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8. By Michael Vogt on 2008-08-05

revert change in behavior from 0.4-0ubuntu0.1 to 0.4-0ubuntu0.2
for the --ssh-key option. It used to add a ssh key for root logins,
but with that version it changes that to a $VMUSER login.
This change restores the old (hardy-final) behavior (LP: #254966)

7. By Soren Hansen on 2008-06-04

* Add --in-place option that will allow ubuntu-vm-builder to function when
  $TMPDIR is nodev and/or nosuid. (LP: #228744)
* Revert previous fix for LP #228744 which caused ubuntu-vm-builder to fail
  on machines with less RAM than double the sum of the sizes of the resulting
  disk images.

6. By Soren Hansen on 2008-05-23

[ Michael Vogt ]
* patch the way do_avoid_starting_daemons() to write a policy-rc.d file in
  the same way as pbuilder does (LP: #228372)

[ Nick Barcet ]
* Added function do_copy_settings to fix bug LP: #221231
* Fix missing ipv6 entries in host file (LP: #230299)
* Fix issue with template arguments fetching (LP: #228268)
* Create the /etc/apt/sources.list properly (LP: #218195)
* Use a tmpfs for $WORKINGDIR to avoid case when file system is mounted
  with no suid (LP: #228744)
* Unproper letters variable initialization (LP: #230312)

[ Loic Minier ]
* Fix v / --verbose getopt parsing. (LP: #230319)
* Compute the default ARCH with dpkg --print-architecture. (LP: #230323)
* Add support for lpia.
  - Allow lpia arch, lpia and lpiacompat kernel flavours.
  - Use http://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports as default mirror for lpia.
  - Update help/documentation.
* Check Release files against the archive keyring; depend on ubuntu-keyring.
  (LP: #230334)

[ Soren Hansen ]
* Fix root ssh login. (LP: #234062)
* Fix network address handling. (LP: #232361) Thanks to Kevin Traas
  for the patch.

5. By Nick Barcet on 2008-04-28

SECURITY UPDATE: adjust ubuntu-vm-builder to lock root account by default

4. By Soren Hansen on 2008-04-02

[ Soren Hansen ]
* FFe reference: (LP: #208161)
* Replace start-stop-daemon for a while to fix problems with daemons
  expecting to be able to listen on certaing ports, etc.
* Unmount volatile tmpfs from lrm.
* Make /opt opt-in.
* Make default rootsize 4096 (to match documentation).
* New grub installer code.
* Fix syntax error in kernel flavour check.
* Massive refactoring.
* Make more intelligent default choices based on chosen suite, architecture,
  kernel flavour, etc.
* Further quieting of the process.

[ Nick Barcet ]
* Added template support for vmware and qemu/kvm.
* Fix a bug reported by soren where loop devices could accendentally be
  overwritten. Was also preventing concurrent runs of the script.
* Further quieting of the process.

3. By Soren Hansen on 2008-03-12

* Fix perl locale warnings.
* Add missing --libvirt option. (LP: #194242)
* Add edgy to the list of supported distros (adding the appropriate quirks).
* Don't default to virtual kernel flavour when not installing i386. (LP:
* Remove references to JeOS. (LP: #194233)
* Give more useful error messages when people pass unuseful options.
* Make the building process much less verbose (and hence less scary).

2. By Soren Hansen on 2008-02-21

New release.

1. By Soren Hansen on 2008-02-14

Initial upload to Ubuntu.

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