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39. By Chuck Short on 2008-09-19

Revert logrotate change since it will break it for everyone.

38. By Chuck Short on 2008-09-18

debian/logrotate: Restart rather than reload for busy websites.
(LP: #270899)

37. By Kees Cook on 2008-08-28

* Merge from debian unstable, remaining changes:
  - debian/{control,rules}: enable PIE hardening.
  - debian/{control,rules,apache2.2-common.ufw.profile}: add ufw profiles.

36. By Didier Roche on 2008-08-26

* add ufw integration (see
  (LP: #261198)
  - debian/control: suggest ufw for apache2.2-common
  - add apache2.2-common.ufw.profile with 3 profiles and install it to

35. By Kees Cook on 2008-08-20

debian/{control,rules}: enable PIE hardening

34. By Stefan Fritsch on 2008-07-02

[ Stefan Fritsch ]
* Move NameVirtualHost directive to ports.conf and switch from "*" to
  "*:80". (Closes: #314606, #486286)
* Comment out the CacheEnable line in disk_cache.conf. It would have caused
  problems with Etch to Lenny upgrades.
* Change the minimum user id for suexec back to 100, the new value of 1000
  was too disruptive for existing configurations. (Closes: #488821)
* Add a default SSL virtual host. (Closes: #267477)
  - Use snakeoil certificate by default (if ssl-cert is installed).
    (Closes: #293524, #446765)
  - Document this in README.Debian.
    (Closes: #293469, #293519, #398520, #395823)
  - Add MSIE workarounds. (Closes: #421802)
  - Add ssl-cert to Recommends.
* Add a new config file /etc/apache2/conf.d/security with some vaguely
  security related diectives. (Closes: #260063)
* Adjust mod_userdir accordingly. Also add "AllowOverride Indexes" for the
  home directories.
* Disable SSLv2 by default. It is insecure. Also only enable ciphers with
  key lengths of at least 128 bit.
* Make the init script complain about a missing $APACHE_PID_FILE during
  "start", too, and not only during "stop" or "restart". This makes it more
  obvious that /etc/apache2/envvars has to be updated. (Closes: #473982)
* Add hint about the "..., using for ServerName" warning to
  README.Debian. (Closes: #457708)
* Add hint about the "could not create rewrite_log_lock" error message to
  README.Debian. (Closes: #450831)
* Remove empty dir from apache2-doc to fix Lintian warning.
* Always pass -g to gcc instead of relying on dpkg-buildpackage to set
  CFLAGS. We always want the debug info for the apache2-dbg package.

[ Ryan Niebur ]
* Upgraded to policy 3.8.0
  - added support for noopt in DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS
  - added a README.source
  - added support for parallel in DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS
* Dropped XS- from the Vcs fields in control

33. By Mathias Gug on 2008-06-24

* debian/config-dir/mods-available/disk_cache.conf:
  Don't enable caching of the root URL by default when disk_cache is
  enabled. (LP: #219914).
* debian/control: Update Maintainer field.

32. By Stefan Fritsch on 2008-06-21

* Make the init script use normal 'stop' instead of 'graceful-stop' again:
  With graceful-stop, it can take a long time until all child processes have
  closed their listening sockets and there is no way for the init script to
  know when it is save to start apache again. This could make the restart of
  apache fail. (Closes: #486629, #463338)
* Improve package descriptions, thanks to Justin B Rye. (Closes: #486855)

31. By Chuck Short on 2008-06-15

* Merge from debian unstable, remaining changes:
  - Dropped debian/patches/100_mpm_wokers_crash.dpatch. Already included
    upstream. (LP: #235294)
  - Dropped debian/patches/059_ssl_memleak_fix_PR44975.dpatch. Already included upstream.
  - Updated maintainer field according to spec.

30. By Chuck Short on 2008-06-09

debian/apache2-2-common.postinst: Fix for index.html if it is a dangling
symlink when doing an upgrade. (LP: #221932)

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