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17. By Martin Pitt on 2011-01-03

Backport current version to hardy, as the current postgresql-8.4 backport
needs this newer version. Drop debian/source/format, as hardy does not yet
support 3.0 sources. (LP: #693157)

16. By Martin Pitt on 2010-04-24

Automated backport upload; no source changes.

15. By Ubuntu Archive Auto-Sync on 2009-11-09

Automated backport upload; no source changes.

14. By Martin Pitt on 2008-03-31

* Urgency medium since #472930 is an important bug fix.
* debian/init.d-functions: If there are no clusters, exit with 4 (LSB-code
  for "unknown status") instead of 0 (which means "service is running", but
  it is debatable and confusing whether all clusters are running if there
  are none at all). (LP: #203966)
* Update Spanish debconf translations, thanks Javier Fernández-Sanguino
  Peña. (Closes: #473405)
* t/060_obsolete_confparams.t: Run upgrades under
  default_transaction_read_only=on. t/040_upgrade.t still uses the default
  "off", so both cases get tested. This replicates the problem report from
  Karsten Hilbert.
* pg_upgradecluster: Work with default_transaction_read_only=on.
* debian/autovacuum.conf, architecture.html: Point out that this file is
  only relevant for PostgreSQL versions earlier than 8.1. Thanks to Ross
  Boylan for pointing this out.
* Add t/051_inconsistent_encoding_upgrade.t: Check that upgrades from
  pre-8.3 to 8.3 succeed and have correct encodings if the old DB had a
  database whose encoding did not match the server locale. This reproduces
* pg_upgradecluster: Fix handling of database encodings on upgrade, since
  8.3 now forces DB encodings and server locale to match:
  - With C locale, keep encoding of DBs on upgrade, just as in previous
    versions. (C is compatible with all encodings, and causes lots of string
    functions not to work correctly, but people still use it deliberately.)
  - With other locales, create the target DB manually with a compatible
    encoding, and call pg_restore in a way to not create the target DB and
    automatically convert encoding.
  - Closes: #472930, LP: #207779

13. By Martin Pitt on 2008-03-01

* Update Japanese debconf translations, thanks Hideki Yamane!
  (Closes: #464769)
* Update French debconf translations, thanks Guilhelm Panaget!
  (Closes: #467660)
* Update Finish debconf translations, thanks Esko Arajärvi!
  (Closes: #468548)
* pg_upgradecluster: Document 'datadir' argument. (Closes: #466258)

12. By Martin Pitt on 2008-02-06

* debian/README.Debian: Fix fatal typo that suggested dropping the wrong
  cluster on upgrade. (Closes: #464064)
* pg_upgradecluster: Fix some typos in the POD, thanks to Brendan Jurd!

11. By Martin Pitt on 2008-02-03

* Add t/140_pg_config.t: Check correct output of pg_config, to avoid bugs
  like #455509 and #462037 in the future.
* t/040_upgrade.t: Create and cd into an inaccessible test directory.
* pg_upgradecluster: Chdir to / before the upgrade to avoid confusing error
  messages about inaccessible cwd.
* debian/README.Debian: Update for 8.3 being the default version. Drop
  description of 7.4 autovacuum daemon magic, since it is obsolete now.
* debian/postgresql-common.templates: Point to README.Debian.
* debian/postgresql-common.cron.d: Update for 8.3, and add warnings and doc
  pointer about enabling regular VACUUM FULL. (LP: #186831)
* PgCommon.pm, get_cluster_locales(): Print proper error message when server
  package is removed, but not purged, and a cluster still exists.
  (Closes: #463070)
* t/030_errors.t, t/130_nonroot_admin.t: Check pg_dropcluster/
  pg_createcluster error message when being called with insufficient
* pg_createcluster, pg_dropcluster: Point out that program needs to be run
  as root when creating/removing config or data directory fails.
  (Closes: #460576)
* t/090_multicluster.t: Remove test case for nonexisting PGSERVICE value,
  since this is not reliably reported in psql.
* t/140_pg_config.t: Skip pg_config test for 8.1. It's known broken in Etch
  (pg_config was only shipped in libpq-def) and irrelevant in Lenny.

10. By Martin Pitt on 2008-01-20

* Drop the "If you have openssl installed..." from the package description,
  since ssl-cert depends on it.
* t/050_encodings.t: Add alternative unicode representation 0xc827 for the
  CVE-2006-2313 test, so that the testsuite runs cleanly in Ubuntu 6.06.
* debian/supported-versions: Drop 8.1 from fallback set of supported
* debian/postgresql-common.config: Add check for forcing the obsoletion
  notifications when upgrading over a particular version. This provides the
  notification when upgrading from Etch to Lenny, and when obsoleting a
  major version within unstable.
* debian/supported-versions: Drop support for 8.2 in unstable, 8.3 is the
  version du jour.
* debian/supported-versions: Drop Ubuntu 5.10, fix a typo in the versions
  for Ubuntu 6.06.
* t/090_multicluster.t: Test correct behaviour of pg_service.conf. (See
* debian/supported-versions: Only support 8.3 in Ubuntu 8.04.

