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6. By Petter Reinholdtsen <email address hidden>

* Is now working with the current debian-installer. (Closes: #402566)
* Add conffiles.d/common/copyfile.pl found in version 0.116, to get
  sarge/fontconfig working.
* Map KDE (kdebase) version 3.5.5a.dfsg.1-6 to etch.
* Use 'in-target' in the udeb.
* Remove obsolete base-config fragments. Leaving the debconf
  tempates and translations for now, in case we will need them for a
  d-i menu entry.
* Drop cdebconf-udeb from the udebs dependency, to make it easier to
  get debian-cd to include it on CD and DVD images.
* Improve usage information printed by the script.
* Update the build rule to make sure the udeb scripts are executable.
* Make sure /usr/share/debconf/confmodule is sources in the udeb
  scripts using debconf.
* Fix udeb scripts to pass $LOCALE to the worker scripts.
* Fix typos in conffiles.d/x-kbd.preinst.
* Add myself as uploader with maintainers approval.

5. By Christian Perrier

* Debconf translations:
  - Brazilian Portuguese updated. Closes: #403828
  - Russian updated. Closes: #404398
  - Galician updated. Closes: #404572

4. By Christian Perrier

* Release as 1.0. Localization-config is mostly useless in the D-I
  context right now, however.

[ Debconf translations ]
* Hebrew updated. Closes: #387632
* Dutch updated. Closes: #388999
* Czech updated. Closes: #389216
* Basque updated. Closes: #398578
* Danish updated. Closes: #398785
* German updated. Closes: #399121
* Spanish updated. Closes: #401965

[ Christian Perrier ]
* apt-install localization-config in the udeb's post-base-installer script

3. By Christian Perrier

* Small wording correction to templates
* No more use a menu entry for the preinst actions, but rather a
  post-base-installer.d hook
* Run debconf-updatepo in the clean target
* Remove the useless prerm script (/usr/doc transition is done now)
  Thanks to Gerfried Fuchs for pointing this
* Move po-debconf to Build-Depends. Thanks, lintian.

2. By Konstantinos Margaritis

* Translatios
  - Bulgarian added. Closes: #308129
  - Updated Greek and Vietnamese. Closes: #309055
  - Fixed templates file that included extra test messages for session
* Closes forgotten bugs. Closes: #306084, #306052.

1. By Konstantinos Margaritis

* Translations
  - Added Finnish by Tapio Lehtonen. Closes: #281040
  - Fixed Spanish translation (was too long). Closes: #284570

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