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31. By Alberto Milone

* debian/patches/110_remove_bound_auto_adjust.patch:
  - Small change to make sure that the driver does not
    auto-adjust to the bounds of the hardware scroll area
    as this causes problem to the touchpads of Acer Aspire
    One units (LP: #320632).

30. By Alberto Milone

* debian/patches/109_override_alps_settings.patch:
  - Add customised settings for ALPS touchpad (LP: #320632):
    o Enable vertTwoFingerScroll by default.
    o Set RightEdge to 900.
    o Set ClickTime to 0.
    o Set SingleTapTimeout to 0.
    o Set MinSpeed to 0.45.
    o Set MaxSpeed to 0.75.
* debian/patches/107_reduce_cursor_speed.patch:
  - drop and merge with 109_override_alps_settings.patch.

29. By Alberto Milone

[Alberto Milone]
* debian/patches/105_always_enable_multifinger_click.patch:
  - Drop patch
* debian/patches/105_correct_multifinger_click.patch:
  - Fix inverted buttons
  - Restore ability to drag and drop with physical buttons
  (LP: #320632)

28. By Timo Aaltonen

* Merge from Debian experimental.
* Revive syndaemon_xinput_props.patch, now refreshed as 108.
  Thanks to John S. Gruber for noticing it was dropped in haste.
  (LP: #321355)

27. By Timo Aaltonen

[ Alberto Milone (tseliot) ]
* 103_enable_cornertapping.patch:
  - Update patch for the new upstream release. (LP: #320632)
* 104_always_enable_tapping.patch:
  - Enable tapping even when a physical left button is available. (LP: #320585)
* 105_always_enable_multifinger_click.patch:
  - Enable multifinger click (where available) even when physical right/middle
    buttons are available. (LP: #320585)
* 106_always_enable_vert_edge_scroll.patch:
  - Enable scrolling even when doubletap is available. (LP: #320632)
* 107_reduce_cursor_speed.patch:
  - Reduce the cursor speed. (LP: #320639)

26. By Timo Aaltonen

* Merge from Debian experimental.
* Drop obsolete patches:
* Update 103_enable_cornertapping.patch to apply.

25. By Timo Aaltonen

Rebuild against the new xserver.

24. By Bryce Harrington

Actually enable 106_fix_twofinger_disentanglement.patch from prior
upload in debian/patches/series...

23. By Bryce Harrington

[William Grant]
debian/patches/106_fix_twofinger_disentanglement.patch: Add. Only respect
MaxTapMove with one or two fingers, and the latter only when two-finger
scrolling is enabled. (LP: #270002)

22. By William Grant

* Cherry-picked commit db6e63, "Return correctly on successful property
* debian/patches/104_syndaemon_xinput_props.patch: Add support for XInput
  device properties to syndaemon.
* debian/patches/105_no_bcm5974_shmconfig.patch: Remove the SHMConfig
  enabling line from the bcm5974 section of the fdi file. (LP: #282004)

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