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7. By Charlie_Smotherman on 2009-07-04

* New upstream release.
* Added 2col theme.
* Removed loney-tunes.
* Removed loney-tunes from debian/ampache-themes.install.
* Removed loney-tunes copyright info from debian/copyright.
* Updated debian/copyright with 2col copyright info.
* Removed (C) from debian/copyright to correct lintian error.
* Updated debian/control
    - bumped Standards-Version to version 3.8.2.
    - bumped debhelper to (>=7)
    - bumped debian/compat to 7
* Simplified debian/rules.

6. By Charlie_Smotherman on 2009-02-18

* Updated package with new theme lonely_speaker.
* Updated debian/copyright with lonely_speaker info, fixed typos.

5. By Charlie_Smotherman on 2009-01-11

* Updated package with new themes Green Marble and looney tunes (LP: #316092).
* Added Green-Marble and looney-tunes copyright info to debian/copyright.
* Updated Standards Version to 3.8.0.
* Added ${misc:Depends} to debian/control to correct lintian error.

4. By Charlie_Smotherman on 2008-05-31

* Due to extensive changes in Ampache-3.4 the following themes no
  longer work and have been removed: Cleandy, Cleandy-Peach, Empires,
  Exterminal, Exterminal_exhibitA, Green-Marble, Greysme, Inholland,
  Klassikiosk, Piano, Simple_h, Smooth-Moods, StoneBlue, Tangens, White_Amps.
* The following 3.4 themes where included: Blueflower, Vegas. Additional
  themes will be added as they become available.

3. By Charlie_Smotherman on 2007-12-29

* Updated Standards Version to 3.7.3 to correct lintian error.
* Removed empty folder src/Cleandy-Peach/patch- to correct
  lintian error.
* Removed empty folder src/Cleandy-Peach/patch- to correct
  lintian error.
* Removed empty folder src/Cleandy/patch- to correct
  lintian error.
* Removed windows thumbnail database from src/empires/images/Thumbs.db and
  src/exterminal/images/ratings/Thumbs.db. Closes: #456112
* Added new theme smooth-moods, modified ampache-themes.install.
* Updated debian copyright with smooth-moods copyright info.

2. By Charlie_Smotherman on 2007-08-02

Initial release (Closes: #435622)

1. By Charlie_Smotherman on 2007-08-02

Import upstream version

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