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8. By Onno Benschop

Automated backport upload; no source changes.

7. By Alexander Sack

* fix cairo/gtk2 ftbfs:
  - add debian/patches/bz344818_att264996.patch
  - update debian/patches/configure-autoconf2-13-reconfigure.patch
  - update debian/patches/series
* fix lintian complains about "maintainer-not-full-name Ubuntu-Mozilla-Team"
  - update debian/control

6. By John Vivirito

* Upstream release 0.7
* Made use of upstream tarball
* Full list of changes can be found at:
  - Too many to list here.
* debian/control: Removed ${Source-Version} from depends of sunbird-dev
  and just using sunbird as depend
* debian/patches/configure-autoconf2-13-reconfigure.patch: Ran
  autoconf2.13 to update patch
* debian/patches/bz399589_fix_missing_symbol_with_new_nss.patch: Added
  patch to fix FTBFS with error ‘SECAlgorithmIDTemplate’ was not declared
  in this scope"
* debian/patches/series: Updated for
* Reupload source tarball without binaries (LP: #121734) - sanitized
  using debian/remove.binonly.sh
* debian/remove.binonly.sh: add script to strip original tarball from
  binary only cruft.

[ Alexander Sack ]
* debian/remove.binonly.sh: add script to remove binary only files.

5. By Alexander Sack

* debian/rules, debian/control: use don't build lpia with gcc-4.1/g++-4.1
  anymore, but use gcc-4.2/g++-4.2 for all archs now.
* debian/patches/configure-autoconf2-13-reconfigure.patch: update configure
  patch to enable visibility changes of previous upload.
* debian/patches/force-no-pragma-visibility-for-gcc-4.2_4.3,
  debian/patches/series: add patch to disable pragma visibility strategy
  to hide symbols. stick to -fvisibility=hidden.

4. By John Vivirito

* debian/sunbird.postinst: Fixed typo for the post install reminder to
  restart Sunbird, from Sunbirdes to Sunbirds
* debian/sunbird.desktop: Moved menu item to Office from Internet
* debian/rules: Added "pref" to --enable-extension config options to
  disable upstreams update choice in Help menu
  [With help from Alexander]
* debian/sunbird.install: Added debian/tmp/usr/lib/sunbird/defaults
  /autoconfig usr/share/sunbird/defaults due to failure to start after
  install due to change in debian/rules above

3. By Alexander Sack

bump changelog version to make soyuz happy

2. By Alexander Sack

* debian/control: adding unzip to build-depends
* debian/control: fixing short summary of summary to refer
  to Calendar instead of "mail client"
* debian/copyright: add info about

[ John Vivirito ]
* Initial release.
* Made use of upstream tarball
* debian/sunbird.desktop: modified .desktop file to reflect sunbird
* debian/control: Fixed typos changed standalone to stand-alone
* debian/firefox.manpages: removed for now, not needed
* debian/sunbird.postinst: removed all code that installs sunbird as an
  alternative for x-www-browser
* debian/sunbird.prerm: removed all code that installs sunbird as an
  alternative for x-www-browser

1. By Alexander Sack

Import upstream version 0.5

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