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29. By Jamie Strandboge on 2009-01-19

* debian/postinst: don't stop in runlevels 0 and 6 (LP: #298736)
* don't do symlink check anymore (LP: #317700)
* conf/initscript: don't flush rules on stop when not enabled (LP: #311066)
* formatting of dpkg output incorrect on upgrades (LP: #300726)
* debian/control: update Vcs information

28. By Jamie Strandboge on 2008-10-07

fix typo in error message (LP: #280348)

27. By Jamie Strandboge on 2008-09-29

debian/postrm: don't fail if iptables or ip6tables fails (LP: #278670)

26. By Jamie Strandboge on 2008-09-29

* show protocol in status when no ports are specified (LP: #263308)
* update after*.rules when setting default policy (LP: #273278)
* give useful message when trying to delete a non-existent rule (LP: #251136)
* don't print useless newlines
* add 'translations' support to Makefile (but don't use it in build yet)
* updated README for advanced usage
* updated TODO
* References
  LP: #275984

25. By Jamie Strandboge on 2008-08-27

* fix confusing output of 'app update' command (LP: #261932)
* only reload during 'app update' if the profile name is used in
  the current ruleset (LP: #261323)
* don't reload user rules if not enabled and don't toggle ENABLED=yes if
  failure in starting the firewall (LP: #262451)
* don't traceback if /proc not mounted (LP: #268084)

24. By Jamie Strandboge on 2008-08-18

* add confirmation on enable when running under ssh (LP: #253840)
* don't reload the firewall on 'app update' when running under ssh
* update ufw.pot
* fix some pygettext errors
* warn if profile name is found in /etc/services
* don't delete application rules when the action doesn't match
  (LP: #260881)
* add reload command
* added debian/triggers and update debian/postinst for use with dpkg
  triggers (thanks Colin Watson for the suggestion)
* add 'app update all' command
* update man page for reload and 'app update all'

23. By Jamie Strandboge on 2008-08-07

* add 'verbose' option to status command
* implement application (package) integration
* update run_tests.sh to honor subclass
* debian/control: Depends on iptables >= 1.4.0 for ipv6 comment support

22. By Jamie Strandboge on 2008-07-07

* don't modify the chains when --dry-run is specified (LP: #247352)
* add dotted netmask support
* don't have util.py import common.py
* normalize rules so what is added to chains and what is displayed to the
  user is consistent (LP: #237446)
* documentation updates (LP: #247177)
* implement port ranges (LP: #231103)
* fix initscript to properly set default DROP when ipv6 is available and
  set to 'no' in /etc/default/ufw (LP: #251355)
* don't give confusing output when ipv6 and/or ip6_tables is not
  available (LP: #194844)
* update ucf historical checksums to include those in 0.16.2
* update manpage for 'status' clarifications (LP: #251153)
* update before*.rules to count outgoing packets on lo (LP: #255092)
* update status output so it is more consistent with rule syntax

21. By Jamie Strandboge on 2008-07-11

* fix confusing error output when ipv6 or ip6_tables is not available.
  Patch from trunk. (LP: #194844)
* fix initscript not setting default ipv6 policy when IPV6=no (LP: #251355)
* update ucf checksums to include those from 0.16.2
* bump version

20. By Jamie Strandboge on 2008-07-07

* src/ufw: don't modify the chains when --dry-run is specified. Fixes
  LP: #247352
* bump version

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