9. By Martin Pitt on 2007-11-03

* debian/supported_versions: Welcome, Ubuntu Hardy (8.04)!
* debian/postgresql-common.templates, debian/control: Language and grammar
  improvements, thanks a lot to Christian Perrier and the l10n teams!
  (Closes: #446457)
* Update debconf translations, thanks to all translators!
  - French (Christian Perrier) (Closes: #446978)
  - Vietnamese (Clytie Siddall) (Closes: #447009)
  - Finnish (Esko Arajärvi) (Closes: #447045)
  - Italian (Luca Monducci) (Closes: #447052)
  - Galician (Jacobo Tarrio) (Closes: #447054)
  - Basque (Piarres Beobide) (Closes: #447131)
  - Spanish (Javier Fernández-Sanguino Peña) (Closes: #447417)
  - Czech (Miroslav Kure) (Closes: 447436)
  - Portugese (Miguel Figueiredo) (Closes: #447642)
  - Brazilian Portugese (Eder L. Marques) (Closes: #447881)
  - Russian (Sergey Alyoshin) (Closes: #448768)
  - German (Martin Pitt)

8. By Martin Pitt on 2007-10-21

* pg_upgradecluster: Fix locale error checking.
* pg_upgradecluster: Use cluster_exists() instead of
* PgCommon.pm: Fix cluster_data_directory() to consider the data_directory
  setting in postgresql.conf, which should trump the /pgdata symbolic link.
* debian/init.d-functions: Check for 'postgresql.conf' instead of 'pgdata'
  in the test for a valid cluster configuration directory, since 'pgdata' is
  optional now.
* pg_createcluster: Do not create pgdata symlinks to the data directory in
  /etc any more when configuring a >= 8.0 cluster. Use the data_directory
  configuration option instead. (Part of #444689)
* t/020_create_sql_remove.t: Check that clusters still work when replacing
  the data_directory setting with a pgdata symbolic link, and that
  the data_directory setting trumps the symlink.
* pg_upgradecluster: Set correct data_directory config option after copying
  over the old configuration files.
* t/060_obsolete_confparams.t: Restore data_directory setting after
  scribbling over the configuration file with our template.
* PgCommon.pm, cluster_info(): Only return a value for 'logfile' when it is
  not explicitly configured with log_directory and/or log_filename. The
  previous guessing was wrong anyway, since PostgreSQL always appends a
  pretty unpredictable timestamp.
* pg_ctlcluster: Only do log file checks and pass pg_ctl -l option when the
  log file default is used. Otherwise let PostgreSQL do its logfile handling
  and waive log file checks, since we don't know which file is used.
* pg_ctlcluster: Redirect pg_ctl's stdout and stderr to /dev/null, otherwise
  it will hang forever when using a custom log file (and thus not passing
* pg_lsclusters: Print "custom" as log file location if a custom one was set
  in postgresql.conf.
* pg_upgradecluster: Enable 'redirect_stderr' in the 7.4 -> 8.x migration of
  'syslog' -> 'log_destination', so that the log output is actually
* t/060_obsolete_confparams.t: Enable 'redirect_stderr' in the template
  postgresql.conf's, so that we actually capture log output.
* t/020_create_sql_remove.t: Check proper handling of logs when configuring
  log file in postgresql.conf, using the log symlink, or having neither.
* PgCommon.pm, cluster_info(): Return default log file in 'logfile' if
  neither postgresql.conf nor a 'log' symlink explicitly specify a log file.
* pg_createcluster: Do not create log symlink if using the default log file
  (i. e. when not using -l). (Closes: #444689)
* t/020_create_sql_remove.t: Verify that log symlink is not created by
* architecture.html: Update to current reality.
* debian/postgresql-common.config: Do not consider versions as obsolete if
  they are newer than the latest officially supported version. This avoids
  confusion when testing new betas in experimental or using backports.
  (Closes: #446635)
* t/TestLib.pm: Make exec_as() work with user name 'root' (not just uid 0).
* Add t/130_nonroot_admin.t: Check that administrative pg_ tools work as
  non-root, too, if the invoker has sufficient permissions on the
  directories (test case for LP #90036).
* pg_{create,drop,upgrade}cluster: Small tweaks to make the scripts work for
  non-root users with sufficient write permissions to
  /etc/postgresql/<version>, /var/lib/postgresql/<version>, and
  /var/log/postgresql. (LP: #90036)

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