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14. By Aaron M. Ucko

* Migrate from CDBS to Debhelper 7 (along with dpkg-dev >= 1.14.17),
  replacing some files with equivalent symlinks.
* debian/makemenu: stop generating obsolete linda overrides.
* Declare compliance with Policy 3.8.0. (No changes needed.)

13. By Aaron M. Ucko

* New upstream release
* debian/lib{ncbi6,vibrant6a}.symbols: update and clean up.
* debian/lib{ncbi,vibrant}6-dev.install: ship new headers.
* debian/ncbi-tools-bin.docs, doc/man/tbl2asn.1: belatedly ship
  tbl2asn.txt, and restore tbl2asn.1's reference thereto.
* doc/man/*.1: correct usage of ' and -.
* doc/man/{blast,cleanasn,nps2gps,tbl2asn}.1: resync with help output.
* debian/control: tighten dependencies between binary packages.
* debian/{control,rules}: require cdbs 0.4.51; drop workaround for #462130.
* debian/{control,rules,*.override}: rename Lintian overrides to
  $pkg.lintian-overrides and employ dh_lintian from debhelper (>= 6.0.7)
  in lieu of custom logic.
* debian/*.doc-base*: modernize (and correct) section assignments per
  doc-base 0.8.10: science -> Science/Biology, net -> System/Administration.
* debian/makemenu: drop obsolete Encoding key from generated .desktop files.

12. By Aaron M. Ucko

debian/control: fix typo (ncbi-tools-data for ncbi-data) that left
ncbi-tools-x11 uninstallable. :-/

11. By Aaron M. Ucko

* debian/control: set Homepage.
* debian/{control,makemenu,rules,*.desktop.in}: supply XDG desktop
  entries and icons for inherently graphical apps. (Closes: #448031.)
* debian/{man.unused,old-blast-man,shlibs.local}: remove (obsolete
  cruft; shlibs.local contained only comments anyway.)

10. By Andrea Veri

* Merge from Debian unstable. Remaining Ubuntu changes:
  - Re-added .desktop files for all graphical applications (thanks to Phil Bull),
    updating (removing encoding field and Application category in Categories,
    both now deprecated) them to validate with latest desktop-file-validate.
* Modify Maintainer value to match Debian-Maintainer-Field Spec

9. By Barry deFreese

* Re-sync with Debian
* Re-add .desktop files from Phil Bull (Closes Malone: #36384)

8. By Barry deFreese

Re-merge with Debian

7. By Barry deFreese

Add desktop files from Phil Bull (Closes Malone: #36384)

6. By Aaron M. Ucko

* New upstream release.
* Temporarily switch to pmake (added to Build-Depends) for upstream's
  makefiles, as GNU make 3.81.b4 gets mysteriously confused when trying
  to build from them (but, oddly, only when invoked from debian/rules).
* Add "new" blastall_old executable to the blast2 package.
* Reshuffle documents slightly, and make sure to register all top-level
  HTML documents with doc-base.
* Loosen libncbi6's dependency on ncbi-data to accommodate binary-only

5. By Barry deFreese

GL/GLU Transition

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