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7. By Andreas Hoenen on 2009-06-27

* New upstream release
* New upstream release improves <refnamediv> rendering. Thanks to Ivan
  Shmakov for reporting. Closes: #528849
* 20_preserve_linebreaks_in_screen_userinput.dpatch:
  Preserve the verbatim nature of <userinput> elements even as children of
  a <screen> element, that is preserve linebreaks. Thanks to Ivan Shmakov
  for reporting. Closes: #528964
* Debian specific files are now kept in upstream repository and included in
  upstream package:
  + Post failure analysis code (errorhandler.py)
  + Wrapper script (/usr/bin/dblatex)
  + 10_analyze_failure.dpatch: drop
  + 10_dblatex_wrapper_script.dpatch: adapt wrapper included in upstream
    release to Debian file locations
  + debian/rules: install both files
* 10_TEXINPUTS_env_precedence.dpatch: remove as integrated upstream.
* 10_xetex_fontspec_encoder.dpatch: remove as integrated upstream.
* debian/rules: Remove cleanup of superfluous file test1.py as applied
* Standards-Version: 3.8.2 (no changes needed)

6. By Andreas Hoenen on 2009-02-22

* Apply specified pass-through options for the XSLT engine to all
  xsltproc calls. Thanks to W. Martin Borgert for reporting and for the
  patch. Closes: #514932
* Relax dependencies on packages texlive-lang-cyrillic and texlive-xetex to
  Suggests. Thanks to Sandro Tosi for the suggestion. Closes: #514293
  + Cope with missing file ifxetex.sty when not using the XeTeX backend
  + Warn appropriately on transformation failure due to missing package
    texlive-lang-cyrillic (10_analyze_failure.dpatch).
  + Document purpose of optional dependencies in README.Debian.
* Create a HTML version from the DocBook user manual (besides the PDF
  version distributed with upstream). Thanks to W. Martin Borgert for the
  suggestion. Closes: #492675
  New dependencies (Build-Depends-Indep):
  + docbook-xml
  + docbook-xsl
  + ghostscript
  + transfig
  + xsltproc
  HTML creation needs two patches:
* 20_html_doc_external_programlisting.dpatch:
  Fix inclusion of external programlistings into the user manual in a way
  that it works also for the HTML version.
* 20_html_doc_missing_images.dpatch:
  Provide some missing images referenced in the DocBook source, thus they
  get included also in the HTML version.
  New dependencies (Build-Depends-Indep):
  + sharutils
* Remove the cleanup code for non-configuration files in /etc/dblatex/ (BTS
  bug #395207) as outdated: meanwhile a fixed version has migrated to
  + debian/postinst
  + debian/README.Debian
* Copyright adaptions:
  + Actualize copyright dates.
  + Fix copyright-with-old-dh-make-debian-copyright. Thanks, lintian.

5. By Andreas Hoenen on 2008-08-11

* Improve CJK (Chinese/Japanese/Korean) support:
  + Let XSL configuration parameter cjk.font default to gkai (instead of the
    cyberbit font not included in Debian).
  + Add Suggests dependency on latex-cjk-all for the gkai fonts.
  + Fix the db2latex style not to collide with the CJKutf8.sty file.
  Thanks to W. Martin Borgert for reporting and hints.
  Closes: #482857, #492350
* Fix a name clash with TeXLive for spanish documents in native style.
  Thanks to W. Martin Borgert for reporting. Closes: #492304
* Support underscore characters in xreflabel attributes. Thanks to
  S├ębastien Villemot for reporting. Closes: #492959

4. By Andreas Hoenen on 2006-11-18

Do not depend on script mktexlsr belonging to a non-essential package
in postrm purge. (Urgency set to high due to serious severity.)
Closes: #398776

3. By Andreas Hoenen on 2006-07-09

* Install TeX input files in TEXMFMAIN. Closes: #376388
* Fix itemizedlist for french documents. Closes: #374215
* Improve the way font setup uses to access Postscript fonts. Closes: #376418
* Allow TeX to be provided by texlive as an alternative to tetex.
  Closes: #376386
* Fix the copyright output for multiple copyright holders in db2latex style.
  Closes: #374212
* Add copyright output in native style.
* Dump out the debian version of dblatex instead of the upstream version when
  invoking dblatex. (Thanks to Benoit Guillon for this suggestion.)

2. By Andreas Hoenen on 2006-05-15

* Enable file names containing white space to be handled. Closes: #366721
* Standards-Version: 3.7.2 (no changes needed)

1. By Andreas Hoenen on 2006-05-15

Import upstream version 0.1.9

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