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33. By Matthias Klose on 2007-10-03

Make the dependencies on the python modules pre-dependencies to ensure
that the modules are available as soon as possible.

32. By Martin Pitt on 2007-09-26

* RestrictedManager/{manager.glade,RestrictedManagerGtk.py}: Add a "Help"
  button and connect it to "yelp ghelp:hardware#restricted-manager", which
  provides a nice intro to restricted drivers. (LP: #134069)
* bcm43xx.py, sl_modem.py: Uniformly name the variables for the driver
  package to "driver_package".
* core.py: Add package_available() which uses apt-cache show to check
  whether a package is available for installation at all.
* RestrictedManagerCommon.py, check mode: If the handler has a
  driver_package which is not available for installation, do not advertise
  it with a notification. (Gross Hacks R us, but it is good enough and
  unintrusive for Gutsy, and r-m is to be rewritten anyway in Hardy).
  (LP: #134918)

31. By Martin Pitt on 2007-09-18

[ Martin Pitt ]
* RestrictedManager/{RestrictedManagerGtk.py,manager.glade}: Show the
  rationale for a driver as a tooltip. (LP: #134019)
* RestrictedManager/core.py: Add DefaultHandler.is_hw_available(): This can
  be implemented if a handler has an additional way of detecting the
  presence of hardware and modalias matching is not sufficient. Add proper
  support for it to connected_hardware().
* Add RestrictedManager/handlers/sl_modem.py: Handler for software modems
  supported by sl-modem-daemon. (LP: #125015)
* Replaced icons by the excellently looking ones from Lapo Calamandrei.
  These are now GPLed and available as SVG (whereas the previous ones were
  CC-BY-SA, stolen from another project, and only available as bitmap).
  (LP: #140557)

[ Matteo Zandi ]
* RestrictedManager/RestrictedManagerGtk.py: Fix function name for firmware
  check. (LP: #130789)
* RestrictedManager/RestrictedManagerGtk.py: Make "Browse" button of
  firmware dialog work instead of causing the app to hang. (LP: #135000)

30. By Martin Pitt on 2007-08-24

[ Martin Böhm ]
* RestrictedManagerGtk.py: Replaced the idle_function pointer with a direct
  call to self.gtk_idle(). We do not need this indirection any more.
* RestrictedManagerKDE.py: Fix crash in mouseClicked(). (LP: #131483)
* Add libpythonize0 as a dependency for r-m-kde. (LP: #130737)
* Moved the guidance-backends dependency from restricted-manager to
  r-m-core. (LP: #132581)

[ Martin Pitt ]
* Turn the "description" handler property into a function. Properties are a
  pain when trying to call the parent method. (LP: #133218)
* RestrictedManagerCommon.py: Do not give a "new drivers available"
  notification for drivers which are already enabled.

29. By Jonathan Riddell on 2007-08-18

Install autostart files to xdg standard directory, so they get used

28. By Martin Pitt on 2007-08-14

* Change python-qt3 build dependency to python-qt-dev, now that the location
  of pyqtconfig has been fixed.
* RestrictedManager/RestrictedManagerCommon.py: Revert "nvidia hardware not
  available" dialog box to a simple print. It is merely for debugging and
  not supposed to be displayed in the UI. (LP: #131141)
* Make --check-composite work with legacy and new nvidia driver, too.
* debian/control: Drop redundant and broken l-r-m dependencies to fix
  installability on powerpc.
* RestrictedManager/core.py: Fix crash when a module description is not
  available. (LP: #131489)

27. By Martin Pitt on 2007-08-13

[ Martin Pitt]
* Move RestrictedManager/backends/core.py to RestrictedManager/core.py.
* Rename RestrictedManager/backend to RestrictedManager/handlers.
* RestrictedManager/handlers/lrm_driver.py: Do not use private method from
  parent class.
* RestrictedManager/core.py: Support grouping of modules:
  - Add aggregate handler HandlerGroup.
  - Add read_grouping_map() which parses files in
    /usr/share/restricted-manager/groups/ which define groups of modules and
    their properties (module name regexp, description, optional rationale).
  - get_handlers(): Hook grouping into this central function.
  (Point 3 of restricted-manager-improvements spec)
* Add groups/vmware: Define a handler group for the three VMWare module.
  Install it in setup.py.
* RestrictedManager/handlers/bcm43xx.py: Update the default firmware
  download URL, the previous one is 404.

[ Martin Böhm ]
* Resurrected the "repository available" fix which got erroneously dropped
  during merge.
* Fixed error_invalid_text -> error_fw_invalid_text typo.
* Improve documentation of {install,remove}_package().

26. By Martin Pitt on 2007-08-08

* debian/control: l-r-m is called -powerpc on ppc, not -generic. Also drop
  dependency to a recommendation.
* RestrictedManagerCommon.py: Change the hardcoded notification
  title/text/action strings in the Notification class to be arguments of
  launch_notification(), so that we can use it for other kinds of
  notificatinos, too.
* core.py: Generalize {load,save}_used_list() to {load,save}_cache_list(),
  and change RestrictedManagerCommon.py accordingly. This allows us to reuse
  those function for other lists that we want to store.
* RestrictedManagerCommon.py, --check: Keep track (in a new cache file) of
  module handlers which we saw before already. If there are new ones, notify
  the user about their availability.
  (Point 1 of restricted-manager-improvements spec.)

25. By Martin Pitt on 2007-08-06

[ Martin Böhm ]
* RestrictedManager/: created a backend/ directory containing the backend.
  Created a RestrictedManagerCommon.py and RestrictedManagerGtk.py in the
  RestrictedManager/ directory.
* RestrictedManager/RestrictedManagerKDE.py: Added a KDE frontend for
* restricted-manager: modified the executable for the new structure
  and the KDE frontend.

[ Martin Pitt ]
* po/: Pull translations from Rosetta. We currently do not have langpack
  support for restricted (this will be fixed soon again).
* debian/control: Add missing Conflicts/Replaces.
* debian/control: ${Source-Version} -> ${binary:Version}.

24. By Martin Pitt on 2007-08-01

[ Matteo Zandi ]
* RestrictedManager/lrm_driver.py: load_lrmc_disabled() and
  save_lrmc_disabled() now handle trailing spaces in
  /etc/default/linux-restricted-modules-common. (LP: #122359)
* RestrictedManager/bcm43xx.py: remove fake firmware file when
  disabling bcm43xx.
* restricted-manager: Added new class DefaultHandlerMessageDialog that can be
  used to give messages from handlers.

[ Martin Pitt ]
* debian/restricted-manager.postinst: Do not call addgroup if the admin
  group already exists. In some corner cases, addgroup fails at this
  condidion. (LP: #122892)
* Add man/restricted-manager.8: man page for r-m, thanks to Cesare
  Tirabassi! (LP: #128697)
* restricted-manager: Check for l-r-m-generic package instead of the kernel
  ABI specific one. (LP: #107705)
* debian/control: Add dependency to l-r-m-{generic,i386} on i386/amd64, since
  r-m does not work without it anyway and it just creates confusion.
* RestrictedManager/bcm43xx.py: Check if bcm43xx-fwcutter could actually get
  installed before proceeding.
* RestrictedManager/core.py, install_package(): Check that package is
  actually available; if not, point out that the software source for this
  needs to be enabled. Based on original patch of Matteo, but simplified and
  robustified. (LP: #123061, LP: #124304)

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