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8. By Martin Pitt

* Merge with Debian unstable to get a better fix for LP #256891. Remaining
  Ubuntu changes:
  - debian/control: Drop mailx to Suggests for Ubuntu; it's only used on
    request, and we don't configure an MTA by default.

7. By Martin Pitt

Argh, forgot to credit the patch author in previous upload, updated

6. By Martin Pitt

Add debian/patches/glob-failure.patch: Prevent logrotate from failing
completely if one glob in any included file fails. This more or less
behaves like an implied # "missingok" now, which isn't correctly parsed in
the current version. Fixing it properly is a very intrusive change.
(LP: #256891)

5. By Colin Watson

Drop mailx to Suggests for Ubuntu; it's only used on request, and we
don't configure an MTA by default.

4. By Paul Martin <email address hidden>

* Patch debian/control to fix FTBFS on kfreebsd-amd64. Perhaps we need
  a build-depends macro for !kfreebsd. (Closes: #361465)
* Use and depend on debhelper version 5.
* Switch from dpatch to quilt.
* cpp-crossbuild.patch: change from using $(CPP) to $(CC) -E.
  Thanks to NIIBE Yutaka. (Closes: #284040)
* dst.patch: fix mktime initialisation so that daylight savings is
  taken into account. Thanks to Holger Weiss. (Closes: #278591)
* man-333996.patch: fix typos in logrotate.8 where "then" should be
  "than". Thanks to Adrian Knoth. (Closes: #333996)
* manpage.patch: Apply missed fixes from #101272. Thanks to J S Bygott.
  (Closes: #335060)
* script-argument.patch: Allow the use of $1 in scripts again.
  (Closes: #330783)
* README.Debian: Document that sysklogd does its own log rotation.
  (Closes: #308963)
* README.Debian: Document how scripts are called. (Closes: #308920)
* Update the copyright file.
* debian/control: remove versioned dependency on cron. The version of
  cron forbidden pre-dates woody (currently "oldstable") by several
  years. This versioned dependency is preventing logrotate being
  installed with bcron. (Closes: #304038, #349150)
* debian/rules: Fix backports, allowing them to use selinux.
  (Closes: #340363)
* uncompressChild-warning.patch: Fix a "might be used uninitialised"
  warning from gcc.

3. By Paul Martin <email address hidden>

Brown paper bag upload.

42-execlp-bin-sh: Fix major flaw in the last patch... it tries to
execute the logfile. Thanks very much for the quick report, Philipp.
It was my fault, not yours. (Closes: #279965)

2. By Paul Martin <email address hidden>

* Added check to cron.daily (blatantly stolen from exim's) to only
  attempt to run logrotate if it's binary exists. (Closes: #144265)
* Priority high to ensure this minimal bugfix (a violation of a
  "should" policy directive) gets into woody.

1. By Paul Martin <email address hidden>

Import upstream version 3.5.9

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