  + Log to correct place in service, ~/.cache/desktop-couch/ .
  + Abandon service modules giving host and port info separate from the
    db prefixes, which now give a URI.
  + Let the replicator gather its own OAuth data to use to connect to far
    end. This *should* fix repliction to cloud.
  + Make service more resilient to errors, and make breakable parts in
    smaller granules.
  + Support Python 2.5.
  + Added basic notes record API to include NOTE_RECORD_TYPE.
  + Make create-contacts script agnostic of desktop vs cloud and oauth
    vs noauth.
* Depend on a more recent version of couchdb, which provides OAuth

7. By Ken VanDine

New upstream release (LP: #435429)

6. By Elliot Murphy

Depend on couchdb-bin instead of couchdb (LP: #427036)

5. By Chad Miller

[Ken VanDine]
* debian/control
  - Added depends on python-desktopcouch-records. (LP: #422179)
[Chad Miller]
* New upstream release.
* Changed Vcs-Bzr links in control file.
* Changed version dependency on couchdb.
* Converting to a full-blown source-package branch.
* Fix getPort failure. (LP: #420911, LP: #422127)
* Check couchdb bind-port in replicator. (LP: #419973)
* Change couchdb bind-port in pairing tool. (LP: #419969)

4. By Ken VanDine

[ Ken VanDine ]
* New upstream release (LP: #416591)
  - added unit tests for couchwidget, and then fixed bug #412266
  - Change to freedesktop URL for record type spec.
  - First version of the contacts picker, based on CouchWidget
  - Adding the desktopcouch.contacts module.
  - Use subprocess.Popen and ourselves to the wait()ing,
    since subprocess.call() is buggy. There's still an EINTR bug
    in subprocess, though.
  - Occasionally stop couchdb in tests, so we exercise the automatic
    starting code. This will lead to spurious errors because of the
    aforementioned subprocess bug, but it's the right thing to do.
  - Abstract away some of the linuxisms and complain if we're run on
    an unsupported OS.
  - Fix a race condition in the process-testing code.
  - Replace the TestCase module with one that doesn't complain of dirty
    twisted reactors.
  - Add a means of stopping the desktop couchdb daemon.
  - Add an additional check that a found PID and process named correctly
    is indeed a process that this user started, so we don't try to talk
    to other local users' desktop couchdbs.
  - Get the port at function-call time, instead of storing a port at
    start-time and giving that back. The info can be stale, the old
  - Don't create a view per record-type; instead, call the standard
    return-all-records-keyed-by-record-type and use slice notation on
    the viewresults to only get back the records with that type,
    which does the same thing but more elegantly.
  - Remove the unused/invalid "utils" import from test_server
  - Change the name of a function tested to be what actually exists in
    the code.
  - Refactored server.py by renaming server.get_records_and_type to
    server.get_records. Also modified the function to take a record
    type param if desired to only create records of that type and
    optionally create a view name "get_"+ record_type. (LP: #411475)
* debian/control
  - Make python-desktopcouch depend on python-gtk2 and python-gnomekeyring
  - Make python-desktopcouch-records depend on python-gtk2,
    python-gnomekeyring, and python-oauth.
  - Remove depends for python-distutils-extra
  - Fixed Vcs-Browser tag

[Elliot Murphy]
* debian/control: added build-dep on python-setuptools

[ Martin Pitt ]
* debian/control: Fix Vcs-* links.

3. By Ken VanDine

* New upstream release
  * Handle the case where the pid file is empty or doesn't exist (LP: #408796)

2. By Ken VanDine

Initial release (LP: #397662)

1. By Ken VanDine

Import upstream version 0.1

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