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76. By Colin Watson

1/class/autotools-vars.mk: Apply patch from Peter Eisentraut to avoid
setting CC and CXX if they have empty or default values, to ease

75. By Martin Pitt

* Do not strip locale specific default values from gconf schema files:
  - Add strip-schema.pl: Replacement for the previous seddery, which wasn't
    powerful enough to just remove <short>/<long> tags from non-C <locale>
    tags, but keep <default> values.
  - Makefile.am: Install strip-schema.pl into pkglibdir.
  - 1/rules/langpack.mk.in: Drop seddery, use strip-schema.pl instead.
  - LP: #443133

74. By Iain Lane

Add bug #

73. By Iain Lane

Regenerate autofoo

72. By Iain Lane

* debian/control: Drop Kaffe build-dep as it is not in main
* debian/control: Disable ant-1 test; this was inactive prior to 0.4.57 and
  now causes build failures due to Kaffe being dropped

71. By Iain Lane

* Merge from debian unstable (LP: #414791), remaining changes:
  - 1/class/autotools-files.mk.in: Add -i option when calling libtoolize to
    install missing files. (Debian #525849)
  - 1/class/gnome.mk.in:
    + Include langpack.mk.
    + Check if $DEB_BUILDDIR actually exists before cd'ing to it.
  - Add 1/class/kde4.mk.in: Generic KDE4 build rules. Install it in
  - 1/class/kde.mk.in:
    + Call dh_icons and bump autogenerated debhelper build dependency
    + Add --without-arts to standard configure flags, since it is
    + build POT file, and add X-Ubuntu-Gettext-Domain to .desktop files.
  - 1/class/python-distutils.mk.in:
    + Supply --install-layout=deb install argument, to install files into
      /usr instead of /usr/local/.
    + Rename dist-packages/ to site-packages/ again, so that packages which
      expect setup.py to install to site-packages/ and depend on that in
      their dh_install files don't break. dh_py* will take care of the final
   - Add 1/rules/clean-la.mk.in: Remove dependency_libs lines from .la files.
     Install it in Makefile.am.
  - 1/rules/debhelper.mk.in:
    + Do not install upstream changelogs by default. They are huge and thus
      waste a lot of archive and CD space, quite uninteresting for ordinary
      users, and easy to get by downloading the source package or visiting the
      upstream page pointed out in copyright.
    + Symlink /usr/share/doc/ files to identical versions in any depending
      package which is built by the source package (except copyright, to
      adhere to Debian Policy). This can be disabled by setting
    + Symlink identical Gnome help files (like untranslated images). This
      can be disabled by setting $CDBS_NO_GNOME_HELP_SYMLINKING. Add fdupes
      dependency for this.
  - Add 1/rules/langpack.mk.in: Generic langpack related tasks: Build POT
    files and add X-Ubuntu-Gettext-Domain to .desktop/.server/.directory
    files. Install file in Makefile.am. Add intltool dependency for this.
  - 1/rules/simple-patchsys.mk.in: Revert the change for Debian bug #387103
    that causes patches to be unapplied before cleaning the build directory;
    the original issue was addressed more thoroughly in 0.4.49 with a fix
    for Debian bug #424080, and unpatch-before-clean breaks some relevant
    use cases that involve patching of build systems. (Debian #494254)
  - scripts/cdbs-edit-patch: Add fallback if DEB_TAR_SRCDIR contains
* Revert changes in Debian r383 (relaxed versioned build-deps when satisfied
  in Lenny) - some of these build-deps are still required for Dapper.

70. By Luca Falavigna

* 1/class/python-distutils.mk:
  - Check existence of /usr/lib/python*/dist-packages before trying to
    create correspondant /usr/lib/python*/site-packages (LP: #401953).

69. By Max Bowsher

* 1/class/python-distutils.mk.in:
  - Undo erroneous change to --root in 0.4.56ubuntu4, and fix logic for
    moving files from dist-packages to site-packages instead.
    (LP: #378133)

68. By Michael Terry

* 1/class/python-distutils.mk.in:
  - Use correct --root path for arch packages when converting from
    dist-packages to site-packages. LP: #374892

67. By Martin Pitt

scripts/cdbs-edit-patch: Undo breakage from previous version for
non build-tree/ packages.

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