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Recent revisions

5. By Nathan Handler on 2008-09-07

Add debian/josm.desktop (LP: #264848)

4. By Andreas Putzo on 2008-07-19

[ Giovanni Mascellani ]
* Bumped Standards-Version to 3.8.0 (no changes needed)
* Added Vcs-* fields in debian/control

[ Andreas Putzo ]
* New upstream snapshot fetched from svn, revision 716.
* Switched to OpenJDK, dropping support for other JVM's.
  - Updated build-deps and dependencies accordingly.
  - Removed gcj specific compiler flags from 10_build.dpatch.
  - Removed 30_graphics.dpatch.
  - Updated README.Debian.
  - Updated wrapper script to choose OpenJDK if no other
    JVM is given by the user.
  (Closes: #486293, #474626)
* Added patch description to 40_elemstyles.dpatch.
* Mentioned Ellipsoid.java in copyright file.
* Added DM-Upload-Allowed field to debian/control.
* Wrap lines at 80 characters in copyright file.

3. By Petter Reinholdtsen <email address hidden> on 2008-05-10

[ Giovanni Mascellani ]
* New upstream version fetched using debian/rules get-orig-source.
  + Many little bugfixes.
  + Clarifications on upstream copyright status.
* Switched to machine interpretable debian/copyright.

[ Andreas Putzo ]
* Replace dependency on java-gcj-compat with gij-4.1 or jamvm that
  work with josm. Add those to recommends to increase the chance
  that a working java can be found by the wrapper. (Closes: #475878)
* Add josm-plugins among Recommends.

[ Petter Reinholdtsen ]
* Change debian packaging to GPL v2 and later, to be compatible with
  the rest of the package, after clearing it with Andreas Putzo and
  Giovanni Mascellani.

2. By Petter Reinholdtsen <email address hidden> on 2008-03-30

[ Giovanni Mascellani ]
* Added myself into uploaders
* patches/40_elemstyles:
  + Icons are searched both in openstreetmap-map-icons-classic and
  + elemstyles.xml doesn't contain absolute paths to icons

[ Petter Reinholdtsen ]
* New upstream version fetched using debian/rules get-orig-source.
  - Drop patch 50_OsmServerWriter now applied upstream.

1. By Petter Reinholdtsen <email address hidden> on 2008-03-30

Import upstream version

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