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21. By Tim Gardner on 2008-04-11

[Amit Kucheria]

* Poulsbo: Update to latest DRM drivers (Beta09)

[Stefan Bader]

* Use LUM version of ALSA headers when building media drivers.
* Include correct ALSA config for media drivers.
  - LP: #212960

[Daniel Mack]

* caiaq: make high sample rates work with A8DJ
  This patch for snd_usb_caiaq makes sample rates higher than 49KHz work
  with devices which have more than 2 stereo input/output pairs.

* caiaq: correct input channel order
  This patch corrects the input channel order of hardware supported by

[Matthew Ranostay]

* hda: Correct SPDIF out default config
  Several laptops have have the SPDIF out defined as 'Digital other out'
  when it should be 'SPDIF out' in the default config.

[Soren Hansen]

* Remove openvm tools
  We're reliably informed that open-vm-tools is not something we
  want to support. Each VMWare product comes with its own version of
  these kernel modules (released under the GPL and everything),
  while open-vm-tools is not actually supported for any version of
  any VMWare product. This might very well change in either the
  intrepid or intrepid+1 time frame, but it's not there yet.

20. By Tim Gardner on 2008-04-11

[Amit Kucheria]

Revert "cx88 NULL pointer dereference"
It appears to cause lockups during sound device registration and probably
affects all platforms with audio devices.

19. By Tim Gardner on 2008-04-08

[Stefan Bader]

* Fix potential lockups in ALSA snd_usb_caiaq

[Chuck Short]

* Update iscsitarget drive
  - LP: #208281

[Tim Gardner]

* Fix cx88 NULL pointer dereference

[Steve Langasek]

* Don't call update-initramfs on postrm purge, this is redundant and can
  cause maintainer script failures if the linux-image package has already
  been removed.
  - LP: #149836

18. By Tim Gardner on 2008-04-03

[Stefan Bader]

* uvcvideo: Fix oops when trying to access controls.
  - LP: #200990

[Tim Gardner]

* Added saa7134 to LUM.
  - LP: #201431

17. By Tim Gardner on 2008-04-03

[Amit Kucheria]

* LPIA: Remove firmware

[Tim Gardner]

* Build cx88 modules
  - LP: #202065

16. By Tim Gardner on 2008-03-28

[Amit Kucheria]

* Intel WiMax stack and driver for i2400m
* WiMAX firmware and headers

[Colin Ian King]

* snd_bt_sco kernel Oops at startup
  - LP: #202249

[Mario Limonciello]

* Switch to enable second headphone jack on Dell M09 Ignore: no This adds
  a switch that enables the second headphone jack, allowing 5.1 audio and
  also two sets of headphone at the same time.

[Stefan Bader]

* SAUCE: Add missing SSID for suspend quirk.
  - LP: #151111
* SAUCE: Enable audio quirk for Aluminium iMac.
  - LP: #147087

[Tim Gardner]

* ifdef iwlwifi debug messages
  - LP: #190475
* lirc_serial loads but does not work
  - LP: #182530
* Enable front input jack on Inspiron 1420/1520

[Upstream Kernel Changes]

* Ubuntu: Marvell: 8688: Enable WPA/WPA2 support

15. By Amit Kucheria on 2008-03-09

* Rebuild against kernel with CONFIG_SOUND enabled.

[Mario Limonciello]

* Fix audio on laptops with irregular HDA codec numbering
  LP: #193840

[Amit Kucheria]

* Marvell: CONFIG_MMC_SD8686 is not being passed to the Makefile

[Ben Collins]

* sound/hda: Reorganized DAC outputs
* build/hdrs: Cleanup the header build

[Upstream Kernel Changes]

* gfs: Sync missing commit from RHEL5 branch

14. By Ben Collins on 2008-03-08

[Amit Kucheria]

* Marvell 8686 and 8688 drivers moved from kernel to LUM
* Make the 868x drivers actually compile...
* Marvell: Rename 8686_v9 to 8686_wlan
* Marvell: Consistent naming for 8686 drivers

[Mario Limonciello]

* STAC927x improvements
* STAC Power fixes
* STAC Power fixes
* Enable analog Mic on Inspiron laptops with 92xx
* Add 92HDxxxx PCI Quirk
* Add support for upcoming XPS M09 systems.

[Stefan Bader]

* Add firmware for zd1201 driver.
  - LP: #66909

[Tim Gardner]

* Update AMD HDMI audio support
  - LP: #197843

[Upstream Kernel Changes]

* Ubuntu: Poulsbo: DRM Beta07 changes, Fixed S3/S4 PM issues
* Ubuntu: Poulsbo: DRM Beta07 changes. S3 and S4 PM issues fixed

13. By Tim Gardner on 2008-02-28

[Tim Gardner]

* Fix ATI HDMI oops
  - LP: #196026
* ifdef and net_ratelimit() iwlwifi debug messages
  - LP: #190475
* SAUCE: Implemented suspend quirk support for HP NC6220 and NW8240
  - LP: #151111
* Removed ivtv driver
  - LP: #197089

12. By Tim Gardner on 2008-02-17

[Jay Chetty]

* poulsbo: update to beta 6 version of the driver
* poulsbo: update to beta 6 version of the driver

[Stefan Bader]

* Pull in the RAID4/5 target for device-mapper.
* Pull in the RAID4/5 target for device-mapper.
* Remove exports of dm-log to solve duplicate symbols.
* Update hdaps_ec to use vendor IBM for X40 and X41.
  - LP: #33950

[Tim Gardner]

* Adjust quirk for snd-hda-intel on Dell laptops
  - LP: #191859
* Added acer-wmi
  - LP: #190677
* Enabled iwlwifi LEDS
  - LP: #176090
* iwlwifi spams syslog
  - LP: #191388
* Updated to et131x-1.2.3-1
  - LP: #150515
* et131x: Slow down error timer
  - LP: #150515

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